Hey guys, it's Ro! Today, I'm hanging out with my friend Justine We just did a video over on her channel, go check it out

I'm gonna put a link down below It was this really cool food game called Justine: It was "Burger Mania", they actually suggested it! I got so many comments

People were like, "Play Burger Mania with Ro!" and we did Ro: Oh, we did And I thought it was gonna be easier than it was Whoa! But! Today, I had to invite her over because I found a ton of different Kit Kat flavors that I didn't know existed I ordered a bunch of these online

It took a while for them to get here because they were coming from all over Some of them aren't in English Justine: Ooooh! Do you've a knife? I gotta cut into 'em Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah We got you a knife! And it's a different color this time

Justine: It has teeth!! Ro: Yeah, oh it's serrated! But just be careful! We have to start with the green tea because this is the one that I've tried before, but it's been many, many years, I think six years -violin music in the background- Justine: Here you go These are so little! Ro: But look, there is still two of them in there Justine: This is such a tease! Ro: Oh, gimme a break! -both singing the Kit Kat jingle- Justine: Oh, this is incredible Ro: Can you smell it? Justine: It smells like white chocolate

Ro: It does Justine: Mm! Ro: Oh! Ro: The recipe's changed a little

Justine: It tastes like a fish Ro: Yeah Justine: Like fishy, why did I eat another piece? I don't know why! I don't know why I put that in my mouth! Ro: It still tastes kinda good! It smells more like green tea, tastes more like seaweed Justine: It's not something that I would be like: "I wanna eat the whole bag" I'd eat the half bag

Ro: Yeah, half bag So the next flavor I've never had and I know I'm picking another flavor You can pick the next one Justine: It's fine, it's fine Ro: I promise

Kit Kats that taste like saké Justine: Saké is not good Ro: Yeah it is! Justine: WHAT? Ro: WHAT? Justine: WHAT? Yeah it like makes me like wuuuh My face just melts Ro: Your face just

Justine: Yeah! How is that a something? I don't even Ro: WHOOOA! Justine: This smells like alcohol Ro: It smells like saké! Justine: WHAT! Ro: Do these have alcohol in them? Justine: THERE'S ALCOHOL IN THIS! Ro: You must be 21 years of age to purchase these

Justine: OH MY GOODNESS! Ro: I did not know that Justine: I am gonna be so silly Ro: Oh, we just gonna have a little drink really quick Justine: Have a little sip This smells like what I would like clean my kitchen cabinet with

Ro: And it smells like what I would drink Justine: Should I try this? Ro: We need a cheers because this is like a drink Justine: WHAT? This is nuts! Ro: CHEERS! Tastes just like saké Justine: Really? Ro: Mmhmm Justine: Where are you drinking at? Ro: It's so far my favorite Justine: Is it because it has alcohol in it? Ro: Maybe it's just been like a long week, and I wanted a fun weekend

Justine: Hey you guys wanna go and come out and hang out we're gonna go uh get uh eat some KitKats that have alcohol in it -Ro giggles- Ro: Okay, your turn Justine: This one It looks like peanut butter and jelly Ro: It's a bean! Justine: WHAT? Ro: Azuki beans, it's a red bean

Justine: Well, I'm a little disappointed I thought this was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Ro: -whispering- She likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Justine: Oooooh! Call my name! Ro: This is like a really pretty box Justine: WHOA! Ro: Whoa! It's like a display box! Like, we just opened a store! Justine: Why does it have that little area for you to write, like if I want to write this to you like: "To Ro"? -Ro gasps- Ro: OK, OK, here we go

Here we go! I can write your name in here Look at my handwriting though I mean, look at

-giggles- Justine: It looks nice! Ro: That is some leisure right there! Justine: It's kinda hard to write on a candy Ro: Oh, that's so cute! Look at you and look at me! Justine: Aw, look at you! Ro: I'm like kritch uh kitche wassuh -drunk off the saké- Justine: WHAT? Ro: chicken scratch and yours is all cute and girly

Hmmm Justine: It tastes like a Kit Kat Ro: With maybe a smaller biscuit Interesting! I've picked two in a row, so you can pick two in a row Justine: I wanna try the mint -Ro gasps- I love mint

Mint is my favorite flavor Ro: Let's do it! WHOA! WHOOOOA! Justine: Oh Oh, sorry, dog! Sorry, Matt! I'm so sorry, honey! Ro: Sorry, Matty! Justine: He's like: "Just another day in my world"

Ooh, oh, super teeny! Ro: These are so cuuuuuute! Justine: Smells so good! Like Ro: The bag? Justine: Oh my God I'm gonna eat this whole bag

Ro: Oh, these smell like Andes candies Ro: Mmm Justine: Yeah -unintelligible babbling of two women enjoying great chocolate- Justine: Oh my sweet, sweet Kit Kat Break me off a piece of this This is so good! Ro: -singing- Kit Kat bar! Mmm! Justine: I'm gonna close my eyes Ro: OK, OK, here, let me shuffle 'em! Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle OK! Ooh, you picked another fancy box! Justine: Apple?! Ro: Apple

I've never seen this Mmm, I love apples Justine: Me too Ro: Mmm, I wanna make some apple treats -box getting wrecked- Oh, my! -Justine laughs- Justine: Ok, here you go

You have a half a box Both: I have half of a box Ro: I can't smell anything from the outside Let's see what's on the inside 'Cause that's what matters

