Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, look who it is you guys! Joey: Oh my gosh! Ro: It’s Joey! Joey: Hi there everyone! Ro: I’m so excited! Joey: I’ve been watching your channel for 12-1/2 billion years! Ro: Oh my gosh! Ro: I love your channel! Joey: Oh stop it! Ro: I’m like decked out in your stuff today Joey: I know! Ro: You guys, this is my Crystal Wolf Accessories! Joey: I walked in and I’m like, that necklace looks familiar! Ro: Yeah, maybe this is like a clear quartz necklace or something!? Joey: Yeah, maybe! Ro: And then I’ve got the little bracelets

Joey: Yup! Ro: I loved them, I thought it was perfect for today, because there was a recipe Ro: from the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook for Geode Cupcakes Joey: Yes Ro: So they look all gem-y, and I thought it was perfect! Joey: You sent me your book when it came out Ro: Yeah! Joey: And I was flipping through it and I was like, huuhh! Whoa, what are those!? Ro: Today we’re gonna be making that recipe with a twist Joey: Oh! Ro: These cupcakes are gonna be chocolate vegan cupcakes

Joey: Delicious! Ro: Because I had you in mind, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests to Ro: make a vegan recipe So today we’re gonna be making Geode Cupcakes! Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 1-1/2 Cups of all purpose flour, Ro: 1/2 a cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of baking soda Joey: 1/2 a cup of coconut sugar, 1-1/2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1/4 cup of Joey: light cocoa powder, 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt, 1 teaspoon of vanilla Joey: extract, and 1 cup of water! Both: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do, is in a big mixing bowl, we’re gonna Ro: whisk together our dry ingredients So we’re just gonna pour ‘em in, I’m Ro: gonna pour in our flour Joey you grab one, plop it in there! Joey: Oh, OK, I think this is sugar

Ro: Sugar, coconut sugar Joey: A little bit of salt Ro: Baking soda! Joey: Light cocoa powder? Ro: Mmmhmmm! Joey: Is this what it is? Ro: Yeah! Ro: Light cocoa powder Joey: Have you ever tried this? Ro: It smells really good, but it’s really dry! Joey: I want to try some! Ro: You’re gonna need some water, it’s really dry! Joey: OK, so we just whisk this up? Ro: Yeah, whisk it up! Joey: Oh yeah! Ro: There you go! Joey: We’re now going to be adding our wet ingredients Joey: I guess we’ll start with the water, shall we? Ro: Coconut oil

Joey: Vanilla extract Ro: Mmmmhmmm, vinegar Ro: Alright Joey, whisk it up one more time! Joey: Oh my gosh! Joey: I am the whisk pro now! Ro: And now we are gonna pour all of the wet ingredients Ro: into the dry ingredients, Joey! Joey: It’s like we’re making a potion! Ro: Yes we are! Ro: Alright, whisk together Joey: Oh it’s starting to fizz! Ro: Vinegar and cocoa powder, that’s why that’s happening! Joey: Oh, it smells so good! Joey: The mixture is all mixed together Ro: Mmmmmmmm! Joey: And now, we get to scoop it on into the tray! Ro: I’ve lined them with little paper liners, and you’re gonna want to fill them Ro: about 2/3 full

Joey: I feel like this is the messy part, trying to get it Joey: from the bowl, into the tray Ro: You can do it! Ro: Plop it right in there! Joey: Wow! Ro: There you go! Joey: No mess! Joey: There’s no egg in there, we can try the batter! Ro: Yeah we can! Joey: Should we have a little lick? Ro: Um, yes! Joey: OK! Ro: Let’s take a little taste! Joey: Mmmmmm! Ro: Yeah Joey: No salmonella for us! Joey: Now that our cupcakes are done and put in the tray Ro: Mmmmhmmm Joey: We can bake them at 350 for 18 minutes

