Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special Ro: guest, Batman! Jared: I’ll be baking for the people of Gotham! Ro: Today we are gonna be making Batman and Joker Cupcakes! Jared: Where’s the Joker!?!?! Ro: A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: I got so many requests to make these for such a long time So today we are Ro: finally gonna do it! Let’s get started! Jared: OK… Ro: The things you will need, will be: 1 box of devils food cake, you can use Ro: any chocolate recipe that you like, but I like devils food cake because Ro: it’s just so dark and Batman’s really dark

Jared: I strike fear in the hearts of villains throughout the city Ro: You’ll also need 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, 1-1/4 cups of water, 3 eggs Jared: Are those free range eggs? Ro: They are Jared: The people of Gotham deserve organic, free-range eggs! Ro: And a cupcake tray, and I put these little paper liners in there Jared: You’ll also need a beater, that I use to beat up the villains of Gotham

Jared: And 1 bowl… Jared: Are those subtitles? Jared: People can understand me! Ro: First we’re gonna start with cake mix, I’ll have Batman put the cake mix into Ro: the bowl Jared: The people of Gotham will be happy with this cake mix! Jared: Where’s the eggs!?!? Oh they’re right there Jared: I’ll crack these eggs, like I’m cracking a skull, of a thug, Jared: harassing the people of the streets of Gotham Ro: That is a really good technique Crack the egg as if you were cracking the skull… Jared: Of a thug! Ro: Of a thug… Jared: In the streets of Gotham

Ro: In the streets of Gotham Ro: What kind of super powers do you have? Jared: Well I don’t have powers Jared: in the classical sense, but I’m really rich And Morgan Freeman designed Jared: a car with a rocket launcher on it Ro: Now we’re gonna add 1-1/4 cups of water Jared: That was really good

Ro: Now we’re gonna do, our vegetable oil Ro: Maybe your company could design me a gun that shoots… Jared: NO! Ro: Cookies Jared: NO GUNS! Ro: OK, a slingshot? Jared: We have a warehouse just for designing Jared: weapons NO GUNS THOUGH! Jared: Let’s mix it all together! Ro: Here, you, hold it here, I’ll teach you Ro: how to use the machinery, alright, and then you’re just gonna turn up the Ro: speed, and I’ll hold the bowl Jared: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na

Both: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, BATMAN! Ro: We just got done mixing the batter, it looks so smooth! Nice job Batman Jared: You’re welcome! Ro: Now you’re gonna take a tablespoon scoop, or you can take a little spoon, Ro: There’s lots of different fancy techniques but I just do the simple way Ro: And you’re gonna scoop them into your cupcake trays, just put a few scoops, Ro: you want it to be 2/3 full I’m also gonna heat the oven to 350, it’s a good Ro: time to heat up your oven Ro: Oh these smell so good! Just like the ones my Mommy used to make! Ro: Did your mom ever make you cupcakes? Jared: NO! Ro: Once you got your cupcakes you’re gonna pop ‘em in the oven at 350 and bake Ro: for… Jared: JUSTICE! Ro: 18 minutes! Jared: FOR JUSTICE! Ro: While our cupcakes are baking, we are gonna be making all of the decorations Ro: out of fondant

Jared: No weapons! Ro: Haaahhh, look it’s Harley Quinn… Jared: Where’s the joker? Ro: Now you’re gonna roll out your fondant Jared: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ro: A-ha-ha-ha! Jared: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ro: I think he’s sleeping! Ro: The first thing that you’re gonna do is take your fondant, you’re gonna Ro: roll it out, we have 3 different colors We have white, yellow and black

Ro: And we’re gonna cut it out into different shapes The shapes that we’re Ro: gonna cut are 3 rectangles… Jared: Incorrect, a square is a rectangle, but Jared: but a rectangle isn’t a square Ro: 3 ovals… Jared: It’s 2 sets of parallel sides Ro: And 3 bats Jared: Bats strike fear into the hearts of the thugs Jared: poisoning the streets of Gotham