What? Justine: Smell! Ro: Aaaaah Justine: It's like an apple orchard! Ro: This may be my new favorite Wow! Justine: It's gonna be hard to top the mint Ro: Mmmmmm Mmm -crickets chirping- Ro: Mmm mmm -crickets chirping- Ro: Mmm mmm Justine: It's like, I'm not sure Am I eating a cough drop? Ro: I love it I like cough drops a lot Justine: OK, well then this is something you'd enjoy Ro: Oh yeah! -Ro whispering creepily- I like 'em I like this one

Reminds me of these cherry cough drops my grandma used to have My grandma used to have these cherry cough drops and I LOVED them! They would be like: "Ro, don't eat that! That is not candy That's a cough drop" And I would just sneak one a day 'cause I was like: "Oh it's just one! What's it gonna do?" -Justine laughs- Ro: We've got four flavors left, Justine I'm gonna pick this one, but you pick: spicy or sweet? Justine: Spicy

? Ro: Ooooooh! OK! That's gonna be the Kit Kat wasabi flavor I'm gonna have you open it Ro: It might be a little open

Justine: Alright, I'm just gonna open it -Ro gasps- -Justine laughs- Ro: Oooooooh! I want this to taste just like wasabi Ooh, it's Justine: I don't smell anything Ro: -dying- Justine: Did you smell something? Justine: Do you smell something? Ro: Yeah! Justine: No! Ro: It's kinda stinky You don't smell it? Justine: I smell nothing! Ro: Ugh Justine: Do you smell something on mine? Ro: They smell hot Oh, they smell hot OK, let's take a bite

Here we go Justine: It's like burning plastic Ro -regretting everything- Justine: This is poison -giggles of regret- Justine: This is actual poison Ro: Can you smell this? Justine: Did you bring me here to die? Justine: I don't smell it

Ro: If you were a supervillain, your like supervillain power was like wasabi breath I'm Wasabi Girl! -super wasabi breath- I'm Wasabi Girl! Justine: Well, this looks weird

Like a little melon? Ro: Yes!! I love melon I love all fruit WHOA! Justine: Wait, there's only three in here?! Did somebody steal some? Ro: I think Molly probably took one or something Molly! Well, that's what happens, you know, when you have little sisters Justine: Or there might have only been three in there, so

Ro: And then, I'm just blaming her and she didn't even do anything Molly! Let's smell it! Justine: I like it! It is a nice smell Ro: Smells delicious! Justine: It smells melon-y

Ro: But now I'm all nervous What if it tastes like cough drop and I don't even know it? Justine: But you like cough drops! Ro: Yeah but that's kinda weird

Justine: -mumbling- Yeah, that is weird -Ro giggles- Justine: This one tastes like a nice hairspray Ro: Oh yeah! It tastes like I'm like: "Justine, open your mouth" and I have a bottle of perfume and I'm like -spritz spritz- Justine: We have two left! -Ro gasps- We gotta do this one! Justine: This looks like cheesecake to me Ro: That is! I feel like you can't go wrong

Ro: OK, yeah, oh yeah! Justine: Oh, this really gets in there Ro: Yeah! Little teeth! And we're like: "Open it up"! Oh Justine: I'm sorry about that

Ro: That's OK, that's OK I hate this table It's two steps away from being donated I sometimes will hate inanimate objects Justine: Here it is

Ro: At my old house, hated the refrigerator It's supposed to be a smart refrigerator —a "smartfrigerator"— but the sensor broke on it So all types of day, it's making too much ice -refrigerator making ice- My fridge just farted Rude! Some beepers are going off I just don't like when fridges are so loud, they scare you

Beep, beep, beep, beep! We're too cold, we're too hot! And I'm like: "No, you're not!, you're just broken!" Ow! Ugh Sometimes stuff's that's too smart, is not smart I'm ready for some cheesecake! Justine: Me too! Ro: Oh

Justine: This kinda smells like puke Ro: It doesn't smell like cheesecake Justine: No Well, when you said: "How could you go wrong with cheesecake?", well here's a prime example Ro: yeah

If you've had one of those BeanBoozled puke-flavored beans The barf one like it's like flavored with like barf this is similar I have one more

Now this is a really basic flavor A raspberry Kit Kat -ninjas- This one has a thumbs-up on the back! Justine: Mine has a bird? Ro: Oh, you got a lil' Twitter bird We could tweet them that that

hmm Justine: Hmm Ro: Hmm Justine: Yeah hmm Ro: Hmm -sounds of cheesecake regrets- -Ro gasps- Oh, it's pink! Justine: Do you remember those markers that used to smell? Ro: Yes! Justine: This smells like those markers! Ro: I have some Justine: I like it a lot! I had another bite Ro: Mmm mmm mmm! This was a good one to end on Justine: Mmhmm Ro: I'm glad I didn't end on cheesecake Justine: Yeah, good thing! Ro: Yeah Justine: That was

rancid Ugh Ro: It would've "spoiled" the end of the day

Alright, that does it for all the Kit Kat flavors A big thank you to my friend, Justine, for helping me try all these today! Justine: That was wild! Thanks for having me That was incredible Ro: Did you have a favorite one? Justine: Oh, I loved the mint and I liked that last one, the raspberry we did Ro: I kinda liked the saké one Also, just a reminder, we did another video over on Justine's channel

Link down below, go check it out It was super fun! And if you want to see any other fun videos, you can click up here! Justine: Or up here! Ro: Yeah! Bye bye! Molly!

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