NEW Barbie Baker and Pizza Chef Playset Toy UNBOXING + Mini Pizza Recipe!

Hey, guys it's Ro i'm hanging out with my dog cookie and this video is a dream come true i've always wanted to work with barbie and today it is happening A big thank you to barbie for sponsoring and helping me create This, video they sent me both of these sets to unbox so that's what We're doing i'm gonna be making an unboxing video today i really love barbies motto you can Be anything it is such a wonderful message it's something that, my parents taught me growing up they encouraged, me to try, new Things and let me know all the time that i could be anything that i wanted i'm really excited that barbie is sending that same Positive message she has over 200 careers now, which include astronaut pretty cool Pilot doctor they have a barbie chef, which i love as a foodie and these are the two new careers We have specialty food careers, which is something i really really loved, cause i'm all about the food so We have a pizza, chef over here and then over here, we have a baker a Little pastry chef something very, near and dear to my heart this is so adorable I, want to unbox these right now and i want to start with a, little baker, what you think goodie You, wanna start with this, one what's in here, oh? A little baking mitt barbie, yes Pretty, cute, huh cookie this is actually an outfit that i would, wear she's got a little t-shirt that Says sweet it has a little cupcake and a matching cupcake apron and i think i have these shoes a Little cute oven cookie it matches your bow, now, we need the supplies okay, oh? There's a little cake inside Okay, oh moose miss this how Could, we miss this it looks like a little banana bread or a Little individual pound size cake got some cute little cake mix over here a decorating piping, bag every Baker needs to use a piping, bag the cutest little spatula it reminds me of mine and a mixing spoon Okay, what are you doing you're trying to get a better view of the cake All right let's get this oven set up so we can get started I'll put a little cake mix a mixing, bowl with A little spoon in here that the mixin mix it around, boom perfect

Put the spatula on the bowl – she's got to put her oven mitt on because you don't want to burn your hands We need, to take something out of the oven i even have a matching of a mitt Twins the girl kidane Let's make something, we opened, this little oven let's put our little cake, in here close the oven let's put the time line It's done and look our cake rose all right let's, do the same thing there cupcake come in here close the oven set your timer and Hey, so i was reading the instructions you can, do something really fun Once your cupcakes have baked they've risen we're Gonna, decorate them over here i have a little bit of water i'm gonna pour it in my, bowl Hmm take Your piping, bag and at the end there's kind of this little like Foamy, sponge thing and dip it in there this is so cool And just like you would a regular Cupcake take your piping, bag and decorate the top of the cupcake My, favorite part you get the top of the cupcakes what with a Little bit of water and a decoration appears you decorate all the cupcakes, oh my? God just a little heart, my, gosh this is adorable There's like icing swirls on all of them this one has little rainbow Sprinkles this one has a heart sprinkle nonpareil We also have vanilla frosting chocolate Frosting strawberry frosting, mmm this baker, little pastry chef is everything this Was so much fun girl, now let's go unbox pizza chef, oh wow This, is like a, whole pizza kitchen, we even got a pizza, oh, my, gosh there's a piece of it i'm a

