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Hey guys, it's a Ro! Today, we are filming a Closet Tour!! I am super excited, because I have never filmed one of these before I got so many requests from you all to make this video So that is exactly what we're doing today And if you are new to my channel, welcome! I am a foodie, who also loves fashion

I can't help it I just love, what I love! If you would like to show some support, hit subscribe, and click the bell So that you get notifications when I post a new video NOW Let's get started! Welcome to my closet!! In general My closet is extremely organized because I'm super busy

I have a very busy lifestyle I'm always traveling, or going to meetings, or filming It just helps me find things faster when I'm in a hurry, and my personal style is a mix of sporty casual for when I'm working out, and running errands and really girly and glam I love getting dressed up I love dresses and skirts So this entire closet is a mix of those two vibes Let's start on this side of the closet and then work our way all the way around Right here is some shoe👟 storage These are my casual shoes There's Uggs and Tennis shoes, slip-on's Sandals, the casual shoes that I grab every day when I'm on the go

My shoe size is super rare It is a women size 4 and if you have petite feet you know that there is a crossover between women's sizes and kid sizes A petite women size 4 is also a kids two and a half so there's like this gray zone So throughout my closet and all of these shoes are a mix between a Women size 4 and a kids 2 1/2 For example, these little sneakers these are Vans This is a kid size I actually made these in a DIY video I hand-painted all these cute little sprinkles on there But this is a kid size two and a half

And then this sandal I got at Nordstrom This is a woman size, by Halogen and this is a woman size four, and as you can see look at this same size My go-to Slip-on sneakers are these ones It's a brand called Ash and they're super cute I love them I have them in black and in silver and also 🙂 They're High-Top!!!! How adorable is this I love these I wear them all the time These booties get a lot of use as you can see They're very worn These are my favorite these ones are by Franco Sarto and Thank you for making a woman size 4 Franco

I don't even know if you're a real person Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a woman size 4 I wear these all the time and I absolutely love them These ones are a little bit lower ankle boot and these are also by Franco These booties are really cool because they're Airy It has a bunch of holes in it It's like a ventilation bootie These are awesome because I live in California It's really warm here So if I want to wear a bootie But I don't want my feet to get too hot you can wear these It's by Vince Camuto I love them

These cute slip ons are by Bjorn and these ones there by Corky's and I love them They're just a tan, beautiful solid sandal that you can pair with anything I usually pair it with this little purse right here or anything this color It's just a solid go to basic sandal I love a lot of the shoes that I own are Really hard to find because a lot of the stores don't even carry my size Let me know I would love to know if you guys know any where to find Petite shoe sizes So let me know in the comments below if there's any stores that I don't know about That you found are really helpful And if you are a petite like me You may really enjoy this closet tour because we are gonna talk about brands that work for us There aren't that many of them so I think that this will be really cool to just Connect to catch up about petite clothing and brands where we can find them who makes them Before we get into clothes I have these two shelves for purses

I don't own very many purses I think I own for this purse is by Kate Spade It is Minnie Mouse themed I live in California and I love going to Disneyland and every time I go I Bring I really like it because it's little it's small So if I'm going out for the day, it's not heavy and it has a crossbody strap So I'm hands-free and I can just go have a lot of fun at Disneyland all day Over here I have two identical purses by Rebecca Minkoff I love them because they are so high-quality They have lasted me for years I don't even know how many years I have owned these

I just know it's been a very long time They're both the mini quilted affair crossbody purses in both a gray color and This brown My last purse is the fanciest thing that I own in this entire closet, in my whole wardrobe This is a classic Chanel purse and I got it because I really wanted to have a piece in my wardrobe that would withstand time something iconic Something classic that would go with everything and this is it On the shelf above is my on set bag this is the bag that I bring to sets whether I'm shooting a Food video or I'm shooting a scripted series or a music video I always like to bring my own set bag They really do take care of you on sets There's crafty, there's catering, but I like to bring up my own personal things so that I know that I have This snacks that I like and for me, my problem is I always get cold, even if they have heaters or anything I like to bring you know stuff from home This one is by L&S (Lo and Son's) it's their Catalina Bag They also have like a weekend bag