Ro: While our cupcakes are baking, we are gonna be decorating Joey: The fun part! Ro: Yes! This is the funnest part! Ro: The things you will need to decorate will be: Green Jolly Ranchers, Ro: Blue Jolly Ranchers, Pink Jolly Ranchers, some purple sanding sugar Joey: Brown and white vegan fondant, vegan buttercream frosting, Joey: 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, and some purple food coloring Joey: The first thing that we’re going to do is prepare our Jolly Ranchers Joey: We have a rolling pin, what are we doing here? Ro: We are gonna Hulk Smash these Jolly Ranchers! Joey: Oh gosh! Ro: This is like, one of my favorite things

Ro: Just scoop the whole thing of Jolly Ranchers in the bag Joey: I feel like you have a lot of aggression to get out, so I’m gonna let Joey: you go first… Ro: OK, are you ready for this? Joey: I think you’re gonna have to go harder than that… Joey: Oh there you go! Ro: Wooooo! Ro: OK, your turn Joey: Say your last words blue Jolly Ranchers! Ro: Yeah! Joey: Oh that’s fun! Ro: And now we are gonna make a very cool sugar Geode! Joey: So, we have all the stuff here to make the Geodes, what do we start with? Ro: Start with the bowls, and we’re gonna line them with aluminum foil Ro: So Joey, hand that over, I’m gonna cut a couple squares Ro: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Joey: OW! Ro: Oh sorry, oh sorry! Joey: My finger! You cut it off! Ro: Put it into the bowl, like that

And make it a little lumpy Ro: Like this, so there’s little lumps and crevices Ro: I’ll show you what to do with these in a little bit, but for now we’re just Ro: gonna set them off to the side Ro: Joey, now we’re gonna work with fondant, have you worked with this before? Joey: No, I never have but I always wanted to because it looked so smooth and Joey: just like, so perfect Ro: Its kinda like feels like Play-Doh

Joey: Play-Doh you can eat Ro: Wait, you can’t eat Play-Doh? Joey: Uh-oh! Ro: I’ve just put down a piece of wax paper so that the fondant doesn’t stick Ro: to your surface, and we’re gonna roll it out Joey: Now we have these cookie cutters Ro: There’s one that’s slightly bigger, Ro: and you’ll want that to be the brown one, and then the one that’s slightly Ro: smaller, we’ll be cutting out 2 white and 2 brown Ro: Now we’re gonna layer them, put it on top

Joey: Wow! Ro: Look at this! Joey: Alright, so we brought our bowls back over to us, and now we get to place Joey: the fondant into the bowls Ro: We’re just gonna pick it up, place it on top, slowly push it down Ro: And it’s OK if they don’t look perfect, because you want them to look like Ro: you just pulled them out of the ground! Joey: Also, like Hannah Montana once stated, nobody’s perfect! Joey: So now, let’s take the sugar, water and food coloring over to the stove! Ro: In a medium sized sauce pot, add the water and sugar, then turn the heat Ro: to high and mix a few times Bring the mixture to a boil, allowing the Ro: sugar to completely melt You want your mixture to be nice and clear

Ro: Turn off your heat and stir in your food coloring, I’m using a few drops of Ro: purple, but you can use any color you’d like Ro: Then take your sugar mixture back to the baking station Joey: So the geode mixture is hot off the stove now, and we’re gonna pour Joey: it into our geode bowl Ro: I’ve just got a spoon, remember it’s hot, Ro: so be careful Take a spoonful, and then just pour it right in the middle

Ro: And here they are, and one thing to note, is there is enough geode mixture Ro: to make more of them, if you’d like Joey: Um, so we have this really cute looking aluminum house for our geodes Ro: There’s a couple reasons why we make this When your geode’s are drying, Ro: you want to protect them, you don’t want anything to get in them Joey: Oh, like a fly

