Hey guys, it's Ro! Valentine's Day is coming up and I wanted to make some themed recipes Today, we're gonna be making three Valentine's Day breakfast ideas

I really love these ideas not only for Valentine's Day, but because they're all heart-shaped You can also make these for Father's Day, or Mother's Day Or, if you have an anniversary with "bae" Or, just because! If you wanted to make something sweet, or do something kind for a sibling I don't know! Also, if you aren't that into breakfast, you just don't like to eat a big meal early on in the day, you can always have breakfast for dinner

I've done that! Alright, let's get started The first recipe that we're gonna be making are these homemade heart pancakes The things you'll need to make these homemade heart pancakes will be: 1½ cups of milk, 1½ cups of all-purpose flour, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, a large heart cookie cutter, and a small heart cookie cutter The first step to making our pancakes is making our pancake batter In a medium-sized bowl, we're gonna whisk together our dry ingredients: Our flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder

Then, whisk together until well-combined Our dry ingredients are ready, and now we're gonna add our wet ingredients: Our milk, our butter―I've melted it in the microwave, vanilla extract, and our egg Remember, you want to add the whole egg Then again, whisk together until well-combined Our batter is ready, and now we're gonna take it, a non-stick frying pan, a little bit of butter, 1/4 measuring cup, some tongs, a spatula, and a heart-shaped cookie cutter over to the stove! Turn heat to medium-low and grease your pan — I'm using some butter

Once the butter is completely melted, Put the greased cookie cutter into the centre of the pan Pour 1/4 scoop of batter into the cookie cutter and spread it evenly around Cook until little bubbles begin to rise to the top This usually takes about 1 minute Then, gently remove the cookie cutter — I'm using some tongs — and flip your pancake over with the spatula

Cook until golden-brown, which usually takes about another minute Then remove from the pan Make as many pancakes as you want! Da doo~! All of our heart pancakes are ready and now it is time for my favourite part It is time to decorate, and one of the things that I really love about this recipe is it's totally customizable However you like to eat your pancakes, you can get creative with it

For example: using the small heart cookie cutter, cut out a small, little heart into the butter, and then place it right on top and pop it out, and then drizzle a little maple syrup on top Look at that! So cute! Another idea: I've used the small heart cookie cutter to cut out a bunch of fresh fruit Over here I've got strawberries, we got these little heart strawberries And you can place those on top with some powdered sugar You can also do the same thing with a banana! You just open it up, cut up some pennies — Boop! Boop! and then, cut out some hearts

Da doo~! And there you have it Homemade heart pancakes I've decorated this one using some of my favourite fruit, but you can use whatever you'd like The next thing that we're gonna be making is: "I love you" avocado toast To make this "I love you" avocado toast The things you'll need will be: some slices of your favourite bread, — I'm using a wheat bread fresh arugula, eggs, lemon, an avocado, salt and pepper to taste, and a heart-shaped silicone mould

The first step to making our "I love you" avocado toast is making our avocado spread I love avocado toast, and there are hundreds of ways to make an avocado spread, there are so many different things you can do But I'm just gonna show you what I like to do It's very, very simple In front of me I've got a cutting board and a ripe avocado To cut an avocado, you're just gonna cut all the way around, twist open, to get this out I just like to go "Boop!" and give a little twist, then use a spoon to scoop all of the fresh avocado into a small bowl

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Then, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the bowl You can use as much lemon juice as you like Next a little salt and pepper to taste Now mash together using a fork, get all of the ingredients work together This recipe makes 4 pieces of avocado toast, or 2 if you really love avocado

[Whispers] Like me Now pop a couple of slices of bread into the toaster I'm gonna be setting mine on a medium, golden-brown setting, that's how I like my toast, and wait for it to toast! [Singing] Your love is a one-in-a-million It goes on, and on, and on [Stops singing] Now that our toast is ready, we can put our avocado spread on top Just scoop up a little, spread over the top

An important step is not to eat it right now, which is what I want to do I'm hol- I'm h- HUH Then I like to add a few sprigs of arugula I love fresh arugula, it's so yummy *sniffs* Ahh! Yum, yum, yum Oop! [Singing quietly] Your loooove is a one-in-a-million

Oh this has holes in it I like arugula [Whispers] I like it a lot [Singing] Dooo~ Oh that's dumb, that one's dumb Get out of h- oh that one's dumb too Not that a plant can be dumb, but There! Toast is ready, now I'm gonna quickly cook up some eggs on the stove, sunny side up

We are gonna take over some eggs, a heart-shaped silicone mould, some butter, a non-stick pan, and a spatula Over to the stove! Turn your heat to medium-low and grease your pan, I'm using some butter Once the butter is completely melted, put the greased silicone heart mould in the centre of your pan Crack the whole egg into the mould and allow it to cook for a few minutes Once the whites of the egg have set, carefully remove the silicone heart and take your egg back to the baking station

Last step Place your egg on top of the toast and then they're ready to serve! Da doo~! Here is the "I love you" avocado toast The next thing that we're gonna be making are heart-shaped cinnamon rolls To make these heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, the things you'll need will be: ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls, I'm using Pillsbury Grands!, an 8 inch round cake pan, white glaze icing, and some heart sprinkles to decorate The first step to making our heart-shaped cinnamon rolls is to open our ready-to-bake canister

The one I'm using is by Pillsbury, called "Grands!" I really like this one because the strips are longer and a little larger and the other ones I found at the store were a little too small for what we're doing today Opening these is really easy, you just peel and pop So you find the little beginning right here, and then peel, peel, peel *Quick tearing* Then give it a pop! *Thud* Just like that

Da doo~! Get off of there, get off of there! *Rattling* Now I'm using a ready-to-bake cinnamon recipe because I wanted to save a little bit of time But! If you have the time and you want to make a from-scratch, amazing cinnamon roll recipe, I have a good one I'm gonna put it down below in the description so you can check it out down there In front of me I've got a piece of parchment paper which my cinnamon rolls are on, and I'm gonna show you how to shape these What we're gonna do is make them look like hearts so we are going to unroll, and we're gonna roll the ends

Roll, roll, roll, roll! Until they look about even, then you're gonna bring down the middle Stick 'em together so they look like a heart! Then place it into an 8 inch round, greased, and lined cake pan We've got all of our heart cinnamon rolls lined up in the pan they are ready to bake I really love this idea because if you have anyone who loves cinnamon rolls, this is such a fun twist on a traditional breakfast treat Now turn your oven onto 350 degrees and bake for about 15 to 17 minutes

Our cinnamon rolls are fresh out of the oven, I popped them onto a plate to make decoration a little bit easier This part is totally optional, but it makes 'em pretty cute I took the white icing that these cinnamon rolls came with and put it into a piping bag with a number 6 tip at the top for a little bit more control For decoration just drizzle on top, and then sprinkle on some heart sprinkles Now our heart-shaped cinnamon rolls are ready to serve

Da doo~! Nahh! It's a little heart! Ta daa~! Here are the 3 Valentine's day breakfast ideas that we made today We made homemade heart pancakes, "I love you" avocado toast, and heart-shaped cinnamon rolls I'll be taking pictures and posting them and the recipes on: Rosanna Pancino dot com, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can check 'em out there, and if you guys make any of these recipes please take a picture and send it to me I love seeing your baking creations, it just makes me happy It makes my day

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and these ideas If you'd like to watch some more videos you can click up here or up here! Da doot, doot, da doot Alright, bye-bye! [Singing] Your love is a one-in-a-million It goes on, and on, and on You give me a really good feeling

All day long! *Ppt* *Ppt* Yeah!

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