‘Nerdy Nummies’ Creator Rosanna Pansino On Baking Her Way To Superstardom | Access Hollywood

They make everything better A unicorn frappuccino, better

A unicorn cookie, better A unicorn head band, better So today we're going to be making a magical unicorn cake Let's get started! That is a beautiful cake Almost 9 million subscribers now follow Rosanna Pansino's baking show, Nerdy Nummies

And in 2016 her personality put her in the top ten highest earning creators on YouTube Now she has her own baking line, too called Ro! with Wilton I'm so excited Things are just picking up so quickly I'm so busy

And next week I'm leaving for tour So it's just — What happens on tour? I'm doing a bunch of tours for the new baking line Doing some meetups in California, the first one in Burbank at a Michaels and then in New York to do a bunch of meetups And then we're getting on a huge rock star tour bus with 12 beds Makes me feel like a rock star even though I just bake a lot

You are a rock star You bake a lot, but it's the personality Come on, let's be real People love you, because you're just you and you have got this infectious personality I was surprised to learn, you're 32

I mean, you're a young woman! I mean — Very petite 4' 9"? 4'10" Kit towers over you! I do Tell us about the molds You even have a poop emoji mold? Yes, in the baking line I wanted to create things that didn't exist and I love emojis and my favorite is the poop emoji, and nothing existed so I created this pan

But you can make not just emojis My sister is really into unicorns and unicorn poop everything So you could do a funfetti cake and make little rainbow unicorn poop cakes in the mold No one tastes better poop than Ro's stuff right there Look how cute

it's so stinkin' cute! How did you — did this all come about? I really loved entertainment, but I didn't really know what I wanted to do in entertainment I worked as a PA I worked as an extra I worked as a hand double

I basically just took a bunch of oddball jobs, trying to figure out what I wanted to do You have gorgeous hands Thank you And then you just started one day with doing what you love, baking I found YouTube

Or YouTube found me I wanted to get more comfortable on camera I'm really playful with my friends But getting comfortable on camera is something that was new to me So I started film myself to get more comfortable

And I knew you could make a living, have a full-time career creating content online I just didn't know how that worked at all We are back with Rosanna Pansino, star and creator of her baking show on YouTube We were talking during the break You just got a new house, your family moved in

Yes And they're working for you? Yes, I work with my sister and my mom, and my dad We're a very small family-run production company That's eight of us And you think dad looks like Danny Devito! Yes, he's very petite like Danny Devito and kind of has the same hairstyle

Come back and bake for us next time, you got it? Okay

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