Kids React to Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies)

– (children) Kids react to YouTube Stars! This episode: Rosanna Pansino! – Hey guys, it's Ro Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! – YES!!! – I love Nerdy Nummies! – (Ro) ♪ Pokémon themed ♪ So today we are going to make some PokéBall pops– – Pikachu! – (Ro) We are gonna make some PokéBall pops– – I've seen this before

– (Ro) Let's get started! – I love this – (Ro) The first thing that we're gonna do to make our cake pops is crumb our cake into a big mixing bowl You're gonna take your lollipop stick, dip it in just a little bit, and then you're gonna press it about halfway into the cake ball ♪ I gotta dip 'em all ♪ – (snorting) "Gotta dip 'em all" – (Ro) Now it's time to dip our cake pops

We are gonna dip them for the second time– – I love watching her She's so cool and funny – (Ro) It's time for my favorite part: it's time to decorate! – Decorating – (Ro) I just finished icing on the black line all the way around, all over our PokéBalls, and now we are gonna add the little candy button ♪ Ta-da-a-a-a-a ♪ – Oh, they're cute

– Master Balls, Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and PokéBalls – ♪ Gotta eat 'em all Pokémon ♪ All right, thanks again, you guys

Bye bye! – (mimicking) Bye bye! Bye bye! – That was cool – It made me very hungry – Give them to me Do you have them somewhere? – So today we are gonna be making emoji cookies– – Emoji! – Oh, I gotta get my cooking supplies – (Ro) The first thing you're gonna do is take your big mixing bowl– – Literally watching cooking is making me hungry

(tapping bag) (chuckling) – (Ro) And now we're gonna cut out all of our emoji shapes – My favorite one is the one with the sunglasses – (Ro) Cut out a heart and a triangle, my little favorite, my little poo (giggling) – (Ro) Once you've got your sugar cookies on the sheet, you're gonna set your oven to 350° and you're gonna – Hopefully she's gonna make the laughing one

– (Ro) Once you've got your cookie base coats on, you can decorate them to look like any emoji face that you'd like Like this one! Eh! Hee hee hee hee! (harsh gurgle) – (Ro) Deal with it – Eeee! (giggling) – (Ro) Now we're gonna decorate the little poo – Yes, poop! – I love the poo – (Ro)

his two little eyeballs And he has a little smile – They're so cute! – (Ro) ♪ Ta-da-a-a-a-a-a ♪ – (singing along) – (Ro) Here are the emoji sugar cookies– – She's good at that

– (Ro) Thanks again, you guys Bye bye! – Bye! – I love that Nee-nee! – She's a very good decorator and she's a very good cooker I want to eat that cookie – Hey guys, it's Ro

– YES!!! – (Ro) and I'm here with my sister Mo – Not My Arms Challenge! – (Rusky) Hello! – (Ro) So today I'm gonna show you how to assemble and decorate the perfect cake, but with a twist I won't be able to use my arms (gasps) – Is this like a challenge or something? – (Ro) Mr Husky, who cannot see, will be my arms! – Oh my gosh! Yes!!! – (Ro) The first thing that you're gonna need to do is

– That looks weird – (Ro) grab a little hat So you can, like, adjust it to find the right size It's good to keep hair outta your face – (Mo) Oh yeah

– (Ro) We're just gonna ice, ice, ice the top of this cake You can make a circle all the way around – Oh my god – (Ro) Smooth out the icing (giggling) – (Ro) Smooth before you add– – Wish I could do this – (Mo) Can we just eat it now? – (Ro) Oh! – (Mo) Oh, you are! You did it – (Ro) Mmm! Yes, we can (Mo laughs) – (Ro) Watch a pro– – Oh my god! It's all in her hair

– She's so messy (giggling) – So much frosting – (Ro) Now we're all done ♪ piping ♪ Now we're gonna add some ♪ sprinkles ♪ – I love this channel – I can't imagine– OH! – (Ro) Make it rain! Here we go – Oh my god! – (Mo) Oh my– – Oh! (laughing) Best cake ever – That one's a lot nicer than the white one

