PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Summer EMOJI Edition w/ iJustine!

[Ro:] Hey guys! It's Ro Welcome to my channel! Today I'm hanging out with my friend Justine

[Justine:] Hi! [Ro:] You guys know Justine! We've made so many videos together, but if you are new to my channel, I'm gonna be putting her links down below So go check her out show her some love; she's amazing! [Justine:] Thank you! Subscribe; she does all sorts of things What have you been doing lately? [Justine:] Oh my goodness [Ro:] Tech reviews [Justine:] Lots of tech stuff

Yeah, there's been so much tech news [Ro:] She got one of those "flamethrowers" that are not called flamethrowers, it's not a flamethrower, from the boring company Well, you're gonna have to come over We can do another cooking video because I've been doing some flamethrower cooking We can make a huge crème brûlée! We can melt a bunch of crayons! Also, if you are new to the channel and would like to show some support, Click subscribe and "ding" the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video Also, you guys, give this video a thumbs up if you are happy to see Justine and Ro, back together again Making some silliness happen So let's start this video! Pancake art challenge

The theme is going to be emojis Oooh! But summer emojis! Summer emojis? Yeah, we're gonna be doing five rounds We'll have one minute to create our pancake art and then we'll show it to you guys and you guys can choose in the comments below who won each round So should I pick one now? Yeah pick the first one What is it Justine? Oh! A little umbrella on an island! Ooh! Private island for one! Ready? Yeah yeyeye! On your mark, get set Decorate! Decorate! Decorate! Oh gosh, I'm already nervous uh oh, oh okay, so this is the first time I've ever done this before This just choose that super hot

I'm really sweaty right now Okay, we need this kind of looks like sand This is we're actually oh this is pink! really, really Fun *Justine is really concentrated* I am enjoying this so much How's it coming over there, I think it's okay

Oh no We've got—– Oh No, we've got oh, no, my screen went black Noooooo my screen went black I'd done a timer Oh, no

Oh, come on, that's — no- that cannot be – this is my first time!! now we're gonna flip up and don't worry Justine is not cheating We said we could finish our umbrellas Yeah, this is the first one that I've ever have ever done This is a good test now I know how long a minute was your little spatula ooooh! and then flip it over it broke, do you have batter all over you because I do I have- *laughs* how did you even do that?? Look at look at this *laughs* what? look at this, Can you see my pants? Yeah, did you they're gr– look what ive done!! this is so– Look what I've done!! So let us know in the comments below who won round one So now it's your turn to draw cause I picked the first one Okay, here we go What is our next summertime emoji

Shades LOVE ITT! on your mark get set Decorate! go go go go go Oh boy

Oh boy Oh, here we go Here we go And we gotta get this Oh These are really difficult Okay

Okay I got this shape just right it gotta look really – because I'm focused on– oh shoot I gotta do a really good circle now Oh, is that too much? Forehead? Thirty seconds Oh no, no, no Oh my gosh I'm already done

Me too Oh That was smart You did like the brown because it's a brown mouse It kind of does look like a hot dog, okay, let's see here Oh, it's still a bit floppy Oh!! No, I ripped it

Oh, no too soon too soon Oh His head came off a little bit and let's see what he lo* that looks pretty good He looks you know, does this perfect for the summertime? Cuz it looks like he's been out in the Sun a little too long Yeah, well sunburned he's a little burn on his forehead He didn't put sunblock on Well, we got a lot going on here Justine I think I like yours more cuz mine is I took a chunk out of this poor poor emojis head in Really burnt burnt forehead Let us know in the comments below who won this round Miss Justine milady, will you please pick the next emoji? Alright, let's see We've got these artist hands are just ready to make some art Oh no Do we both have t- is that does that me? Oh that you oh my gosh So keep my sister printed these out lolly Okay

Okay I'll make me and you can make you okay Alright mark get set This go go go go go Okay, so I'm doing an accurate as possible and it's kind of inverse So I'm trying to think of it like here's the legs and then we're gonna have arms Yeah

Oh boy Okay, and she's like balancing and then there's a head this is really hard Oh, she's kind of got a tummy tuck Oh shoot She's got a tummy tuck I gotta show her belly a little bit Oh show the belly quick quick Oh, no, no, no the belly Oh It's too late

Oh, yeah, this is looking just like it I gave up I had to go perfect how to go fast And then I gotta fill in the board No Okay, okay, okay go go what you did eyes And you all things like she just got consumed she looks like she's in a kayak a big wave just sort of yeah things happen, but maybe oh, I just looked at mine my what has happened I'm just gonna be real gentle and go for it 1 2 3 Wow Oh my gosh, that looks incredible It's that looks amazing I'm actually super impressed I don't really know No Oh Fine oh, it's so hot Don't burn yourself I have to!! The face, oh no Justine your face is on the wrong side Cuz you gotta you gotta pipe the face first cuz it's layered I just Oh, Careful here you want this one? You're gonna do I'm just gonna scare your wine hit mine

Ah, I wonder how it tastes Delicious It's a good batter Justine let's hold these masterpieces up I'd rather not Okay, so we've Wow just – Justine this poor – Justine's surfer girl just fell apart She got hit by a big ol way my medical the shark Yep What's this part was my pants or shorts I'll put him over there cover it up lady

That's not a nude beach Today, here's our round three, let us know in the comments below for one That's round There's there's not much to say here This was a little crazy I know many things I'm eating my body next pancake Do this ready? Yes ready, yas set

