Hey guys, it's a Ro, today I am hanging out with my friend Joey! Hello there! You guys know Joey We have baked together, hung out together, and I'll be putting his links down below So go check him out show him some love, subscribe I invited you over today because I was feeling, I don't know, fall and festive, and I thought, "What's like- candles!" I thought it would be really fun to do a candle smelling challenge! Sure, I don't really like fall scents I'm more of a holiday, Christmasy scent type of boy, so I'm excited! So for today the rules are, Joey

Okay We are gonna be blindfolded, I got these cute little blindfolds because they look like pugs, because Joey and I are both dog owners! I only have one dog, Cookie, but Joey has three! I'm so jealous "It is bed time! Go to sleep!" My friends went out and got a bunch of different odd candle flavors Oh, they're odd ones! I have no idea what they are! Oh fun! There could be a poop smelly one Yeah

Fingers crossed We smell the candle and we make our guess And if you guess it right, you get a point The person who has the most points wins Okay, but how close to the name do we have to get? I'm pretty lenient with points because I'm not super competitive

Flashback of Ro: "Yes! Yes! Yes! Woozipe! Woozipie! Oh my gosh!" (Repeatedly smacks Ritz crackers on table) "Give me a point! (slow-motion) Give me a point!" All right, let's put on these blindfolds and smell some candles Do we look like little pugs? Let's smell the first candle Can you smell it? Ha, can I smell it?!! Oh! That is potent! Oh It's sharp! It smells like dryer sheets It smells like old detergent Yeah It's really acidic Acidic? Yeah, like, if you ate that, that's acid, you need a Tums

It kind of has a hint of like Menthol because it like kind of opens up the senses Oh Okay, do you have a guess in your head? I'll count to three, one, two, three, and then we'll say our guess So we don't cheat One, two, three: Pine-Sol! Clorox! Okay, let's look

It's green! Dog vomit! You were right about the acidity! Okay, dog vomit This does not smell like dog vomit! It does smell like a cleaning product It smells like the opposite of dog vomit! It smells like what you use to clean up dog vomit Oh, this picture is terrible Joey! Look at this! This is disgusting! I'm putting the blindfold back on after that one Okay, candle number two, we're ready! Ro, you have it in your hands

Oh, if it it is taller Oh, then the last candle Okay, give it a good sniff Okay, I'm passing it off Oh! Hmm

I know what it is! I know what it is! How do I know what it is? Because I know what it is! How? Ready? I'm ready! I'm not ready! Ha, I know what it is! It smells like, tropical Okay, c'mon, let's do it! It smells- oh! Ready? Pina Colada! Yes! Oh, was it? We got it! At first, I thought I smelled pineapple, so it was throwing me off, but then on the after I was like, Oh, there's coconut in there and I was like what you, bu-bu-bu- Pineapple and coconut! All right, I have the third candle in my hands It's teeny tiny! All right I'll give it a good little whiff Like those little tea candles Oh my god, this one smells so- all right you have to take a big whiff of this one it smells so good

Okay Deep breath, here we go Oh! (Cough, cough, cough) JOEY! OH JOEY! Oh my gosh, I'm like drooling and snot is coming out! Oh my gosh, it's horrible! I gotta give you credit, that was good! Joey do you have it? Oh my god! It's so bad It's so bad! Bleh, it smells like old onion! Okay shall we guess? Oh Ready? Three, two, one: Tobacco! Old onion! Pizza! No No In what world is that pizza? Have you ever smelt pizza that smells like that? Never! I eat a ton of pizza And never has it smelled like this! If I smelled this and it smelled like pizza you would see me eating it

I think you could see me eating the candle! This smells like an old onion! All right we're on candle number four and I can already smell it! It's very strong! Okay It's not bad It's just strong It's a strong smell It's something with punch

Oh my gosh You know what? It kind of smells like Starbucks! It's strong- oh! Joey, I just said it smells strong and bitter! You think it's coffee? What if it's old coffee? Or is it just really like a candle that's really intense I think I know what it is Okay! I have two options Three, two, one: Hazelnut coffee or waffles! Old coffee! It is! It's coffee! We did it! Next one! It smells like waffle crisp cereal

Did you ever have that as a kid? No, I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oh, okay Can I switch my legs? Okay? Cause my other leg just fell asleep Okay, we're halfway through it I have candle five in my hands

