Hey guys, it's Ro! Today, I'm hanging out with my friend MatPat! Mat: Hey! Ro: You guys know him, but if you are new to the channel, I'll be putting his links down below Ro: So go check out his channel show him some love and subscribe

Mat: Thank you! I'm glad to be back for another Ro: Mhmm Mat: Seven course meal this time Yeah, yummy food vs Real food

Ro: Yes! It's gonna be round two I hope you brought your appetite Mat: I hear that this one's slightly more extreme than last time Ro: And again Ro: I had my friends go out and they got a gummy food and a real food and one of us will get a gummy food and one of us will get the real food but I don't know what they got I apologize in advance if This wasn't the seven course meal that you were hoping I well I came Hungry either way so whatever you put in front of me

I'll probably just dig in alright ready for the first dish I am and I'm noticing that I have a stick outside of my plate again last time that happened in gummy food versus real food Part You know it was that like nasty corn going gummy You got a corn gun That was not good You think this is it the cornet note would be an amazing lack of creativity on the part of your friend alright Are you ready for the first dish first course one two three? Oh, that's so fun This is adorable

Oh wow Like a multi pound gummy, and I got the real one Okay? Oh? This is great No, this is amazing like watermelon It has a little bit of a watermelon flavor Yeah, but I need a bite It was really ready, okay Yeah slice into it hold it just Go don't have to take a bite

I just can't I don't have time for this right just do it, okay, man This is an enormous gummy So you can't even what it's slowly yet slowly bending my question is why is it even on a stick because everyone likes to eat Their watermelon slices on sticks Roe come on I like that you did like the tiniest buy it possible Is it good this thick we were out of ten they're gonna be ten out of ten more food more food? Number two there we go I have to apologize Matt I didn't polish my silver It's not it's it's not your fault It's the help around here It's so hard to get good help around here 303 oh I got green beans and you've got it says Cassius Oh it's kept wait this cowboy cactus really I'm your canvas cubbies

I've never had cactus, and I actually want to try it I I'm really excited about those green beans right I thought who okay? You have to try one of these – is it flavored like captain Let's see, okay I mean they're adorable look at how cute these are oh Sweet doesn't really have a flavor actually here wait hold up it has it has a description on the back the box Okay, where do you think ride off into the sunset with these cute little cat died full prickly pear flavor Hmm so prickly pear is not super flavorful huh no full of it I have never had cactus in my entire life you guys and this is a person That's happening right now, and I'm sneaking a bite Okay, of course, please I want to know what cactuses like why do you taste like? Like it it's good Yeah I really like it's really good

Yeah, even two winners now I know I'm There being nice to me because I'm the guest yeah that only means that at some point during these courses my side just goes downhill In a hurry course number three here We go what Joe oh? You're the side dogs I can't believe they have a gummy ha, that's surely this which ones go which one's coming I Was gonna say the neon orange, but doesn't tip it off at all, okay Do you think it's sweet or anything? It's a friend gummy I would say with ninety percent certainty that it's gonna be sweet I have yet to really cross a savory gummy

Okay Let me try oh It's me take me out to the ball game Yeah, it's like maybe mango or cherry or something a cohort area or something Yeah, I had one of those but oh No, I love me some hot dogs So I will say I used to be grossed out by mustard Uh-huh cuz I don't know I was I was a ketchup man Well Don't up Yeah I was gonna catch up on the hot dog man like what's this, but recently I'd become a mustard guy So they say that when you start liking mustard on your hot dogs

That's when you've truly grown up Apparently I grew up like earlier this year gummi versus real Let's go look Pete pasta pasta No wait What do you got? Salsa salsa getti this little duck Justine and I tried candy from Mexico Yeah, this little duck would often appear on the spicy candies that we did not like So I have a feeling that this is gonna Be pretty spicy So is salsa spaghetti a real dish or just something that like the candy manufacturer made up I know I don't think this is actually a real food either

Gummy food and made-up food made based on the gummies New theory coming up That's a food Thanks for munching Oh this Also says It's a watermelon oh yeah cuz when I think salsa and things that I want to eat salsa with I totally think spaghetti and Watermelon makes perfect sense

Oh I get it It's watermelon noodles, and then look I have a little sauce here Oh, oh Great weird zombie candy Where wow this is okay here