DECORATE!! Alright Okay watermelon Oh how many seeds over there one two three, we're all by six seven so we have one two three four Five six seven Oh No, what was bleeding a little bit wait you worked it? Okay

I thought you were not I mean the colors of the pancake batter Here we go Here we go Here we go Here we go We got this we got this Just see we got this we do have to do we do we do we're doing burgers

How's yours coming? I'm unsure Justine that looks really good over there Thank you, but I don't know what its gonna look like when I flip it Oh, my god hands up hands out that does look really good Let these cook I don't know but just from here Like long distance, it looks okay Yeah, like if I go all the way back home to my house And then I look at it

I'll be like wow I'm gonna flip Okay, meet you oh I'm shook Justine that is so stinking cute It's not bad That looks really good, too I like the I like how a lot next year It's a lot texture Yeah, the texture part is really almost super smooth It look like it all baked at the same time

I love both of these Yeah, maybe my favorite one This is my new favorite pancake so far I love them Great all right, let us know down below who you think won this round and now Final round there's only one left so I'm really being dramatic here Yes the drama, dun dun DUUUUUUUNNNN Little beverage! Oh A tropical drink

Oh Look at all this detail That's a lot of tea It's a lot for one minute Um, Do we start now ready Yeah Okay, I wouldn't draw the cup first here we go It's kind of like a wine glass I'm gonna ombre the color is here Oh, no, it's baking too fast

I can't really ombre it Um, okay We need a little tooth pick coming up here and we need a little lime wedge Here and then a cherry, I forgot the cherry a blue straw Coming up like this and like over like this This looks like trash No No, no, no Oh no

Oh no Oh Oh, oh, oh, no cake No, no, no, no get in there Oh no Oh, no, my cup is spilling all over – wow I'm making a mess Looks so good Yours looks really cute You're lying let's Flip this sucker

One, two three Show me a drink Oh that's impressive Oh, Boy I'm afraid to flip mine this turned out a little better than I was expecting Justine I want to see what it looks like on the other side You got the layers in there You got a cherry

You got a lime You got the straw I see the blue straw I see it all I'm afraid I'm afraid Okay, let's see

It flipping is all about You stupid we'll just stick it back to that Oh Steve I like your 3d approach there at the top Ow Here's to delicious summer tropical beverages Let us know in the comments below who you think won this round and this is our last one But Justine, I think we should do a bonus round Okay? Yes I love bonus!! There's nothing left But let's do one more for fun

okey, I was really hoping there would be a hot lifeguard emoji Oh Yeah one there's no life guard emoji, and I'm so sad about it So let's make our own hot lifeguard Okay, I'm talking I'm thinking Baywatch one minute on the clock We should you make it a little longer maybe like 1:30 Okay, they like you're like, but I want detail in this Okay start with the iconic tank top we need like a Baywatch Tank

I don't know what to do and I want it I want to draw ABS but at the same time they have a tank top on because that's how you know that that's Radical if this is an official lifeguard very important and mines gonna have speedos Kind of like euro style we need tan because lifeguards would be in the Sun a lot Mine's gonna be really buff like the rock I cannot freehand Wow I ran out of space for the legs Yeah, I definitely Don't know what I've done in 30 seconds Oh, no Oh no No, no, no, no no, no, no There's not enough time

Yes This is not enough time It's not theirs lifeguards also need like XP like accessories and stuff when I didn't get there yet Oh, we okay There's no face Well texture means I wanted to put flip-flops on her and she doesn't even have a let's do some cute hair That's a flip-flop So Justine where is your lifeguards face? I wasn't done yet well We've got a killer Baywatch bod over here

Yeah, if you want hot lifeguard this is hot lifeguard Yeah, she was doing a split and then I didn't get to her face, but that's her bodacious top half Mm-hmm Well, I don't even want to tell you what happened Wow I really want to see what this looks like Definitely gonna I have an idea of what this looks Oh no, no Legs came off That's okay

We'll just cook separately we'll put her back together because I think that's what I'm going to do what they also don't know if this is a guy or a girl I was trying to do a guy and No Wow-wow-wow Somebody did not put sunscreen on their top Hey, hey Hey here Come back

Come back do this Think this is a very solid effort on me This looks like a sumo wrestler and my lifeguard Heroically lost their arm saving a drowning child from a shark attack mine's on shark her head Girl yes, here we go This is a great idea I love what you're doing here welljust Yes here put the salt We'll just connect it

It's perfect Yes I love it Got our hot lifeguard Sunglasses and everything Oh, right, then

That does it for the pancake art challenge What was your favorite pancake? Okay we you did really good – I'd have to say my favorite one is probably the watermelon – thank you the most Identifiable one its so cutee! I also like my lifeguard but it wasn't completed and I'd like your Sun Shade Yes I think my cool Dude is pretty cool My favorite

I like watermelon too, but I'm gonna go for my surfer girl That's really good I mean is she's surfing or is she sitting in a kayak or is she on a blob but we don't know hope you guys enjoyed the video I'll be reading down below who you think won each round I am super excited a big Thank you to my girlfriend Justine Thank you for doing this with me This is the best first time ever Did you love it? Yes I want to do this more and I want to like actually sit down like really focus on it Thanks again for watching the video Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and click for them to receive Notifications for every time I post a new video

Alright Thanks again you guys, bye-bye Bye and if you'd like other new videos, you can click up here Or over there there are fingers everywhere there are fingers in both places

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