Ro: Then I just took a square cookie cutter, but you can use anything with a flat Ro: edge, a knife, anything that you want And just cut out, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Ro: You can just eyeball it Little rectangle, because these Ro: are gonna be the Joker Cards Jared: Where’s the Joker? Ro: To make the bat symbols you’re just gonna take black fondant, roll it out, Ro: just a little piece, you don’t need a big piece And then, this little piece Ro: of paper, I cut this little shape out from online, I just found an image Ro: of the Batman symbol online and printed it out, cut it out, and you’re gonna Ro: put it right on top and cut the shape out

Jared: You stole that image from online? You wouldn’t steal a car… Would you? Ro: Boop-boop-boop-boop-boop! Ro: Alright, and that’s what it should look like when it’s all done! Jared: It’s an artistic masterpiece! You should look into growing a Jared: big bushy mustache, you’d be a good commissioner Ro: Once you got your bat all cut out, aw they're so cute! Now we’re gonna stick it on Ro: top of your oval, yellow shape So you’re gonna take a little paint brush, Ro: and I’ve put a little water in this little ramekin, just gonna dip it in there, Ro: pick up your bat symbol, flip it over, put a little water on the back, Ro: and this will act like glue And then you’re gonna stick it on Ro: top of the yellow Boom! Look at those! Looks pretty cool huh? Jared: I like it

Ro: How ‘bout that? Jared: You could put it on a muscly nippled super suit Ro: Look, I’m basically you, I can just put it here Jared: No, you either live long enough to see your… Oh I did that wrong… Ro: Now to decorate the joker cards you’re gonna take these food decorating pens, Jared: Are these street legal? Ro: Yeah, yeah they have edible ink, edible ink Jared: Yeah, that’s really good That’s good stuff

Ro: And then you’re gonna Ro: decorate however you’d like, draw little Ro: Jokers on top of your little white fondant cards Jared: I don’t feel comfortable drawing the joker Ro: It’s OK, it’s OK! Jared: Hugggh, hugggh… Ro: Here, smell these! Jared: You can really smell the justice in them Ro: Good bat, good bat Ro: Once you’ve finished all your decorations, take your cupcakes out of the Ro: oven, make sure they’ve had plenty of time to cool before you frost them

Ro: And you’re gonna take bright green and black frosting And we’re gonna frost Ro: 1/2 and 1/2 And the tip that we’re using is this kind of like, jagged edge, Ro: looks like a bunch of shark teeth tip Jared: No weapons! Ro: No, but its not a weapon! Jared: Good! Ro: My technique is start from the outside Rooop! Ro: Work your way all the way around to the middle

Like… So, boop! Ro: Alright, now you’re gonna take your little decoration, put him right on top Ro: Merrr! Ro: OK, you’re gonna wrap it around, da-na-nuh-na-nuh-na-nuh-nuh! Jared: Da-na-nuh-na-nuh-na-nuh-nuh! Jared: Batman! Ro: Ta-da! Here are all of our cupcakes! Jared: The people of Gotham can once again rest easy, knowing they have delicious Jared: baked goods Ro: Thanks you guys for suggesting them, these were so fun Ro: fun to make And they were easy, I would say they were easy mode Ro: And thank you Batman for being here

Jared: You’re welcome! Ro: It’s really Jared, I’ll put his links below: Jared: Who’s that? Ro: And if you have anything else to suggest for Nerdy Nummies, leave me a comment Ro: down below and I will do my best to make it happen, OK, thanks you guys! Ro: Bye-bye! Jared: Bye-buh! Ro: Hey guess what Jared: What? Ro: I’m Batman! Jared: I’m Batman! Ro: No I’m Batman! Jared: I’m Batman! Ro: I’m Batman! Jared: I’m Batman! Ro: Are you Batguy? Jared: I’m Batguy Ro: Are you Batguy? Jared: I’m Batguy Ro: Can I be your sidekick? Jared: You can be Ro-Bin Ro: Huuuuhhhh! Batguy and Ro-Bin! Jared: Batguy and Ro-Bin! Jared: The streets of Gotham will be safe once again

Ro: And their bellies will be full with cupcakes Jared: Cupcakes! Ro: Oh yeah Jared: Yeahhhhhhhhhh Ro: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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