Ro: Hey guys, it's Ro! Today, I'm hanging out with my friend Matt Matt: Hello Universe! Ro: You guys know MatPat Ro: We've hung out together, we've made– we've baked together, I've been on your livestream

Ro: It was so much fun Matt: We've sang musical theater together Ro: Yes Ro: She's there, the countess of the kitchen! Ro: Bonding you guys, but if you guys are new to the channel I'll put a link down below Please go check him out! We are gonna be trying gummy vs real food And I know you've done this before and I heard it was more on an intense level I had to leave the camera multiple times because I was so freaked out by what was presented to me Ooh woof so I've been told my friends went out to go get a bunch of stuff And I heard that this is easier things, really, like beginner mode Gummy vs real food and maybe as time goes on we can do a round two where it's intermediate Okay, maybe a round three where it's hard mode advanced good, so we'll work- baby steps, baby steps Alright, I'm ready for the first dish

I'm a little bit nervous 1,2,3 I had, I had to actually to double check I'm like this is so perfectly done that looks real It does It looks really well done And mine is a real egg You know what's surprising about those

Gummy versus real food stuff huh the fact that like Literally any food has been made into a gummy even weird so like who needs a gummy egg in their life I don't know I don't know is this gonna taste like an egg I don't know Let's see Let's find out okay, I wanna taste, I'm gonna take a little bite of real eggs Your eggs a little overdone there yeah Ro's cooking team just saying She's the one kitchen That's a good egg

I'm still working on cutting my egg, delicious though guys, yummy, thank you There's a reason you don't eat gummy with a knife Oh my Matt what is this made out of gummy? Yes! It is! That's the whole point Okay, i got Tell me does that taste like an egg I'll tell you in a second No you're getting a nice big bite Bite there you go It's yummy, but that does not taste like an egg No not at all that's probably for the best it This is a great way to start the video because we're filming in the morning We are and I feel like I just had a little egg breakfast And I felt like I had a breakfast that's pretty much on par with what I would normally eat Which is just mm-hmm enormous amounts of sugar, okay? Okay we are ready for course number two and we've been equipped with our proper steak knife Yeah, we've got better tools now stab and a half, so I think we can handle any gummy that comes our way one two three Know what turkey bacon looks like smells like cents it this is it

This is turkey bacon? I don't know if I've ever had turkey bacon I've also never had gummy bacon though, so you know first time for everything What does it smell like? oh It smells like maple like you know how they like did bacon and maple This has kind of like a syrupy maples solutely smells like a pancake, please Sniffing you that kind of does smell like a pancake right? Also, can what do you want turkey bacon? Yes, indeedy still it's still kind of hard to cut slightly better still sticky as all get-out this is great there We go just gonna eat it like this there Wow Now it's really masculine or it's like it's the most masculine thing I've done all week Would you like to be a hardcore and eat my bacon all yeah? Oh my gosh Let me try this watch this ready Don't stab yourself I'm concerned

What how did you buy it? This is really fascinating? Yeah, it tastes a little smoky mm-hmm fruity Yep, and maple it is it's all of them combined It's like a cherry maple smoked you want to try turkey bacon Yeah, the first time in yellow can do this take a little bite Just take one of these Thank you Take a bite Tell me what you think Yeah, go

It's not them as savory as Bacon's notice Yeah, it's not as fatty This is t Amaya Heart-healthy nuts but um high cholesterol runs in my family So you know we've just found some workarounds high cholesterol Robins and rose family Yeah, add that to the fan wiki not to the feat wiki these puppies are covered today? Nothing to see here You're gonna contaminate our gummies I'm sorry I'm sorry all right

We're ready for dish number three I wonder what it could be Ready one two three Pizza box flavored gummy, I've never eaten a pizza box before but okay Mine's real, it's a real pizza bot mine's real – I think we're doing this round tastes like cardboard here We go oh Yeah This is one of the biggest companies I've ever seen other than giant gummy 32 I got a pizza cutter, let's see if it works Nope oh You got this this is just put some muscle it I hear you've been working out

Oh, yeah cut myself a slice Okay there we go we'll slice the pizza Let's see if it tastes like pizza Don't occasionally Joe no cheese no crust no marinara sauce no peppers no pepperonis Nothing here tastes like a pizza, but it does taste like a creamsicle You're ready for course for who it's gonna be yeah, okay, ready 1 2 3 yes, I Gotta say yours actually looks a lot more appealing than my minds kind of like sadly smashed It's really a flat burger No, I don't think that's from in and out This is really layered you guys look We've got the fun the cheese the patty and the lettuce and even We'll catch up this I might just have to just pick it up and eat it this a finger, right Yeah, a burger is a finger who eats burgers with knife and fork Weird okay here we go ready oh Sorry Fun this is a memo I think it's a ones again

