[Nerdy Nummies Theme] Hey guys! It's Ro Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I've got so many requests from you guys to make something from Rick and Morty

So that is exactly what we're gonna to be doing today If you aren't familiar, Rick and Morty is a cartoon And in the cartoon, they have this cereal called Eyeholes And I thought, *gasps* How fun would it be to make a little treat that looks like these creepy, little Eyeholes? We are gonna be making filled donut holes to look like Eyeholes Let's get started! The things you will need to make these donut holes will be: 3/4 cup of warm milk

1 (one) package of active dry yeast 2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour 2 (two) eggs We're only gonna be using the yolk 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract

1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt 1/2 of vanilla bean 2 (two) tablespoons of butter And 3 (three) tablespoons of sugar Then, for the filling, 1 (one) cup of milk

And 1 (one) package of pistachio pudding, to look like the little, creepy eyeballs Then to fry our donuts, we'll need some oil To coat our eyeholes, we'll need some red, sanding sugar And last, but not least, I'm using a 1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter to make our donut holes Now, let's put it all together! ~_^ (I see what you did there

) First step to making our donut holes, is activating our yeast Pour 1 (one) packet into the warm milk Should be about 100 degrees

And then pour in the sugar Mix together and set it off to the side Let it sit for about ten minutes This is what the yeast should look like after it set Now, pour into a large bowl

Butter, 2 (two) egg yolks, and add half of a fresh vanilla bean Add your almond extract Now using a spoon, mix together Add half of your flour, and continue to mix together with the spoon Once you mixed in half the flour, add your salt

Add the second half of your flour Continue to mix with the spoon until it becomes too thick and we've got to knead it with our hands Sprinkle a little flour down so that the dough won't stick Use the heel of your hand and you push down and pull back and turn Just keep working the dough until it's smooth and tacky, but not sticky

This is what it should look like It's tacky but not sticky It's soft and when you poke it, it springs back Grease a bowl *pchit* Place your dough inside and cover it with some food safe plastic wrap

Now, let your dough rest You want it to double in size The time will vary between a half hour into an hour You leave it out at room temperature, just depends on how warm your room is Our dough has risen

Sprinkle down some flour Really make it rain Make it rain! Make it rain! Make it rain! Now flip your bowl upside down Let the dough plop out *giggles* Using your hands, press the dough down about an inch thick

You want your dough to be even and if you have a hard time using your hands, and making it smooth and even, you can use a rolling pin This smells good, looks good, feels good Oh, I can't wait for donuts It's time to cut out as many donut holes as you can get So I'm gonna be doing a lot here

I'm gonna make them really close cause I love donuts This recipe makes about three dozen donut holes With the excess dough you can re-roll it once After you've got all your donut holes cut out, take a clean dish towel Place it over the top

We're tucking them in and they're gonna take a little nap for about ten minutes Once your donut holes are done resting, take them over to the stove Turn the heat to medium high You want your oil to be 350 degrees Fahrenheit Using your hands, flatten the donut hole

Gently fold up on all the sides Gather them to the middle and firmly press together Carefully place the donut holes into the oil and let them cook for about one to two minutes Now flip them over and cook them for an additional one to two minutes so that they're brown on each side Remove the donut holes and place them onto a paper towel

I'm using a tool called the spider It allows the oil to drip through Spoon them immediately into the red sanding sugar and coat all the sides Do this to all of your donut holes and then it's time to make our pudding filling I have to use all of my self-control not to eat these yummy, little donut holes right now

Oh! They're so cute, and look, it also look creepy like the little eyeballs cause of our little pinching Look at that! Making the pudding filling is super easy We're using instant pudding And because this pistachio mix actually has pistachios in them, we're gonna sift out the nuts *doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo* Now pour in 1 (one) cup of cold milk

Mix together until all the pudding has dissolved Then, pop this in the refrigerator for about five minutes to thicken Our pudding has chilled It's thickened I put it into a piping bag with a #48 tip at the end

This is a basket-weaving tip, but any flat tip will do Take a donut hole and a sharp, small cutting knife Make a little incision in the middle Wiggle it around Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Then, take your filling, stick the tip all the way in there And pull up as you're piping *gasps* Ta-dah! Then you're gonna do this to the rest of your donut holes Ta-dah!! Here are the donut hole Eyeholes that we made today from the cartoon, "Rick and Morty" A big thank you to you guys for suggesting something from this cartoon

We have never made something from the show before And, this is the first time that we've ever made a filled donut hole Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Also, I'll be posting pictures and the recipe on rosannapansinocom, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter You can check it out there, and if you guys make any donut hole Eyeholes, please take a picture and send it to me

I love seeing your baking creations! It just makes me happy It makes my day Oh! And if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know Leave a comment down below And I'll do my best to make it happen

Alright, thanks again, you guys! Bye-bye! Oh, and I'm gonna have one of these Mmmm *giggles* These look gross, but they taste amazing It's my new favorite cereal! [Outro]

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