Hey guys, it’s Ro! I have an exciting announcement today! I just bought a new phone case! Doo-doo-doo! Look it’s a pineapple! I’m just kidding, that’s not the exciting news It is real news though, I did just get that phone case

But, the real news is… The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is here! Well it’s not here… Yet! It comes out in November But, you can pre-order it today to make sure that you get a copy You can go to NerdyNummiesCookbookcom and pre-order it there

There’s a bunch of different places to pre-order it In the future the site will also have cookbook tour information We don’t have those details yet, but it will be there in the future and I will be sure to update you guys so you know what cities I’ll be in, I’d love to come and meet you, I, that would make my day! I’ve been working on this book for months and months and months and I’m so excited to finally be able to announce it and share this moment with you guys On the show I always ask you guys for your suggestions, what things you would like to see and I’ve been getting requests for years for a Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to finally be able to make this a reality for you guys It’s because of you that I decided to do this projects and it’s finally here! It’s done! I can’t believe this! A Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is gonna be in a real book store! There’s over 400 photos in the book, and there’s a bunch of geeky chapters that are themed after subjects that were considered nerdy when I was growing up like, Math and Science or Space or Fantasy and Sci-Fi! I made sure to include some old classic favorite recipes from Nerdy Nummies the show, but 2/3 of the book is brand new, never been seen before exclusive Nerdy Nummies recipe, so I’m so excited for you guys to see them! And I even made sure that on the old classic favorite Nerdy Nummies recipes, that we revamped them! Because I learned some new baking techniques as time went on! Each project in the book has 6 step by step photos to accompany them so that it’s very easy to understand and easy to use

And some projects even have 12 step by step photos because I may have gone a little overboard! Also, I am gonna be at VidCon today, so if you see me running around, please come say hi to me! I love meeting new people, it’s so much fun! I think I’m doing a panel and a signing and… I probably should get going, I might actually be a little bit late! But, um, I love you guys so much, I hope that you love the book as much as I loved making it! And, for all new updates about the book and book tour dates, I’ll be making a new video and I’ll post the information on NerdyNummiesCookbookcom So again, go check it out to pre-order it there, and I’ll talk to you guys later! Bye-bye!

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