Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to another nerdy nummies today, we have a very special guest it's Justine Hi

I'm so excited you're here! I had to invite a resident expert when I heard what you were doing I was like basically Inviting myself over and like checking your calendar I'm like okay She's filming today I'll be there I'll have all of my things I brought my own I brought my Nintendo switch

Okay so show me all your gadgets because I got a lot of requests from you guys to make something in honor of Super Mario Odyssey so that is exactly what we're gonna be doing today, so what did you bring over here? So I brought this romário Odyssey themed amiibo We have Bowser in his beautiful little wedding attire very handsome We've got peach in her beautiful wedding dress Beautiful we've got Mario who's you know always trying to get peach? He's looking very suave He's got his little top hat on Yeah, but like who's marrying peach is the question no spoilers So they're gonna watch us bake, and what are we making today? Okay, so today

We're gonna be making Mario's hat because it's super iconic in this new game Yeah, his name is Cappy and basically you can throw the hat, and you can become almost anything in the game So we cuz Mario's hat is such a big part of the new game We are gonna be making a cake to look like Mario's hat oh Are you maybe yes, okay? Oh you're a spell I'm already so my gosh Let's get started the recipe is very fitting for today today We are reading a red velvet recipe

Alright, so the things you'll need will be 1 cup of sugar 2 eggs 1 cup of flour 1/2 a cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of milk 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of red gel coloring 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract quarter teaspoon of baking soda quarter teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder And a quarter cup of butter at room temperature, and now let's put it all together Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh, yeah First step to making our red velvet cake is mixing together our dry ingredients in a large bowl mix in your flour cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda well ficient We are super efficient Uh-oh that's not so good Well you got my favorite Bowl Until well combined mix it up mix it up now We're gonna mix together our milk and sour cream we want our dairies together, so this is it a smaller Bowl alright Justine you scooped in the sour cream, okay? I don't think I told you this but my mom has really been getting into Spanish soap operas Yeah, what does that have to do the sour cream? Probably nothing you know sometimes when we hang out I just get thoughts our next step is we're gonna cream together the butter and the sugar and it only works with a spatula Bhairo so you cannot scoop with any other spatula yes because me works if you have a nerdy nummies spatula Sorry I blew a link down below to where you can find one then using an electric mixer mix together for about two to three Minutes on a medium speed you want your make sure to get light and fluffy y'all just go under here Oh, no me

I should come back Yeah, I think So after a few minutes of mixing this is what it should look like They are nice and fluffy now looks like snow It does kind of look like snow That's your good reference next add your eggs one at a time mixing in between each addition Then we're gonna pour in Extract here we go Hello friend, so we've got our wet ingredients from butter mixture Yeah, and our dry ingredients that's right now We're going to combine them Oh wow now What do we do well let me tell you girl add a third of the dry mix it up half the wet mix it up Second third of the dry mix it up Second half of the wet mix it up feels on my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard like I get it but like at the same time a Bunch of boys in their yard and the last of the dry and mixed in it So this is looking really chocolaty like I actually forgot

We're making your red velvet cake yeah We've got to make this cake red so it's almost ready We've just gotta add a little bit of red color, so I'm gonna scoop it in Well now it's red velvet Oh my gosh yeah, this is cool Our red velvet cake batter is complete and now we have to put it into the pan That's right And we've got two pans to make on Mario hat cake in front of Justine this one is an eight inch Round cake and we've sprayed it We've greased it and put a piece of parchment paper at the bottom So it's really easy to pop out and then in front of me This is the second pan that we're gonna be using this one is from my baking line But it's basically like half a ball cake This is the tricky part We've got a eyeballing okay two-thirds of the batter Go in here one-third of the batter Over there I think it's like We'd be like There and then we'll bring this pan over teamwork teamwork this you're doing a great job Look at this player one player to me all cakes We got our cake batter in the pans and now they're ready to bake mm-hmm Yeah, your oven to 350 degrees and we're gonna bake this fear pan for 55 minutes in this pan This one's only for 25 Yeah, 25 minutes our cakes have baked and they are all cooled off now So now what do we do now this is it tada? You just stack your cake like so and just even put this on your head And there it doesn't it look like it looks like a little Mario hack It's perfect after they've baked