We go Just team taught me how to do this Oh? Girls, it's brown dope I don't understand this This is so bizarre and weird and gross Yours looks like your best teriyaki sauce or soy sauce on I know that look it looks like it's brown Mmm does it look like spaghetti to you I totally see the resemblance 100% you know Here I am making fun of it, maybe it's gonna be delicious It's gonna be great there You go look at the taste over the gums look out stomach here comes yo, yum, yum I wasn't expecting you Mind if I dip in its sour and savory it's like a sour watermelon, but gumming with my savory Sauce on top

Yeah Oh I Don't even know what's else you're making That's what it makes me deal Here, would you like some salsa spaghetti okay? I'm going to try one little bite Maybe I help my taste Why is the spaghetti so small? Is someone chopped up their spaghetti? Mister states like salt office right it really does The the thing that doesn't work about this is that the spaghetti is so soft I just I take a salsa soup well You know what that means? vibe Preach it girl sing it big girl

Yeah, yes I Like that you also are your own backup course oh, yeah What's going on is it back to normal now Okay, we are at round five We were told to keep our eyes closed because apparently whatever's under the trays couldn't fit So we'll just have to open up Ready yeah one two three look And actually if you do look it the bottles might not be the same size But the actual like amount of stuff to consume Is that the exact same height that's impressive it also stands up on its own This is cubby It's like rock hard take a grip in that's solid oh They're like similar and wait Please continue shaking them though, so that way when you open up your coat Let's crack open do I do it do it hmm Okay? You go

I want to try it Is this like toffee a gummy this is like half top I do Mississippi York oh yeah, please do oh Yeah, no super sticky yeah, I might have to watch this do you have to drink the regular coconut? Me neither I feel like if you need it to like patch a hole in your roof Just laid out on the coca-cola gonna be like oh Yeah God Beckett I only sit for years Yeah, this will hold up no problem I Can do it oh my gosh You rock you rock that well done Yeah, let's coke why still prefer this second right

Oh, is this Mexican Coke or just regular? regular And then ironic twist the gummy tastes for like heavy-duty soda flavor Then the soda itself plus the added benefit that it's literally just a party pull it apart Yeah, could I put my bro? Wow alright here we go round six yeah, let's do it one two three Oh, that's fun Oh, this is good It's adorable how creative I like that mine looks a little bit better toasted than yours does yeah Here's does your just got like a good golden It looks really cool They even bother toasting yours

Just gave you like a cold its Leggo my eggo ro oh, man we got to cut this like a regular Yeah, we go here we go oh my gosh Nope new new J's great I'm just hmm I still love Legos I mean you enjoy building blocks Oh Yeah, that classic egg Oh flavor Of lemon actually that's weird what starts as lemon and then maple syrup Yeah, it has a little aftertaste of like Maple syrup are like buttery like a buttery maple aftertaste I'm inside of a go because it's really way better okay here just even even uncooked It's giant like giant slab of butter on lightly toasted and slightly toasted Mm-hmm I I am ready for the seventh course cuz this this was a letdown, so I'm hoping that we are not good Yeah, you know I'll give you one victory All right time for the final course wonder what we have for dessert oh Yeah, just thanks for coming over for this delicious Seven course meal the way, you said that makes it sound like there's gonna be something nasty under here

I'm sorry I'm just scared okay ready three two one Banana I I was so ready to run away by the way let it be known I Pulling it and turning as I went cuz I'm like cuz I think the way Cuz the way, you were talking was lean very heavily down to like there's a giant spider This looks like a marshmallow actually like a little right that looks more yeah people then vana actual gummy So this is like more of a fruit dessert Did you know that I have this theory one might say Oh life theory where you know impossible to keep a straight face after being slapped across the face with a banana Try try me And I'll try it and go memebers Okay, okay, wait let me think about something really sad Face there we go Let me rub my banana on your face – two more confirmations – my theory Impossible to get slapped across the face with a banana and keep not smile I tell you cheer up people Banana face Oh just lost my job boom banana face Oh my wife left me boom banana face For the seven course meal of gummy versus real food around – a big thing YouTube matpat for doing this way Again, thank you guys I am so stuffed I don't have to eat for like another three days go check them out subscribe and show him some love And please and let me know what other videos You'd like to see in the comments below And if you'd like to see some other fun videos you can click up here or up here

Yep, first gummy food vs real food challenges over our heads Yeah our original one

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