This one's a little bit smaller I really like it because it has a separate compartment on the bottom for your shoes And then on the top it also has inner pockets a little storage so you can bring snacks Comfy shoes for when you're done on set and you want to put your comfy stuff all on stuff to keep warm There's some built-in drawers underneath the purses These are just my underwear, my bras My socks very exciting, my workout gear and then the bottom drawer are swimsuits I have a bunch of different swimsuits that I've accumulated over the years some are from Target Some are from Victoria's Secret Anthropology and a little bit ago I posted a picture of this Mermaid swimsuit I was outside swimming in the pool I got A LOT of questions about this one I posted a picture in this on my Instagram and this one I found at Margarita Mermaids They have a bunch of really cute swimsuits not just this one, but they have like two pieces They have all sorts of stuff

NOW ONTO CLOTHES!! Organize the clothes in my closet by type and color over here I have the sweaters and then organized them by color, so that they're really easy to grab and go up here I have vests, cardigans and Jackets, and just a side note this fuzzy little vest here and this furry little vest here This is fake fur This is not real fur It's faux fur And again, all of my clothes are a mix of adult and kid sizes for example: this cute oh my one of my favorite hoodies this adorable like galaxy, it's a sweater dress is from Black Milk Online and then This little heart hoodie is from Kids Zara This wall is first skirts and dresses I own a lot of skirts So I like to keep them all together so I know what I'm working with This is one of my favorite casual summertime skirts, and I found this one at Forever 21 This skirt So cute

You may recognize it from the picture's of the photoshoot on the Ro Baking Line I have a little crop top and this fun skirt on it's so girly I love the confetti design It has rainbow metallic confetti, and it kind of looked like sprinkles This one's from Stella McCartney But get this it's a kids size If you're a shorty like me Express is a great brand Thank You Express They put out a petite's line recently and I ordered this online It is amazing It's a double zero petite and it fits to a T

I love you Express petites Look at these little frills So cute and this one Oh my gosh this are you kidding Look How fun

This is I found this skirt at Nordstrom It is Kate Spade It's a kid size and it is so cute It is red leopard and I wear these with little knee-high like black boots and like a little black turtleneck I love it Above the skirts are all my dresses

You may recognize some of them from pictures on Instagram for example this one now that the cute bee's all Over it and mesh is the dress that I wear to the red carpet premiere of Jumanji It is from ASOS Petite's ASOS is another brand that has a petite section and their sizes fit me So well this romper is the outfit I wore when I was presenting on stage at YouTube with swoozie Every dress has a memory attached to it So every time that I see them I've just I reminded of all these wonderful memories For example, I wore this beautiful flower dress to the red carpet premiere of Angry Birds Now you guys may not be foodies But if you are I actually got the opportunity to fly to France and live and cook in Julia Child's former Cottage and I actually got to bake recipes from her French cookbook in her kitchen and this is the dress that I wore in that video So I'm gonna put a link down below to that video of when I was in France living and baking in her actual Kitchen, every time I see this I just light up This is the dress I wore for my first magazine cover it was on the cover of AD Week with Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota and I got this dress at H&M oh my god Okay, one more one more one more one more

Okay last dress I promise I wore this one to the red-carpet premiere of Star Wars the last Jedi and again it is from ASOS, and it's HOLO!! IT'S HOLO and IT'S Sequins!! and look at this Bling Bling Bling Bling UTTER HAPPINESS Love! Okay, let's do a cool slide Ready? Slide with me over here Underneath the window is a built-in dresser and on top of the dresser I keep my perfume and jewelry In general the perfumes that I like are very light and fresh I love the smell of fresh flowers like Gardenia or Jasmine, speaking of Gardenia the one by Tocca I found this at Sephora smells like fresh Gardenia I really like this fragrance I also really loved Kai I originally found this fragrance when I was in Hawaii

I was vacationing with my family I smelled it I fell in love and now I've always got to have it I also really like Dior And Classic Chanel No5 Hmm I also have these little roll on and spray