Ro: And the second reason is the aluminum creates kind of a Ro: condensation where the crystals can start to form a little easier Ro: So we’re gonna place them inside of the little house, go to bed little Geode! Joey: And then in the morning we’re gonna eat ya! Ro: And then we’re gonna tuck you in Snug as a bug in a rug! Joey: Right! Ro: Then we’re gonna let it sit for 12 hours, this is a really long time so… Joey: Girl, I gotta, I gotta go home! Ro: I know… Joey: I guess I’ll come back tomorrow Joey: Huh, well I’m back 12 hours later! Ro: Mmmmhmmm! Joey: This is crazy! Ro: Yeah Joey: You look the same… Did you shower? Ro: Nope! Joey: Me either! Ro: Now we have, our geodes are ready

We’re gonna break them up a little bit Joey: Wow! Ro: Take your sharp cutting knife, and you’re just gonna lightly Ro: break up some of the crystal that’s formed And then you’re gonna let the Ro: liquid drain out Now you’re gonna take a few lollipop sticks, but you can Ro: use anything you have around the house Place them over a smaller bowl Ro: and then flip them upside-down to continue to drain

Ro: Now we’re gonna let these sit for an additional 2 hours to drain Ro: And I know that this process takes a long time Joey: Yeah, girl… This is a long process! Ro: If you think about how long it takes to make them naturally, this is the shortcut! Joey: So these have sat for a couple hours, and now we get to cut off the excess Ro: Remove the bowl Joey: Oh I’m nervous, what if I ruin it? Ro: Take off the foil

Ro: Now you’re just gonna take your sharp cutting knife, don’t get your fingers, Ro: And we’re just gonna cut all the way around Ro: Alright, flip it over Joey, let’s take a look! Joey: The big reveal! Joey: Oh I’m nervous, what if she’s ugly!? Ro: No she’s gonna be pretty! Joey: Huuuhhh! It looks like an actual crystal Ro: We’re gonna cut them in 1/2, so that they fit on top of the cupcakes Ro: Ta-da! Ro: These are fresh out of the oven, we’ve given them plenty of time to cool, Ro: because we don’t want to ice them while they’re still warm, Ro: or the icing will melt Joey: Right

Ro: So, we’re gonna take it, and we’re gonna pipe the outside, and then work Ro: your way in like this Ro: For the purple one we’re gonna do a dip, right into our icing sugars Joey: Huhhhhh! Ro: Da-da! Look at that! So pretty! Joey: YEAH! Joey: WOW! Ro: And the rest of them, we’re gonna frost them and sprinkle them with Ro: Jolly Ranchers Joey: Yes! Joey: Whoa, these actually look like little shards of crystals! Ro: We smashed them pretty good! Ro: We did it! Joey: We've made it to the final step girl! Joey: Now we have our halves of our geodes, do we just put them on these cupcakes? Ro: Yes, I’m getting really excited and almost a little emotional, Ro: because so many hours went into making these little ones Joey: I know! Ro: Here we go! Just stick it in there! Joey: Girl you’ve taught me so much today! Joey: Science, we learned about rocks, Joey: we learned about cupcakes

Ro: Pink lemons Joey: They don’t know about that! Ro: Oh, they don’t! Joey: They don’t know that Ro: Yeah, they don't know that Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the Geode cupcakes that we made today! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting a recipe from the Nerdy Nummies Ro: Cookbook, and a big thank you to Joey for helping me bake today Joey: Ah! Joey: Thanks for having me in your kitchen girl! Ro: And he was the perfect guest, because he has a ton of cool stones and Ro: crystals, again, I’m gonna put a link down below if you guys want to go Ro: check these out because I absolutely love them, they are so cool! Ro: And, I’m gonna put a link to all of your links

Joey: Oh gosh, all the links! Ro: Social medias Joey: Sure! Ro: I’ll be taking lots of pictures and posting the recipe on RosannaPansinocom, Ro: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and if you guys make these cupcakes, Ro: please take a picture and you can tweet it to us! Joey: Yeah! Ro: I love seeing your baking creations, it just makes my day, it makes me happy Ro: And, if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, let me know, Ro: leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen Ro: Alright, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Joey: Bye!

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