Why are they all orange? No? No, what are those? Yeah? I do that's probably the way to go hmmm Let me stab this in a masculine way hmm – all right round five row and uh well I have a stick poking out of mine Yeah you Know please smell my plate I can't tell you I have no clue You're right corn Yeah, I think that's it, it's Classic, dish – I Was Wrong Just like a sad flow well, that's gotta be like some kind of fair food this This smells more corny than the actual corn, which gives me a lot of concern they put some flavoring in there Gummy corn flavor I'm gonna do a taste test I'm gonna take a little bit real corn Huh thank you feed that little freak meanwhile corn on the gummy stick It's just like a flavor Rollercoaster really it's just a roller coaster Worried about what's the green part tastes like nasty You're at least a good bite Let me take a little buy I just want to eat the corn part I Don't want to get it stuck in your teeth, right? First chase yeah hits me It's lemon mm-hmm

I can see that but there It goes I Don't really weird I mean really is ranked a lot of corn This is just a bad idea, but it looks kind of cool Maybe all right six course here wake up Oh Oh yes Yes Me sushi Wow okay, which you're gonna eat one of those, I will just lift or a little several

Oh, yes, let's do this I think that's on top of a marshmallow Hmm Right you're supposed to do sushi and one babes you're offending DeSousa stuff Are you serious now? I'm gonna do this yes I like avocado okay Go okay I'm gonna get this is huge you got it Alton one bite I like it take the biggest one this in one bite Yeah so that way because the rationale behind it is this sushi chef has perfectly crafted the ingredients and the Proportions of those ingredients so that's why you got to take it all in one with here we go one two three Good X don't worry I'm trained in CPR if this goes for endlessly wrong

I can give you the highway I feel like it's more offensive if I Try to do it full light, and I'm gagging and I throw up at somebody's restaurant Okay, that was pleasant Let's go on to course seven here we go Love me some pickles how mighty still oh, I'm so concerned about this tastes like a normal pickle I was also gonna taste like a normal pickle isn't it it's not gonna be great Oh That is gross you guys, I wish the camera had smell-a-vision dear viewers This is savory, and it smells horrible Does it taste as bad as it smells, or does it smell better It doesn't is it better No yeah, I wanna taste it can I taste it cuz I just had a pickle oh It's like if you took Oh

Yeah, oh I'm nerd I'm really nervous oh It's like if you took all the good parts of a pickle And all the bad parts of a pickle Took away all the good parts and just put all the bad parts into like and call me forum No bad idea gummy makers they gave me the same instincts is when I played that game bean boozled my god Samet flavor I Got skunk flavor I got dog food Nope, well Matt Thanks for coming over for this seven-course delicious meal, and I hope you have saved room for dessert Cuz we have one more dish I can't wait Let's see how it goes

I always save room one for the month old Can you didn't see that it's okay, yeah, yeah, I'm going to get that pepper, thanks Hot pepper is it just a pepper this looks like a moderately hot pepper at the very least it a jalapeno know this yes No This is the person who runs the Food Channel Yes, I specialize in sweet Just a disclaimer food my dad's more of the shamsher And he doesn't really teach a lot of his secrets and every time he's cooking I kind of like And I'm like what ingredients spices is he using over there doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo Ready, are you watching Dodson Cheers I done I'm trying okay I'll take that as a no It is it is first thing in the morning Just so you know as we're filming this getting this first thing in the morning No Really hot water really Matt So hot really I'm more here I can dunk

It's like it's like a green apple Its I thought and then if the spices in the middle really odd Maybe we expected ha my tongue is still hot yours probably even be as hot as this Man you put in my pepper too shame here, this is really hot I throwing shade at my pepper right now Maybe a little I throwing a little shade Go for it I'll take a bite after you yeah It was really Best part of waking up hot peppers in your mom, you know water doesn't make it better I Gave you water because it was the only thing, but it's not you're supposed to drink milk So what would you say was your spicy or mine here? Let me take a bite of yours your little green apple spice here My mouth is on fire You guys it is bringing It won't stop it won't stop I'm just gonna keep sipping on almond milk mm-hmm for the rest of the day, man And this is this is the dessert round so thanks for coming over Thank you joy This seven-course meal plus a little dessert Gummy where says real food? I hope you guys enjoyed the video my tastebuds need a few days to recover They are on fire right now, and a huge Thank you Matt Pat

Thank you for coming on Thank you Thanks everyone for you know giving me the best breakfast I could have ever asked for oh Yeah, we do it get over here Yeah, oh, yeah, we'll take care of you Matt Don't worry it will hunt sweaty though again – You guys know MatPat

We've hung out together We've baked together I've been on your live stream – We've sang musical theater together He's there, the countess of the kitchen! (The Phantom of the Opera)

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