We've got to shape it and Assemble it to shape it I've cut the shape into some cake board I'll be making a template and put a link down below So if you want to download it and use it to trace and cut out the same shape you can so you're gonna place it On top of the cake just cut around the side my goodness Okay, you got this like this goes straight up and down go, dupa, dupa, dupa This is like racing Oh jeez now a star won't stay up Okay I caught it you got it Yeah, okay, then I'm gonna give this to you Okay, place it on top of a turntable now the turntable is totally optional It just makes icing a little easier pipe a little outline, okay And then fill it in and I'll use a spatula to smooth it over then place the second cake on top Justine Will you do the honors place it towards the okay back to the cake all the way to the back? Yeah, all the way the back

I'm about to drop it like it's hot okay drop it drop it drop it well It's starting to finally look like a hat, so now we're gonna add just a thin layer pump coat amazing yeah Yeah, just pipe a thin layer all the way around the cake and remember it doesn't need to look perfect Okay Because we are gonna cover the cake with London pop the cake in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill and while it's chilling We're gonna make some fondant decoration Specifically the M on Mario's hat cuz we need it to be very icon I need to look like this hat over here I made the M logo into a template in Photoshop And I'll put a link down below if you want to download that you want to cut out the M I did this by using an exacto knife, so just be really careful first roll out our white fondant In front of us we have a piece of wax paper that I've taped down, so it won't stick to the surface all right I'm gonna give you a little exacto knife – be careful Don't get your fingers and just cut around The oval now let's cut out our M And we want to do this using the red – fondant place the template on the top and again using a small exacto knife cut out the M Looking good All right I'm gonna peel this up

Be really careful Do they do they do it Yes, so we've got our two pieces and now we're gonna pick up the end and put it on top of the white is Yes Now we're gonna Let it sit for about ten minutes to harden while we put some fondant over our cake oh boy We took our cake out of the fridge, and it is a nice and chilled mm-hmm We got fondant right here Yeah, and it's on top of this really fancy Have a very large fondant mat to roll it out, so it won't stick That is a pinata stick Rolling it

I mean this is insane You ready Yeah, okay, you grab and I'll grab okay Okay? Oh? Oh, oh, sorry wait which way are we going which way so handle me off Okay go and then back back Yeah, yeah front and then back Me too this has been a workout

Are you ready for this? Yes, now Let's put it on top of the cake This is gonna be a little tricky I'm using the rolling pin I'm gonna kind of like roll gently roll the fondant onto the rolling pin And then Justine can you bring the cake towards me and I'm gonna lift it ready one two three here We go up up up, and they can't kind of catch it on that side cuz I can't really see over there What a good idea There we go there we go Yeah, just let it fall once you place it over the cake We're just gonna gently pull like this and press Against the cake and look I'm gonna like might do this like do it double like Oh poop Look at that whoa Is that Mario happy made then Justine you want to gently press in the back just use your hand and just press it against the cake trust first press press press Justine I'm gonna let you do this, but just at the bottom of the cake at the base just cut Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo all the way around for sure, okay, okay? I'm too nervous because I don't want to make you nervous time, and then you can peel it off So you do the first peel, and we'll see what we're working with Wow, it looks so good our final Step is adding on the Mario logo to the Hat mm-hmm then just team just put a little bit of royal icing Right in the middle where we want to add it and it's gonna act as an adhesive Yeah, I'm gonna put it on this one Tim you should put on this science Yeah, and then we place it in the center tada Here is Memorial hat cake that we made today using a delicious a red velvet cake Recipe and this was all in honor of Super Mario Odyssey Justine you are amazing

Thanks for helping me bake today I am so much fun I'm gonna be putting her links down below if you guys are new to this channel Go check out her channel subscribe show her some love She's the best and I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting the recipe on RosannaPansinocom Instagram Facebook and Twitter So you can check it out there, and if you guys make this cake please take a picture and send it to me I love seeing your baking creations It just makes me happy It makes my day Justine I just got an idea what okay, right for this ready

Okay? You see it right there Don't know okay, stand right there Don't move okay I just got a hat I just got this idea so if I'm the hat I'm in the game I'm wearing I'm wearing the hat, and then I take it off and I'm like oh my gosh I'm gonna become Justine oh My gosh

I'm Justine now Oh, yeah, how it works Thanks again You guys bye-bye!

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  1. Does anyone have the template for the Mario Hat Cake? When I click the link on the website the Spiderman Eyes template pops up instead 🙁

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