Little, jelly So i'm gonna play with barbies i want i want it let's open it up i did it in my life i can do picnics Pookie, loves unboxing things with, me i think, every time i'm unboxing something She's just all hoping that it streets we've got pieces shoved, barbie she's got her hair Back you don't want your hair getting in the pizza i baked with My, hair down but like if you're at a restaurant you should probably put it back and then she's got her Cute little outfit adorbs, oh yes pink pizza, peel There we go? Yes i'm here, we have some juice boxes a water bottle and a little register for checkout, oh? No, barbie she was so excited in front there's a little fridge for these beverages So i'm gonna place them in there this is small i cute it i can't even talk This, is the smallest and cutest little pizza, box i've ever seen i'm gonna, use this little thing soon So i'm gonna put this on the shelf Underneath, that little plate i'm gonna place these here they're right by check out right when your pizza's ready to go Pizza, cutter, my hang it here, oh and then, we need to hang our pizza peel We have a little pizza server to pick up a, slice i'm gonna Put this right here ready to go this set comes with dough to actually Make, the pizzas there's a tan dough for the crust a red dough for the marinara sauce and White dough for some mozzarella cheese Okay, but let's start with the dough got a roll little ball Please it onto, the pizza Pan i'm gonna right in the middle then open the red dough And you roll a smaller ball Press it on top come over here to our little pizza station and the first station is the press and Lift it up here we go, oh? Looking good then we're, gonna move it over here doo-doo-doo onto the cheese station So you just take off the top get a little ball of the white dough place it on the top We're, gonna grate some cheese Bring your pizza over here, oh, we gotta get those little cheese on top come here No, there we go more cheese more cheese after your pizza, bake the pizza peel and remove from the oven this is how They, do it go right underneath the pizza then we're Gonna put on this little pizza pan you can either box it up to go or cut it into slices Slice put on these little plates oop yum yum yum yum i made another little pizzas Gonna put it in the to-go, box it's adorable and uh That does it for this unboxing i really, like, the two New sets and again the big thank you to barbie for sending, me these and making Specialty food careers, also i have to be honest after playing with, this i feel inspired to make some of my, own Pizza, so let's head over to my kitchen, and make, some mini pizzas all right so here We are at the kitchen i'm gonna show You, how to make a super easy, mode mini pizza, recipe the things, you'll need, will be a rolling pin that's Some pizza dough you can find some already made at the grocery store in the refrigerated section, some pizza sauce mozzarella cheese Cornmeal for the bottom of our pizza dough a 2 inch round circle cookie cutter and a cheese grater we're gonna Be using the smaller great side not the larger side because we're, making very small little pizzas First step to making our mini pizzas is rolling out our pizza dough Sprinkle a little flour in front of you so that the dough, won't stick to the surface slop your dough Beauty, also sprinkle a little flour on top a little over the rolling pins then roll it out i'd say about 1/8 an inch all right dough is looking good now Before we cut out our mini pizzas i'm gonna prep the pan over here i have a little baking sheet And i'm gonna sprinkle a little bit of cornmeal at the bottom this part is totally optional adding A little bit of cornmeal to the bottom of your pizzas really ups your pizza Game using the circle cookie cutter cut out a bunch of mini pizzas into the dough Transfer over to the baking sheet Well keep doing this till you fill up the tray once the pieces around the sheet i like to use a fork To, dock them and if you're, not familiar with, docking its just poking a bunch of little holes into, no so that While it makes the heat has places to escape see Won't get bubbles in your dough our pizza dough is docked and we're gonna pop it in the oven to bake At 400 degrees for 5 minutes while our dough is in the oven Baking let's grate some cheese i've got a little bit of mozzarella cheese one of my favorite cheese's a good Tip for making mini pizzas is you, don't want long grates of cheese cuz they Won't fit on the pizza so when you're grading just make short Motions just took the pizza crust out of the oven be careful, because the pan is still hot While it's hot we're just gonna scoop on a little bit of pizza sauce and sprinkle with Cheese, today i'm making cheese of mini pizzas but if you'd like to add any other toppings Now's the time to do it you can Add whatever you'd like once you have all of your toppings on your pizzas they are ready to bake for a second time again The oven is at 400 degrees but This, time bake between 7 to 8 minutes did you and there you have it mini cheese pizzas that, we made i'm gonna have One for me because i'm really hungry after i was playing with those toys i was like, mmm he sounds really good, huh mmm, oh My, gosh is is so good Mmm i eat all the cheese Oh right that does it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed it we did two unboxings, and made mini cheese pizzas thanks Again, to barbie for helping me create, this video if you, want to check out any other barbie Videos i'll put a link down, below to their youtube channel alright thanks, again, bye-bye

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