My FAVORITE Vegan Snacks

Hey guys, it's Ro, I got many questions from you guys about what snacks I eat during the week, so I went in my pantry, I've looked around and I realized that a lot of the snacks that I eat are vegan I myself am NOT vegan But I always have a ton of people coming over to the house, lots of friends and family and a lot of them are vegan and as you know my sister, she can't have dairy, so we're always looking for yummy snacks and I realized you guys, I eat a lot of vegan snacks so I thought it would be fun to make a video and share my absolute favorites because I am very picky when it comes to taste, and texture, and these are my favorite that I have accumulated over the years

So let's jump into it, my first favorite vegan snack is Justin's classic almond butter I honestly can't remember when I started using almond butter It's been a few years, but I absolutely love it Here's the label on the back It's a gluten free, vegan, and the U means it's also kosher

There are only two ingredients; dry roasted almonds and palm oil I like to put almond butter on a bunch of different things, fresh fruit for one; I like to cut up apple slices, dip them in the almond butter, or it goes really good with fresh bananas Banana and almond butter or PB and J's! You can spread some on toast and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I also like to keep these stocked in the house, it's the same almond butter, but they come in smaller individual travel size packs Let me open it up Look how easy it is you can just plop one of these in your purse when you're on the go and you can eat it with fresh food or a banana an apple wherever you are

Second snack are these gently dried organic apples by peeled snacks I'm really into texture So they have fully dehydrated apple chips that are really crunchy and crispy and like *crunch crunch crunch* But I love these because they're almost foamy they're a little softer, they're only like partially dehydrated and I love them Check out the ingredients you guys There's one ingredient: organic apples Yum yum yum yum! The bag is also resealable so you can open them up have a few snacks, and then snap them closed, and this is what they look like Mmm

And they're just a little foamy Mmm mmm mmm Next up in front of me, I have some sweet snacks starting with Gin Gins These are chewy ginger candies These have a very strong ginger flavor and they're chewy

These have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives They're gluten, free fat free, vegan and made with fresh ginger Next are some sweets by the company Wholesome They make a few sweets that I enjoy and this one is organic fruit chews They are organic, non-GMO, have no fructose corn syrup

No synthetic colors, vegan and are gluten free They are delicious! They are like my new starburst Then these ones are like my new swedish fish I love swedish fish candy, they are so good, but I tried these, the organic delish fish, and I fell in love They are organic non-GMO, have no fructose corn syrup No synthetic colors

They're naturally flavored, vegan, they're gluten free and fair trade certified I'm gonna actually, I'm gonna have one right now! As you can see, it's not a bright red, it is a naturally flavored red Made from raspberries! Wholesome also makes these vegan little fruity bears, and it's good to know that not all of the sweets that Wholesome makes are vegan, these are just the ones that are and they're really good And something really cool about these little bears in particular is that these snacks are made in a facility free of the top ten food allergens! Moving on to some more sweet snacks, next we have some cookies and truffles The cookies that I fell in love with are by Emmy's, they're Emmy's organics and these ones are coconut vanilla bean cookies and they are delicious

If you like coconut these are so simple and so yummy Then for my chocolate fix, I like these almond truffles by Living Raw These truffles are organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, Non-GMO, and they use Fairtrade cacao They are also delicious I am so picky about my sweets and truffles and these taste so good

They're still creamy, I can't even tell that there's no dairy in it and they love that they're covered with almonds, because it gives it a little bit of crunch The next food is sometimes something I like to have for dinner but sometimes as, a snack a little comfort snack! If you're feeling like a creamy pasta or Mac and cheese, but you're vegan I would highly recommend Trying Annie's homegrown organic, vegan shell pasta and creamy sauce It's so good, it's made with pumpkin and sweet potato, it does taste a little bit on the sweet side, but it's very slight But I have to warn you these must be very popular, because every time I go to the store Whole Foods, It's almost always sold out In fact the other day, I had to climb, like scale the shelves, it was on the top shelf and there's only one box left and I had to stretch so far my little *stretching noises

* And got it! On to the next snack, speaking of cheese We have vegan Cheez-its, basically, and these are so good They're by Earth Balance They are vegan, non-GMO and kosher Oh My Gosh, you guys

These I originally found at Starbucks I didn't know what they were, I was reading the label and I saw that they were Gluten-free, kosher, vegan and non-GMO, and I thought this is a snack that my sister and I can eat, let's give it a try They are organic chickpea puffs, called Hippeas They kind of look like little cheeto puffs The last snack that I wanted to share with you guys today is a little bit different, So I saved it for the end, because technically it does not have a sticker on the packaging saying that it's vegan, but all of the ingredients are vegan and a lot of my vegan friends eat these, and so I wanted a little bit more information, I went to their website, did some more research and they did confirm that these are indeed vegan But they are made on shared equipment that sometimes uses non-vegan ingredients, so that made a lot of sense

It's also good to note that the website said that the lightly salted snap pea crisps are made with vegan ingredients But their other flavors like wasabi, ranch or caesar, are made with dairy Alright that does it for all of my favorite vegan snacks, let me know in the comments below if you have any favorite vegan snacks that I should check out If you're interested in trying any of these snacks, for any of them that I can find links, I will put the links down below Alright you guys, I hope you enjoyed the video bye-bye!

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