Hey guys! It's Ro and welcome to my channel and special guest my friend, Joey Hello there! He's one of my favorite people

Awww! (Yep one of the best youtubers) Can I just say that? That's so sweet! This guy is amazing You're one of my favorite people, Ro Awwwww I'm, like, starting to blush I'm turning like, a little bit color of your hair

I'll be putting Joey's links down below So go check him out Show him some love, <3 Subscribe, he's the best

And if any of you are new to my channel and would like to show some support, hit subscribe and ding the bell to receive<3 notifications whenever I post a new video Today, we are making cotton candy Why, you ask? Because Joey has a new series coming out Joey, What is this series? It's the third season of "Escape The Night", and Ro is in the cast this season, and I am so excited!!! You guys are gonna freak out when you see her because you're gonna see a whole different side to Ro It comes out June 21st in two days, you guys

On YouTube, YouTube Premium It's a YouTube original series Yes

and I can't wait It's like, um, a bunch of YouTubers thrown into a setting where there's actors, and the actors know what's going on, But we don't And we have to solve clues, we have to vote against each other, and a bunch of youtubers DIE in this show, "die"

Yeah, I guess we just have to see if Ro survives or not Do you think I'll (have) escaped the night? Let me know in comments below! The vibes of the season are Carnival based So that's why we are making a carnival treat today Yeah I thought it would be perfect to celebrate! And who doesn't love cotton candy? We also made a video over on Joey's channel, So I'll put a link down below to that as well

I-I'm- So go check it out,((doesn't look apetizing) I'm not looking forward to that video at all Um, we're eating, um,

Every baby food mixed together So in front of us, there are some traditional sugars There's just regular sugar and they have different flavors I think there's like blue raspberry, actual(?) cotton candy, orange and I wanted to try using candies, because I saw online, That you can put candies in the machine I don't believe that that's possible

I think we're gonna break the machine We may break the machine, and if we do, that is okay Okay (Chuckle) But because Joey's going over, You know, I went all out I didn't go to like, the kids section and get you a little one

No, she did not I got you the biggest, baddest, Cotton candy machine I could find Like, commercial grade, like, we could open a store I think we're gonna have to make a giant cotton candy at the end of this video, (Gasp) Yes, we'll combine everything! Everything, a rainbow giant cotton candy Oh my gosh, do you need help? Just a slight maybe,

It's kind of ridiculous Oh my gosh, like, literally- Where should I put this?! -bigger than you Yes, it's-it's huge, um but just don't worry, Joey Yes? Um This came with a dome that kept all the cotton candy, cuz I guess the sugar- the molecule like pulls apart Like science class

Um, the dome didn't come in the mail yet We're just gonna have to catch the sugar Maybe by the end of this video, Ro will have the same color hair as me

Shall we begin? Yes, which one do you want to do? First? I say we do blue first Oh, I love this You've got pink hair, I've got a pink shirt, and then, blue cotton candies Let's start with one scoop Let's see what happens

Okay, let's turn it on It's spinning, Whoa, don't get your hair in here Me? I wont worry about my hair, you're the one who has long hair! You're going to get sucked in there

Oh no! No, not yet, Oh, Joey!! Catch the sugar!! Catch the sugar!!! Wow! Here it comes!! Oh!! Joey's doing it Oh look at this!!! Wow look at it go! Oh God!!! Joey!!! You're doing so good!! It's like a spiderweb!!! I'm coming Joey!! I'm coming!!! Here!! Here!! Oh, no I'm so sorry! Joey, you're really good at this Look at you! Well, actually not that good I love it Ohhh

She needs some help!! This looks like a wig, a sad wig Oh my gosh!! I don't know which one this is

That's is Like, cherry or something? I've got cherry and orange So this one this might just be regular- Woooow!!!! AHHH!!! WOW!!! OH MY GOSH!! OHMYGOSH!!! Okay, that was crazy! Joey look at us! Cheers!!! We did sooooo good!! MMM!!! Oh my god!! This is really good!! I wanna taste yours!! Oooo!! Yum!! OOOO!!! So, that was really cool, But I say we try and make a rainbow one, so we'll add a little bit of a color in, you'll twist Okay, a lot of different color and you'll twist and then we'll make it keep going Yeah Okay I got this

I got this! So, let's start with orange, since we haven't tried that one Oh Ohmahga- I'm so excited! OH, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!! Okay, now the cherry one Okay So get ready

I'm ready, I'm ready- Go! Oh! Weeeew! Oh, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! Soo, those are looking like the same color They do look similar Dang it! And then there's just like, candy floating in the air! Oh, that smells good Okay, get ready,

Ready Set GO! GO! GO! GO! Joey I think we're getting good, because this looks like something you would actually buy at a carnival

It definitely does, we're getting better I want to try a different technique, Okay So I'm gonna have you pour the colors in, and I'm gonna do the spinning

I must start with- I think this is cherry, in we go, in we go Whoa, whoa, woah! Okay Woah, woah, wow, that smells good Oh, wow She's got a tail!! WOOOOOOOOW!! Look at her go!!!!! OOHHH!!! OHMYGOSH! What is happening?? Let's do another one, let's do another one! This is so cool! Oh we can have a really long one,

Woaaahhh What is happening?!? Omg!! WOW! This is the weirdest cotton candy I have ever seen, this looks like a unicorn, tail It DOES!! It does!!! Like a mane I want more (ANNNNDDD The cotton candy has taken over Ro lol) This actually smells OK!! OHHH!! OHNONONONONO!!! OH! oh, she got a little burnt

Oh no Okay We need one more color at the end More!? It's a unicorn! Ohh!! You have gone too far well, that's actually really pretty Okay, let's try that one again one, two, three go go go whoa whoa whoa whoa Wow Here we go Whoa make this magical cotton candy tail and I've got Here's another one

