Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to another nerdy Nummies today, I'm thinking with my dad Papa pizza Hey guys, we're gonna be making something really tasty today Yeah, we are you know what Papa pieces here? We're probably gonna be making a pizza And we are celebrating the mass holiday pi day For anyone who isn't familiar with this geeky math holiday it falls every year on March 14th for 3

14 March 14th so today we are gonna be making Pizza pie pies let's get started the things you'll need to make these Individual pizza pie pies will be a pie cookie cutter this one is from my baking line I've seen some other ones online, but I really like this one because it's got a silicone grip, and it's quite large It's great for an individual pizza size to make the dough You'll need three cups of bread flour One cup of warm water about a hundred degrees one package of active dry yeast two tablespoons of olive oil one-and-a-half teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt and for the toppings you'll need 1/3 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes one and a half cups of shredded mozzarella Cheese pizza sauce for green onions and a little bit of cornmeal for dusting the cookie sheet Ok the first step to making pizza dough is activating the yeast with warm water That's right so in a large bowl We're gonna pour in our warm water And we're also gonna add our sugar and the entire package now whisk together until well combined and then set aside We let our you set for 10 minutes listen now we're gonna add the flour oil and Salt you start with half of the flour after you pour in half the flour and mix it up now add your oil and salt Mix together once the and then and the second half of your flower the reason we add a little bit of the flower Before the salt is so the salt won't kill the yeast all right dad you pick it up I'm gonna sprinkle down some flour so it won't stick to our work surface when you're kneading dough at home It's very easy you use your hands use the heel push down Hold back and turn keep working the dough until it's soft and not sticky You know how you know when you're in love how when someone has a pizza here Our dough is ready And now it's time to put it to bed to do so grease a large bowl spread it all around Not only on the bottom, but the sides Just like that tuck the little dough in okay, I don't know okay? Well let this dough rest for about an hour Also a good tip is to let your dough sit out at room temperature Don't put it in the oven or the refrigerator Let it sit out at room temperature and your warmest Room the process usually takes 100 or like Papa pizza said, but leave it out until it doubles in size It's been about an hour Let's check on our dough yes, please Is it ready cuz I'm ready

Oh, yeah, that's good perfect sprinkle your surface Don't want it to stick top Abita you get the honors today This is my favorite part You flip the bowl upside down Just give it a little jiggle that just broke that's right, and it's so fluffy if it's so fun Okay, okay? Yeah, yeah go for it Wait wait give a little jiggle give a little jiggle it will come out It'll come out I can see it Moving it's moving Well, it kind of looks like the blob okay what you would need to do now is roll this out to be about a quarter Inch thick put a little flour on top

Yeah Oh look at that Oh at all different directions Oh, my gosh dad that looks so good now The dough is rolled out injured cookie cutter and cut the pizzas yeah And dad while you're cutting out the dough I'm gonna get the cookie sheet ready I'm taking a little bit of cornmeal and sprinkling it on the cookie sheet This is totally optional But I love pizza With the crunchies on the bottom of the crust then pick up your pieces and place a bun to your baking sheet Got the dough on the trays you let them rest one more time That's right, but this time It's more of a nap just a short mat We're gonna let them rest for ten minutes so again take a clean kitchen towel and cover them up Just tuck them in doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo well it's been about ten minutes? It's done come on okay? Wake them up And before we add our toppings or anything We've got to punch a bunch of holes in them which is called what Papa Veej rocking if you're in the pizza Yeah, donkey, so you can just take a little fork and book book book book poke holes into the dough So it won't get really bubbly, and it will keep its shape while baking pizza

Dough is ready to be that's right We're gonna bake our pizzas twice But it's super easy cuz the first time is just for five minutes so heat your oven to 400 degrees and bake these For five minutes time for toppings we're gonna start with a little bit of red marinara sauce I've just got a little spoon either smaller individual size pizzas So you just put a little on you don't need a lot these are personal Pizza yeah, and I'm gonna personally eat all of them For toppings we have the shredded mozzarella Some green onion and sun-dried tomato, but you can use whatever toppings You'd like all right start with the cheese a little pinch dad Do you know any other cheesy jokes? What's the difference between the pizza and my jokes? What? My jokes are hard to top All the pizzas are chopped and now they're ready to be I'm gonna beat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for about eight to ten minutes Here are the pizza pie pies that we've made today, and this is the first time underneath amis that we've ever made a Savory pie for the math holiday Pi Day, so I'm so excited and a big Thank you to Papa pizza for helping me make things today Thank you for having me Yeah, these turned out amazing with your help Thank you so much We'll be posting the recipe and a bunch of pictures on rosannapansino com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter So you can check it out there, and if you guys make these pizzas, please take a picture and send it to me I love seeing your baking creations especially when they are math themed or Pizza themed huh, dad? Especially pizza, and if you have any more ideas for Yeah They suggested down below come down below down below Thanks again for watching

Hope you have a happy pi day Bye bye all right we need Cheers This is the best part of the day

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