– (Ro) Place these on the cake to spell "happy birthday" I'm gonna put this here – (Ro and Mo) ♪ Ta-da-a-a-a-a-a ♪ – There's no doubt which one's better The messy one! – (Ro) Molly, you got a little somethin' on your nose Let me get it for ya

– (Mo) What? (laughing) (laughing) – I like them They're cool – I love Nerdy Nummies! It's my life I watch it every day – (children) Question time! – (Finebros) Okay, do you know who the main girl in these videos is? – No

– No I don't watch these kind of things – Yeah, Rosanna Pansino – Rosanna Pansino – Ro! – I like how she does video game theme stuff

I'm always like, "Mom, let's make this!" – I watch her videos and I love her channel The beginning of her videos, it's like, "Eee! Aaaah! (making squeaking noise) Eeee!" – (Finebros) From watching her videos, how would you describe her and her channel to someone? – Funny, cool – Creative? – She's really happy and she really likes to cook – She does baking stuff about nerdy stuff – She was really fun and she bakes a lot of of goodies

– She seems very childish From the Lego Movie, like Unikitty Like love sparkles – (Finebros) As you know, this is Rosanna Pansino and she is a popular YouTube star best known for her nerdy themed cooking show Nerdy Nummies – Nerdy Nummies! – (Finebros) What do you think of her show? – It was good

– It's very good I like how she makes stuff from a lot of stuff, like from shows and video games and movies – I think it would teach a lot of people how to cook and how to make special decorations – I like the ones where she does it with other YouTubers It's not just baking, but she's doing something else for fun

– (Finebros) Well, as of now, Rosanna has over six million subscribers – Oh, wow! – (Finebros) and almost one and half billion views – Am I one of her views? – (Finebros) She even has her own cookbook – She does? Do you have it? – I know! I've seen it before – (FInebros) Why do you think she's so popular? – Basically, well, she does it different by making it fun

– She's like a cooker with a new style – Maybe because not a lot of people do themed cooking – She's doing baking, which a lot of people like, and she's making it fun by doing it themed with nerdy stuff – (Finebros) So Ro loves to bake Do you like to bake or cook? – Yeah, but I don't do it most of the time

– I don't know I haven't cooked in my life – Yes! One day, I made some rainbow cupcakes – I baked with my dad protein pancakes – One time, me and my mom make– made ♪ banana muffins ♪

They literally taste like muffins – (Finebros) So Ro makes a lot of creative desserts, and now we're gonna show you some pictures of more of them – Okay – These are all probably gonna be super-cute – (gasps) Angry Birds! – ♪ Angry Birds ♪ ♪ Dun duh nuh neer ♪ – I love those pigs

I love the pigs more than the birds – (Finebros) Here is another – Minecraft That's Minecraft – It's so tiny in Minecraft! I love Minecraft! – It looks very, very, very good

– (Finebros) And another – (deep gasp) Minions! – Minions! With Twinkies (giggling) – "Hey, Kevin" "Hi, Bob" – Bah-nah-nah! – How does she make this? How does she know how to make this? – (Finebros) Does cooking fun things like this make cooking seem more fun? – Yes, it does make it more fun

It's challenging, but fun at the same time – Yeah, 'cause it's not like an ordinary, boring cupcake – Instead of just making regular vanilla cupcakes, you can actually make it, like, a character – Probably more kids want to do it 'cause they probably think, "Oh yeah, um, I wanna make this 'cause I like this game," or, "I wanna make this because it looks cute" – You can't eat something that's on your screen, but now it's right in front of you and it's like, "Oh my gosh! It went from there to here

" – (Finebros) Finally, if you were able to cook something with Ro, what would you want to bake with her? – I would wanna make– bake, um, a cake with her – Cupcake from Five Nights at Freddy's – Social media cupcakes A Snapchat cupcake and a YouTube cupcake – Probably Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

She's a really good baker and I think it would look cool – Cookie Teen Titans Go! logo I literally love that channel It's so cool! – Thanks for watching this episode of Kids React! – Go ahead, hit that subscribe button Let's get started

– Bye bye!

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