MY FIRST VLOG IN 5 YEARS!!! (Epic Launch Party)

Hey guys, it's Ro welcome to my channel! Today's video is gonna be a little bit different It is going to be #RODICULUOS and it is gonna be a vlog I haven't Vlogged in a really long time So I'm super excited and it is because today I am running around the house setting it up for a launch party to celebrate The new Ro baking line! I am just so happy because some of these items have been in development for years and I mean years! like three years!!! (aww thank you Ro!) I put my heart and soul into them and now they were out in the world for people to check out and enjoy I made A video unboxing all of them for the first time

I'll put a link down below So if you missed that you can go check it out Also of you are new to the channel and would like to show some support clock subscribe and you ding the Bell to receive Notifications every time I post a new video The party is starting soon and I still need to set up a few things So let's go Behind me, I have the hedge wall which Molly and I put together in 70 We put a bunch of flowers in there I love pink peonies and roses So we just loaded them with a bunch of flowers and we got balloons to say sweet summer because this is a sweet summer But it sounds like sweets like dessert Since it's summer and it's hot out I decided to have a desert unicorn themed pool party because these are all the things that I love We're also gonna be having tacos Don't ask me why, it didn't really fit

I just love tacos This may be the biggest party I've ever had Let me show you around Come with me Check out this obstacle course It's so cool it's over here So we just got set up let's test it out before anyone gets here just to make sure it works You know, we got to test it out Cookie's gonna come to (come on Cookie) She's not really a competitive girl, you know, she doesn't really want to race it's not her thing You have to wiggle through here, you have to go under here and then under here And then you have to climb this it's like a rock climbing wall you go up and over And then you slide down this see I'm learning now I'm gonna have an advantage you want to go underneath not over it got it? Then we gotta go through these last spikes right here (pew pew yea) I'm into the end cookie

See I'm okay, it's fine That was SO fun! I got a bunch of pool floats, and I've got to bring them all to the pool I inflated them in here, I may have gone a little over the top Ridiculous, but I couldn't tell myself Look how cute these Unicorns are and this is the biggest rainbow floaty I have ever seen I think it's like 11 feet We've got a ton of desserts ice creams popsicle doughnut and that unicorns and rainbows This is a summer pool party Well, let's start with the big one first

Let's just tackle our problem That's how I like to tackle life Tackle the big problems first the little stuff figured out later (beep beep rainbow coming through) Okay, maybe should have opened the wall first We've stepped on a cloud cloud This floaty is also so cool because look at this There are drink holders They get a little cups Cookie loves it My dog cookie actually loves pool floaties She will sit on top of them and float around for hours She even likes to lay upside down with her belly out

She just likes to bathe in the Sun She's quite a sudden, baby So she is so excited She has never seen this many pool floaties in her life Yeah, alright, let's go get the rest 123 GO! Incredible we got all the floaties in there I'm gonna throw some balloons in there We are gonna have a blast and most of my friends have dogs So there are a variety of doggy life vests because safety first some dogs don't know how to swim, but they can still enjoy They can still float around or say why – I have them at different sizes and different colors because you know, me I'm rodiculous I'm making these cute little unicorn cupcakes and this kit is from my baking line and it's super easy They're so cute These are gonna be the little desserts

You just pipe a little swirl all the way around place two little ears some sprinkles And the last but not least a unicorn horn and they're also a candle there You have it easy peasy and adorable What up Guys- Its Rosanna Pansino- don't you know, and I'm here launching my new baking Again nice job girl Thanks dad for these awesome genetics cat-like reflexes We just made it through the obstacle corse and it is very hot, Jojo she won she won It's been a day And I am so happy and excited for them they launched a fashion line! Yeah, we got lots of pool floats like these over here and let's check it out anyhow, but to be real it is hot It's a wee bit hot today look a balloon just popped That's how hot it is today This is going if you don't have this beautiful Super hard worker I'm always inspired by ro And I just said that she's vlogging she's vlogging So it is official now Gavin is no longer a Slo-mo guy because he blew through this course faster than anyone I have ever seen you are now, officially Gavin I'm imaging my channel name tonight

Yes, my guy faster faster This is called rebranding I've learned about this Congratulations Gavin you thought you took me right there You were super legit super fast Girl's amazing She's dedicated her whole life to the inspiring and encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle body positivity Fitness on your own face and eyes Why is it working solo Go show her some love she is amazing Some cars from my first book I have to say hello to my girl does seem Like many many many years So Justine has so many who blogs a lot, you know all about this It's like something that like what's the tip that I should say the angle? We've already got the angle I give ya This is a great a thank you

I put a stick on it Yes I'm right nice I like that I mean I hear fun and be you and you're fun already I can't even tell you the dogs are like we're having them Like meet a party like they're all hanging out together running around and they're like catching up like oh hey Have you been doing? All right, kiddo? It's better than their best part is they've all been waiting like under the grill where they're making the tacos And just waiting for like little pieces of meat It was like the guys thing ever

They love tacos are like MMA treats for me Okay There's a lot riding on this because a strongman competition and So now we are going to go We need to cardio We were hanging out on the floaties in the pool, but have you done a half So of course and did I miss it the one we did do it together? Oh Although of you are new to the channel and would like to show some support Click subscribe and leaving the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video (g)

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