These are for when I travel Just a little travel size perfume So you can roll it on and go easy to throw in your bag and take with you This one is Daisy by Marc Jacobs And this one is Clinique happy in bloom and this one is really neat Probably my favorite travel one because look at this You just twist the lid It's by Kate Spade Ooh And it pops up so you go spray spray and then you twist down I found this jewelry box online At Pottery Barn it used to hold all of my jewelry My jewelry collection has grown over the years right now it host's a lot of my watches and bracelets Has a bunch of drawers you can just pull out there's a bunch of bracelets inside Oh what's this? A Crystal Wolf bracelet by my friend Joey Graceffa

GETTING JOEY DAT PROMO DOE I Love it In addition to the drawers it also has winged sides for hanging jewelry Like this opens up the winged sides are magnetic So it stays closed and I keep some of my shorter chained necklaces inside here It has these little hooks that you can hang them on So some of my necklaces are in here and the rest of them are on this stand This stand has a bunch of necklaces This back row is the tallest So I try to keep the longer hanging necklaces on the back These ones are my thinner ones the more delicate This one was a gift from Liza Thank You Liza

It's the key necklace So cool This one is from my friend Joey, again from Crystal Wolf I love this one I wear it all the time, this one I found in Hawaii and I love it just has a bunch of different Stones and leaves These are my shorter choker necklaces I found this Adorable velvet bow choker necklace from Nasty Gal it is one of my classics I have worn it so many times I love it

Then most of these chunkier bling necklaces that I like to wear for a little pop of color are from J Crew I keep all my earrings on these two earring organizers I am currently looking for a different earring organization solution because I have a bunch of little studs and Dangly earrings and they don't all fit onto one of these I hang all the larger ones on this one back here We've got poof balls and hoops and cute little hearts But on this one I keep most my little studs Here is my ring organizer I keep all of the rings that I wear in here and My quirky rings are over here I currently have two favorite one Is this little Easter Bunny

It's so cute and It's a French Bulldog RO'S GONE CUTATONIC It looks just like my dog Cookie I love this ring These four drawers are filled with headbands sunglasses, random T-shirts Jeans and more jeans Speaking of jeans Let's talk pants I am again in that crossover size between adult sizes and kid sizes So in adults, I wear a triple zero and in kids, I wear a kids size 10 to 11

For kid sizes I really like the Brand Mango They make a bunch of styles that are very basic So they don't look like little kiddish and what I mean by that is some things in my size have like Dora the Explorer printed all over them and big happy faces, which I love Dora the Explorer she is amazing But I'm not really sure that I want to like rock that on a date night or when I'm out with my girlfriends So I really appreciate that They keep some simple styles that are really affordable I have these Mango pants in black, white, and denim just some classic go to Pants colors for adult sizes a few different brands work for me one is Aeropostale You know when you go to the store and they have jeans that are regular and then tall and then short Aeropostale Has short jeans and WHAT!?? They come in Triple zero Yes Another great store for petite jeans Topshop they have a petite section They made these jeans

They're really high quality They're more expensive than the kid jeans, but they are worth it They last forever another great place to look for petite bottoms in terms of shorts are Zara So not they're women's section, not their kids section They have this in-between category called TRF I don't know Maybe it's like their teen Section I'm not quite sure but they're I have found a bunch of pieces that work for me This is a Euro 32 and a u

s Double zero and these high-waisted denim shorts fit really really well Alright, that's it for bottoms Let's go over here this corner of the closet is a combination of T-shirts, long sleeve, tank tops And I've organized them by color to make things easier to find except for this little area right here This hanger is for my dog Cookie These are all her little bows and collars and matching leashes I know this is #ROdiculous I know she's got a watermelon bow and matching leash, a baby pink bow a Sprinkle bow This is her holiday bow She wears this for Christmas time her red bow This is another sprinkle bow, but it's a little smaller I wanted to give her options whatever she wants to wear let's be real I'm just getting started