Here's another one Be a tail be a tail Okay, here we go Okay Oh Geez, oh, geez You got a Joey

You got it Oh, Gosh what is happening? You can stick that on the horse like a little bit any pony and I would believe it It's gorgeous, I love this but you want to try the candies Oh Yes, absolutely I do Okay, so we are not gonna be using traditional sugar anymore

We are gonna be using Candy, and I've read that this works We put this Canyon do you think it will taste like skittles? One can only hope okay Let's put the skittles in Well to where they go, oh your goes oh my gosh, oh I wasn't ready Oh help me Oh help me Wow That was so wet

Thought I was going to go over to melt That's pretty Oh wait I wonder if we worked it Oh my god feels like skin Should we try a little It tastes just like a skittle

All right, I'm gonna just do the green this time and see if we can get green cotton candy Ready I'm already late ready ready ready Ready Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Whoa Brewery Candy, look at how gorgeous that is I Feel like we need to kind of do a rainbow like what if we were to do yellow next and then orange? Yes, like what if we started with the red skittles? Okay, then orange yellow green blue purple Yes, we're reading of a unicorn tail Now I need a rainbow ha ha ha

Okay starting with red Hey Whoa, oh my god, here comes give it like this Yeah, I guess let's try that and maybe if I like go like this I'll it'll keep it there Just keep twisting I think we new switch to me maybe doing the twisting Yeah Whoa, I have to switch I could try Oh Here we go, Derek whoa, whoa, whoa Okay

Thanks Why wasn't happening what? Oh, no, it's on your hand Boom, oh, it smells so good orange one It smells really good It was so fresh No, look like cobwebs yellow promise Tell me what's happening Okay, it was all all the yellow lemonade lemony snicket Later it'll be a little what are we gonna miss shower and that's gonna be in candy Oh No

Okay ready? Set go All right Yes build the rainbow Okay, okay Oh It's so pretty It is so pretty I can't believe this is happening So we have the blue and now our final one is the purple Oh Yes, so pretty I'm really proud of you to see all the layers

It's like a pastel cloud what can actually do now Oh, I really would try Jolly Ranchers high school make favouring handy was watermelon Jolly Ranchers But apples one clue second was yours diva top always first Apple then blue raspberry watermelon You know how it also it's really soft it's very like thick and like cockney Looks like a cotton wool if you do this look good That is so sweet And sour that's good Yeah In the chocolate Yeah, there's like Chocolate hard candies, there's war thirds and then there's mints and we're just bin and ready to sing Oh No

Oh wow machine It's making a deep noise I'm nervous Oh that does not smell good Oh Oh That's a stinky one Little turn Yes, we just look like a really weird turn Joey I'm so sorry No, we cannot end on this candy We have to do another candy because we can't end on this

This is terrible I need an after-dinner mint after that Well Terrible I have some of the Jolly Rancher one Yeah, I need a little bit Shall we do peppermint? Oh, yes peppermint What color do you think this is gonna be just white or like a light probably like a light pink I think it will blend and be pink I think so Oh Like a Christmas cotton candy Okay, here we go Here we go

Weird texture Yeah It's a little hairier It's so good that's a minty freshness Okay So we've done all the candy I say we now try and make a giant one, but instead of one of these what's yours? Okay, let's do it okay fire it up turn it on Oh-oh-oh-oh start spinning, Joey Joey there there It's going it's going whoa, whoa, whoa There we go, all right, it's caught yet

It's got yeah, here we go I can't believe this is working It was like an arm workout Oh my gosh Yeah, Mike come over Let's plan Andy and Dancing Oh, it's working maybe we just need more Okay, maybe too much gosh no, no no, this is good save oblem save a bone okay, we can save this here I'm gonna go I'm gonna go stick my hand in the sink

Okay? Okay, I'm back with the wedding hand Joey We are ready for this Okay, I read something feel this He's not feel good on the inside Oh, does it feel weird I feel so sticky and gross you look like a really cool like cartoon, okay Good like cotton candy for a hands like my special power Candy Man can I do human now Okay, I'd like a pink one Okay pink win, okay I know let me get my hand wet like you did

Okay Okay, this will help this will help it stick We went to stick Ted Okay, my hands are really wet it may be too too much but that's okay Okay, we are ready running ready There you go How'd you do this? Oh my god, just like that Oh Catch it catch it You need more how did I get so big it's amazing so we're gonna give you some orange okay We've done it well If you've ever wanted to have cotton candy for hands Now, you know what? It looks like I think overall my favorite is definitely There's a rainbow one It's a little melty, but look at how cool that Joey My favorite is a unicorn tail a little deflated, but she's gorgeous Wow, you can see this a little tail of a unicorn Fabulous High five! Now we have to eat our way out, oh, do you want to have a cotton candy eating contest? Yes, okay Oh I saw a video about this So I already know how to do this

Okay ready? Mm-hmm All right, three two one Oh Right that does it for this video a big thank you to my friend jelly joint Thank you for playing this was so much fun I love this We either do another one with different types of things Oh, yes, if you guys want to see another video like this, let me know down below What kind of cotton candy you want us to meet like out of what? Candido and joey when can they watch escape the night season through well, it comes out June 21st It'll just be on my channel Um, and it comes out every single Wednesday and you guys are gonna see it beside your row in the trailer if you see her Crying who's if you want to know why she's funny See and those were real tears

Yeah, Dom If you guys enjoyed this video give it up on the Bob Thanks you guys and also don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to receive notifications every time I make a new video All right like a bomb and if you'd like to watch any other fun videos, you can click up here are right up here

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