DIY July 4th Treats

Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today we are gonna be making some DIY 4th of July treats Next week I’m gonna be having a get together with friends to celebrate and I just wanted to show you how to make some fun sh-nacks! Let’s get start… Oh, ow! Let’s get started! To make these yummy chocolate flag pretzel bites, all you will need are square pretzels which are called snaps, melting chocolate in colors red, white and blue, white round sprinkles and 3 plastic bags

The 1st thing you’re gonna do is take a piece of wax paper and put it on top of a cookie tray These treats can get a little bit messy when you’re putting on the sprinkles, but that’s OK! Now, take a handful of pretzels and spread them out over the tray Next, heat up your chocolate and pour it into a plastic bag, I’m starting with the color blue, and I’ve attached a number 2 tip at the end You don’t have to do this, but I like to do it for a little bit more control Now we’re gonna decorate our pretzel, in the top left hand corner we’re gonna make a rectangle that’s 1 by 2 squares and then we’re just gonna fill it in

I really like these little flag treats, because you can make them look like any flag from any country that you live While the chocolate is still setting, take your white sprinkles and sprinkle them on top Doo-doo-doo-dee-doo! This is where that cookie tray comes in handy, because these little sprinkles, they just want to go everywhere, look at ‘em! Once your blue chocolate has set, take some red chocolate, heat it up and put it into another plastic bag, and then you’re gonna decorate by putting 4 stripes on top of the pretzel, starting at the top And just do 1 line, all the way down Deeeeeewwwwww – boop! Final step, you’re gonna heat your white chocolate, put it into a plastic bag with a number 2 tip, and then you’re gonna fill in between the red lines

And this time you’re gonna go down and back to fill in the little squares I found these cute star plates at Target in the party section, and I thought they were perfect to serve these little flag pretzels on Once you’re done decorating, let them set out for a few minutes, as Chocolate sets very quickly, and then you can place them onto your serving plate Om-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom! I absolutely love chocolate pretzels, they’re 1 of my favorite treats, and they’re so easy to make! Mmmmm-wah! The next treat that we’re gonna be making are these chocolate dipped, Red, White and Blue Strawberries I really love chocolate dipped strawberries and I thought dipping it into the 2 colors was a really fun twist! The things that you will need are: A bowl of fresh strawberries, white melting chocolate and a bowl of blue sparkly sugar

Once again, line your cookie tray with a piece of wax paper, and then you’re gonna take your white chocolates, and you can heat them up in the microwave or over the stove Once the chocolate is melted, take a strawberry, using a toothpick and dip them about 2/3 of the way, leaving some room for red at the top, you want the red to show Let the excess chocolate drip off, and then gently dip the strawberry into the blue sugar and place it onto your baking sheet Now do this to the rest of your strawberries, you can do this to as many of these as you’d like After the strawberries have set for 5 minutes, transfer them to a serving tray and pull out the toothpick from the top

And ta-da! Here you have it, chocolate dipped red, white and blue strawberries for the party! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom! And, since it’s summer, I thought I should be making a cool treat, so I’m gonna be making red, white and blue Puddin’ Pops! The things you will need are a big mixing bowl, wood popsicle sticks, I found these at Michaels, dixie cups, 2 packets of vanilla pudding mix, 4 cups of milk, blue and red food coloring and 3 plastic baggies Making pudding is very easy, and if you don’t like pudding pops, you can make yogurt pops those are also very yummy But all you do is add both of your vanilla pudding mixes to a big mixing bowl and then pour in your milk, and then whisk them together until everything is smooth and combined Once your pudding is ready evenly divide your mixture between 3 bowls, I’m just eyeballing it, doesn’t need to be perfect Then you’re gonna add a few drops of red food coloring, and a few drops of blue food coloring

And mix them together so we’ll have the colors red, white and blue! Once your puddings are the color you want, transfer them into these plastic baggies, you don’t need any fancy tips, we’re just gonna cut a little hole at the end I found that this technique works a lot better than just spooning the pudding into the dixie cup, it gives you a little bit more control Starting with red, fill the cups about 1/3 full and then give them a little tap to let the pudding settle Then you’re gonna fill another 1/3 using white and another 1/3 using blue When your cups are full take the wooden popsicle stick and place them about 1/2 way down, do this to all of your little pudding pops and then put them in the freezer for about 2 hours to chill

After the pops have completely frozen, take them out of the freezer and peel off the dixie cup I found it easy to remove it in 2 steps, 1st peeling it all the way around the side, and then removing the bottom separately Do this to all of your dixie cups and then they’re ready to eat! The last thing that we’re gonna be making is a 3 layered 4th of July mixed drink 1 is going to be non-alcoholic and the other is going to be a little bit spirited! The things you will need will be cranberry-apple juice, glacier freeze, low calorie gatorade, Sobe Piña Colada, or for the spirited version, Skinny Girl Piña Colada, a measuring cup with a pour spigot and ice and some decorative straws, I found these ones at Target, they were just cute, red and white stripes To make this drink you’re gonna want to use a clear glass of any kind so that you can see the 3 layers

The 1st thing that you’re gonna do is fill your glass 1/4 full with cran-apple juice, then you're gonna fill your glass with ice The reason I do this is to keep the colors as separate as possible After adding the ice, the red rises to be about 1/3 full, Now you’re gonna pour in your piña colada mix Very slowly pour in the piña colada mix, you want to make it try to not touch the red directly, pouring over the ice Pour it until it’s about 2/3 full, and then you’re gonna pour in your gatorade

Once again making sure to do it very slowly! Now for the final touch, add your decorative straws Boom! Yummy drinks! Ta-da! Here are all the DIY 4th of July treats we made! We have got Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Flag Pretzels Bites, Red, White and Blue Pudding Pops, and Yummy 4th of July Mixed Drinks! And now I’m ready to celebrate! Thanks for watching you guys, I hope you liked all of these little DIY treats! Happy 4th and bye-bye!

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