She may need her own closet I've been eyeing so many different style bows Something a little unique about my closet is I have an apron for every occasion My mom actually made all of these custom she is so sweet So as a baker I have many options We've got a little 8-bit heart I've got sprinkle aprons lemons on lemons on lemons, circuit board, have a Minecraft print, Tetris vibes and Math This wall has more built-in drawers, which is home to my PJs My pajamas This is pajama drawer, pajamas drawer, pajamas drawer, and these two bottom drawers are Cookie

These are her drawers her wardrobe is growing Let's check em out A Little hoodie from American Apparel She has little sweaters and dresses for every occasion something for Halloween Christmas, this one's so cute It's a little sweater and it says "poop happens," Because she's my little stinker She has a Princess Leia hoodie, a gingerbread sweater This is a little football sweater She also has a winter coat and little booties I also like to keep her new toys in here that she doesn't know about This is the secret drawer and then whenever I bring a new one out She's so excited and so happy

So the new toys that she hasn't seen yet Ooh Spoiler Cookie don't watch this video It say's "donut disturb," it's a little coffee and it has little Donuts that go inside and you stuff them in there and then she's got to try to dig them out So this will keep her busy for hours I found these that healthy spot I can't wait to give these to her It's some fries and they come out and they're kind of crinkly She always loves that noise

So I know she's gonna love thing It's look at a little fries come out There's a lower drawer is full of all of her costumes She has a hot dog costume This is actually made for toddlers, but she wears a toddler size 2 So sometimes when I'm at the store and I find a really cute outfit and it's for a baby It will also fit Cookie There's also a banana split little fun day Sundae and one of my favorite's her Wookie vest this fits her perfectly and whenever she's wearing it I call her Cookie the Wookie This shelf has hats my big Sun Hat and regular baseball caps Scarves and up there I keep things my winter clothes that I don't use that often and less wear in the winter season like winter Jackets or heavy winter sweaters now

We're in the final corner of the closet We are saving the best for last because it's ALL!! my heels Oh, I found these really cute shoe storage containers from The Container Store They had them in different colors They have them in this light cream and that was already the color of this closet when I moved into the home So I just got those and then I took a picture of the shoes And stuck it on the front of the box so that I would remember which shoe is in which box I love Jimmy Choo They make a size four and I have every color We've got silver Jimmy Choos, gold and black Another brand that I really love and I'm so happy this company exists They're called Shoes of Prey Kind of like birds of prey with they're shoes of prey You can customize shoes for many different sizes including very small petite feet So a lot of these are custom orders from their website This silver one is a custom order from Shoes of Prey This golden black is Shoes of Prey Golden white, this beautiful pink nude and over here Suede with bows

There are also some random brand's here who carried size 4 shoes for a second But that second it was available I was like "Hello! And you can come with me," For example, I don't think Jessica Simpson makes a size 4 anymore, but this is a size 4 I scooped it up in two different colors It's a really sleek pointed heel I love it This one's leopard print and the other one over here Look at this sexy nude Jessica Simpson, even if you don't make a size 4 anymore I just want to let you know that I loved your size fours, and I scooped them up I love them more than anything up here I've got some really cute custom food shoes from the Shoe Bakery These ones look like little gingerbread

It has like little gumdrops and icing all the way around it I love how creative this company is and as a baker, I just love all of the different like foodie options I wear both of these on tour when I was touring around the country and meeting you guys This is so fun We've got a little ice cream and a cake above the shoes I have my little sewing kit and last but certainly not least is where I hang my longer Dresses This blue one is more formal it's one that I wore at the Red-Carpet premiere of WarCraft And these ones are more casual summer dresses, I love to wear them to the beach or vacation underneath are Thigh-high or over the knee boots They're the taller boots They fit perfectly under there

Then tucked underneath here are two boots that hit me right underneath the knee There's a brown one and the black one Alright, that is everything in my closet I hope you guys enjoyed the tour If you like this video give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell so that you get Notifications when I make new videos (Hi from the captioins! 😉 And if you have any ideas of any other Home Tour Videos that you'd like to see please let me know Leave me a comment down below You can also watch some other videos here Or Here

All right you guys Thanks for watching Bye, Bye! (Byyyeee)

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