Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro, welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a Ro: special guest, Schmidt! Schmidt: Hello! It’s weird being on this side Ro: Yeah, OK, so, Schmidt is our director of photography, so he usually Ro: films the show, he’s really good with the camera, and making movies Ro: and films, and I had to bring him over here today, because of this

Schmidt: Sexy mustache! Ro: Sexy mustache! Today we are gonna be making Ro: Mustache Candies It’s gonna be peanut butter filled chocolate Ro: Mustache Pops Schmidt: Oh man, you know me too well Schmidt: Reese’s are my favorite candy Just, anything with peanut butter Schmidt: inside is right down my alley

Ro: So this is a perfect episode for him, om-nom-nom-nom-nom! Ro: We are also on the new set, it’s kind of still in the works, so things Ro: will be a little bit changing But, check out this chalkboard art Ro: that we made! I might have to hire somebody to do some art, but, Ro: other than that, we’re doing good Are you ready? Schmidt: Yeah Ro: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: Mustache candy trays, I found these Ro: at Michaels craft store, but you can also order them online, I’ll put Ro: a link down below So you can get them if you’d like

Ro: Lollipop candy sticks, small paintbrushes and… Schmidt: You'll need 2 plastic squeeze-y bottles Ro: Yeah! Schmidt: 1 filled with creamy peanut Schmidt: butter and the other filled with melting chocolates Schmidt: We got black And some toothpicks! Ro: That’s everything you’ll need, so lets put it all together! Ro: The first thing we’re gonna do is microwave your chocolate melts, or Ro: you can heat them up on the stove, I put them in this plastic squeeze Ro: bottle, and we’re gonna fill a little bit in the tray, you’re not gonna Ro: fill it up all the way, just a little bit And then you’re gonna take Ro: your little paintbrush and paint up the sides

Ro: The reason we’re doing this is because it makes a bowl, and then Ro: we fill it in with peanut butter and then we top it off with chocolate Ro: So once I’ve painted the sides with chocolate all the way around, Ro: like so, You’ll see that there might be areas where it’s a little bit too Ro: thin To double check you can hold it up to the light, eeee! Ro: And you’ll see yeah, there’s little holes there, so we’ll just add Ro: a little bit more chocolate before we put the peanut butter in Schmidt: You’ve got a lot of holes in yours… Ro: I know, yours… His is really good, Ro: mines really bad! Ro: We finished, they look so good! Schmidt did an awesome job, there’s no Ro: holes Now you’re gonna stick these in the freezer for about 10 minutes Ro: and let them chill

Ro: While those are chilling in the freezer, I mustache Schmidt a question Schmidt: What’s that? Ro: Have you ever done a mustache photo shoot? Schmidt: No Ro: Let’s do it! Ro: Wow! Schmidt: Whew, alright, what, what’s next? Ro: Well, we’re gonna take the candies out of the freezer, they’ve chilled by Ro: then, and we’re gonna add peanut butter Remember you want room Ro: temperature, creamy peanut butter I just spooned it into this squeeze Ro: bottle, and now you’re gonna fill, kind of the bowl of chocolate that Ro: we’ve created, the bed, with peanut butter

I’m putting a lot of peanut Ro: butter in here for Schmidt because he loves peanut butter Ro: And then you’re gonna take a little paintbrush again, and kinda Ro: spread it around, try to uh, spread it flat If you don’t have a Ro: paintbrush, you can use a knife, but they’re just so big and these are, Ro: smaller molds, so just be really careful if you do that! Ro: When you’re putting in the peanut butter, don’t fill it all the way to Ro: the top because we’re gonna put in 1 last layer of chocolate Ro: So leave a little bit of space! Little bit of space Ro: Now that we’ve got all the peanut butter in the trays, we are going to Ro: Add our lollipop sticks

Take your little stick, put it right in there Schmidt: Once your lollipop sticks are in we’re just gonna fill up the rest Schmidt: of the tray with chocolate Ro: Yum-yum-yum! Schmidt: Mmmhmm! Ro: And you can use your little paintbrush to spread it out even if you want, Ro: just like we did in the beginning Ro: Once these are all put together, you have your chocolate, peanut Ro: butter and then chocolate, then they’re all done We’re gonna put them Ro: back in the freezer for 10 minutes to let them chill

And then we’re gonna… Ro: Eat them! Schmidt: Ready to eat! Schmidt: Peanut butter! Ro: Peanut butter! Both: Peanut butter chocolate time Schmidt: Peanut butter chocolate time! Ro: Where he at? Where he at? Schmidt: Peanut butter chocolate time! Ro: Where he goes? Where he goes? Schmidt: Peanut butter chocolate time! Schmidt: Alright, we just took our mustache pops out of the freezer, Schmidt: for 10 minutes, and then we’re just gonna flip ‘em over and drop Schmidt: ‘em out Ro: Ta-da! We finished all of our Peanut Butter Ro: Filled Chocolate Mustache Pops! Ro: Take a gander at the mustache bouquet down here, it’s so funny! Ro: Oh! Look at these different styles Schmidt: A-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Ro: Thank you Schmidt for making these with me today Schmidt: Well I might eat 1 now, but I’ll save the rest for later! Both: A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: We’d love to stay and chat but we really… Mustache! Both: A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: If you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let Ro: me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make them Ro: happen! OK, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Ro: A-ber-ber-ber-ber! Schmidt: Mmm-hmmm! Schmidt: A-frmph-frmph-frmph! Ro: A-wah-wah-wah!

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