Let's give it a sniff Oh, this one is good again! (Sniff) (Cough, cough) I should just not listen to you! Oh my gosh it's so gross! This is gross! It smells like cat pee! You know like, when someone has a cat, but they never clean the furniture, you know, and then you sit on the couch, and then just like dust comes up with cat hair, it's just cat dander Just like- bleh! I'm ready to guess on this one That's cat pee! It's definitely cat pee Ready! Three, two, one: Cat pee! (simultaneously) Oh my gosh, it's kitty litter! Shut up

Oh my god the cap is not even off! It smells that strong, and that bad, and the cap is on! Candle number six I've got it It's in front of me We've got a lid, so who knows, it's a surprise Oh goodness, let's both get our noses close

Ready, and we'll crack it open One, two, three: Sniff! Oh! I know what it is! It's a meat pie, it is Sausage! Sausage meat! Yes! I knew somebody in school who used to eat these as little snacks

That's my thought Okay, I'm putting a lid on it Okay, I think I'm doing- is it righty ti- Righty ti- no! That's not right Okay It's closed

Okay, ready! Three, two, one: Meat! Auma Slim Jim! Bacon? It was meat Meat is bacon Is a Slim Jim- Slim Jims are like, everything! I don't even know what they are All right, so we now have candle number seven and turns out that this candle melted during shipping, so if it looks weird, that's why

Ro, shall we sniffle? You got it! Oh! Okay (Sniff, sniff) Yeah, oh, it's up here I'm tasting tangerine Girl, in what world are you living in I don't know what's going on but my nose is playing tricks on me It smells like Apple cider Like hot apple cider Yeah I think I know what it is

You ready? Let me try Let me try Three, two, one Wait I'm not ready! Ha ha ha ha ha You said it's orange! Clove! Clove tangerines? That's not a thing I think this is definitely like a Thanksgiving thing now It's stuffing! No Let's each get two guesses

Oh yeah Three, two, one: Apple cider! Clove, orange sauce glaze that goes over your Thanksgiving turkey Okay, second one Three, two, one: Thanksgiving dinner! Uhlike maybe a Thanksgiving stuffing with citrus in it Turkey and stuffing! Alright, we'll give us both a point We knew it was in this world Candle number eight, I can already smell something

This is strong I'm scared I don't know what is I don't like it You don't even have to light this, you can just leave it out, and it's giving off an aroma Oh

Up here I don't like it It's like a old rotted Starbucks pumpkin latte Okay one more sniff What are you thinking? Like, I have no thoughts It's a sweet smell, it's rich, and my body does not like it, so I'm thinking like- My body loves caramel Three, two, one: Eggnog! Moldy pecan! Hazelnut cake? Ew

What the heck? My friends the one food I don't like is hazelnut Really? Yes I hate hazelnut syrup That's so funny that you knew like your body hates it My body loves caramel

Candle number nine We each have a candle this time, Joey I'm so excited Alright, let's take a smell Oh my gosh this smells so good! Oh, I know what it is This is nice I think it's a lemon Yep

One, two, three: Lemon pie! Lemon poppy seed! Lemon bar? Lemon bar We both guessed lemon So half-point

Okay Oh, Joey You know what this means? We're down to our last candle And we're tied Okay so this is the final candle, and we've been given it to us in a bag I'm scared I'm very scary because Joey Okay Okay, I'm pushing it out You got it? Yeah, it's in a container too Let me smell the bag Does not smell good, okay

I do not like it! Oh! Oh what is it? Oh my god! Oh my- oh my god! I got it, I got it I think I know what it is Okay Alright, ready? Oh! Oh! I know what this is Joey! Let's go! Ready? Three, two, one: Throw up! Poop! That is something that comes out of a human body And it is puke! Okay let's reveal

Barf! Yak! Throw up! It's fart! So, I think I was a little bit closer What did you say? I said poop You got the right end! This smells like- I dare you to chew on one of it

Really? Yeah I dare you too! Okay take a little shred It doesn't taste like anything

No it tastes like wax Yeah! Now it's like in my nails

Big thank you to you guys for suggesting the candle challenge and a big thank you to my friend Joey for being a good sport and trying all of these weird candle with me today Joey, what was your favorite candle? The fart one Again, I am gonna be putting Joey's links down below so go check him out, subscribe show him some love and head over to his channel because we made another video over there where Joey has this really cool idea of combining a ton of different cakes

Thanks again you guys! I hope you enjoyed the video Bye! Bye!

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