Hey guys, it's Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special guest you guys, look it's Justine! [Justine] Hi! This is my friend, she's so cool I'm gonna put her links down below, go check her out, go say hi, give her some love and I got so many requests from you guys to make something if you can tell by the outfit, Lego themed! Justine is the perfect guest to make something Lego, 'cause you were like a lego expert

[Justine] I'm obsessed I have so many sets that I haven't even had time to build and even the lego movie, I bought every single mini figure [Ro] She also made like a life size Justine lego figure [Justine] We don't have to talk about that though [Ro] I'm going to embarrass her and I'm gonna put a link, [Justine] No, no

[Ro] it was so cool I love it [Justine] Its terrifying, you won't be able to sleep at night [Ro] So, today we are gonna be making little Lego marshmallow pops [Ro] And the things you will need will be: Some marshmallows, mini marshmallows, yellow candy melts [Justine] Lollipop sticks, edible marker pens, and we've got a candy melting pot! [Both] LET'S PUT IT ALL TOGETHER! [Ro] The first thing we're gonna do is pour your candy melts into your melting pot Justine, pour 'em in there

[Justine] Alright! [Ro] And then we're gonna turn it on all the way [Justine] And while it's heating, let's just stir these up so we can melt them all nice and even [Justine] I just bought this on the internet [Ro] Justine just [Justine] This is the best purchase ever [Ro] Did you Amazon it? [Justine] Oh yeah, it will be here tomorrow [Ro I love amazon prime [Justine] Oh me too, it's dangerous

[Ro] Domino's does drone pizza delivery in New Zealand [Justine] Maybe, I have a future of being a drone pizza pilot But what if it crashes in the middle of the street? [Ro] Free pizza [Justine] I'm tired [Ro] I got all these new muscles [Justine] Yeah, I think I lost all mine [Ro] Sometimes when you're working with candy melts, the texture is very thick, so when you dip it, it's just very heavy little globs

To get it thinner, I like to use oil flakes Keep adding until it's the consistency you like [Justine] Can you get these on Amazon? [Ro] I don't know if they dro-drone drop 'em though [Justine] It says they're also known as paramount crystals, and I can get them by tomorrow [Justine] Ordered [Ro] Yes! [Ro] Justine you're gonna be a baking machine! [Justine] That's true

[Ro] Now we are going to [BOTH] *Singing Dip* [Ro] Oh! Oh, woah! Justine! Justine! [Justine] Nope, uh Sorry, took it too far [Ro] Woahhh!! [Justine] I don't know, it's all I could reach! [Ro] Okay grab a lollipop stick, lady [Justine] Alright [Ro] We're going to dip our little lollipop stick, just a little bit, and then we're going to stick it into our marshmallow

We're actually going to poke the lollipop stick all the way through the marshmallow, and now, we're gonna dip [Ro] All the way down until the top of the lollipop stick, right there Pull it up, let the excess drip off *Repeatedly saying 'tap'* That already looks like their head a little bit! Now we're going to take the mini marshmallows and you're gonna cut them in half and I'm gonna have Justine do it cause she's good She was ready

[Justine] I like to cut [Ro] Okay go! [Justine] Do we need to cut anything or [Ro] Yeah, you can cut this little sticker off! [Justine] Okay! Yep! [Ro] Aw, there's his little head! Put em' right on top

[Ro] Boop, boop, boop And then we're gonna dip it one more time, just to cover the top And tap again *Repeatedly saying 'tap'* [Justine] So once they look like this, you can put them in your foam block to dry [Ro] Then your gonna do this to the rest of your marshmallows! You can make as many as you'd like

[Justine] So we've got em' all here, [Justine] We've made a bunch of them and we let them dry for about 10 minutes [Ro] Yup! [Ro] And now we are going to use edible food pens These are kinda cool, they're like food markers You can just draw any little lego face that you want, there's very classic ones, there's newer ones, or you can make one up yourself 'Cause we're in California, I'm-a do some shades

[Ro] Oh look at yours! [Justine] Oh, he's getting there, he's- [Ro] That's like my face if someone tells me that there's no more coffee at home [Both] *Gasps* [Ro] I just finished this cool guy with his shades [Justine] It's good [Ro] I think, I'm gonna do a Harry Potter one [Justine] *Gasps* [Ro] Here we come, little lightning bolt! [Ro] Wow she gotta smokey! [Justine] Woah, woah! [Ro] Okay, Justine paint me and then I'll paint you

[Justine] Okay, okay [Ro] Wait Wait, wait Lemme pick a pose Oh, I've always wanted to model for like a live painting

Oh, okay, uh [Justine] Okay [Ro] This is very hard to model

[Justine] You-I mean, I- I have it [Ro] You have to hold it like this for a really long time [Justine] I've got it in my mind now, so you can- [Ro] Really? [Justine] Yes, I've got it I have photographic memory [Ro] Okay, okay just- Justine, you forget things though

[Ro] I wanna draw you! [Justine] *Gasps* [Justine] Oh boy! [Ro] Okay [Jusitne] It's gonna be good [Ro] You've got some good brows [Justine] Aw, thanks girl! [Ro] Okay, these brows do not do you justice [Ro] *Gasps* Oh, it's beautiful! That's me! [Justine] Yes, it is, isn't it? [Ro] This is you! [Justine] Oh wow, that's good! [Ro] Looks just like her! [Justine] It looks just like me! [Ro] Only it's brunette [Both] Ta-dah! [Ro] Here are the marshmallow Lego pops that we made today

These ones are our classics These were our favourites, they made the cut [Justine] Yeah, these ones, we're just gonna eat them [Both] Cheers! [Ro] We're gonna eat- it's ourselves [Justine] Do you- nah, that just sounds wrong

This is incredible [Ro] They remind me of like, campfire A big thank you to you guys for suggesting something Lego themed and a big thank you to Justine, my girlfriend, for helping me bake today [Justine] These were great [Ro] She's amazing, she knows a lot about Legos

[Justine] I love them We're gonna have to do a time-lapsed Lego build [Ro] *Gasps* I would love that Can I come over for a Lego build and a glass of wine? [Justine] It would be great Please, it will be great! [Ro] Yes! I'm gonna be putting her links down below, so go check her out, go say hello and I'm going to be taking pictures of the pops that we made today and posting the recipe on RosannaPansino

com Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can check it out there And if you guys make pops, please take a picture and send it to us You can tweet it to us, I love seeing your baking creations [Justine] Please do [Ro] It just makes my day And if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen

Alright, thanks you guys, buh-bye! [Justine] I'll just take these home, thanks Oh gosh, don't lift it up! Don't lift it up! [Ro] Oh, I built it, I- I built it [Ro] Justine, I'm not a professional Lego builder [Justine] I'm very impressed [Ro] You're a sweet friend

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