Ro: Hey guys, Happy Halloween, it’s Ro! And today I’m here with my sister Mo Mo: Hey everybody! Ro: We got so many requests from you guys to do a Halloween themed challenge Ro: game, so today we are gonna be playing the pumpkin challenge! Mo: And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pumpkin Challenge, Mo: we each get a pumpkin and we have 5 minutes to cut, gut and carve Mo: our pumpkins

Ro: Cut, gut and carve! Mo: That’s right! Ro: Cut, gut and carve, that’s our next show Mo: And we each have the same set of pumpkin carving tools to help us do it Ro: At the end of the five minutes, the best looking Jack-O-Lantern will be our winner! Ro: You know things are getting serious when Mo’s rolling up her sleeves Ro: And we both have our hair up, so, it’s go time! Ro: Are you ready Mo? Mo: Ready! Ro: 5 minutes, 1, 2, 3! Carve your pumpkin! Ro: Carve your pumpkin! Mo: Go, go go! I’m going with the power saw! Mo: I’m going with the power saw, here we go! Ro: A power saw? Ro: Oh my, we get a power saw? Mo: Oh my gosh I don't want to break this! Mo: Maybe this is for details! Ro: Oh my gosh, Mo’s so fast Mo: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ro: Oh I need to make a bigger hole! Mo: Oooh, look at the goop! Ro: Oh yeah

Mo: Ooooh yeah, that’s some seeds! Ro: Hey Mo, I got you a hat! Mo: Oh no, no, no, no, no! Ro: Ah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah! Ro: Done with cut, now it’s time to gut! Mo: Time to gut! Get messy! Ro: Got my big spoon here Mo: Oh, is that, is that better? Ro: I think so, it’s got these combs in… here Mo: Ah! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Mo: I already have pumpkin all over me! Ro: Yeah, you want to be careful, you don’t want to get any on your sister! Mo: Oh my gah! Ro: Oh my gosh you’re cheating! Ro: Hey, the rules are we can cheat, you can cheat it’s OK! Mo: The rules are, there are no rules! Ro: Ooooh-hoo-hoo! Ro: This is like Mad Max over here! Ro: OK, sorry, sorry Molly, I was cheating, I’ll stop, I promise Mo: Promise? Ro: Hey look over there! Mo: Don’t you! Ro: It’s a little Messy on the inside but I gotta start with design now

Ro: OK, here we go Oh shoot! Mo: Ohhh you! Ro: OK… Ahhhhh! Ro: Oh shoot, oh I bent it! Mo: This is… We did not have power tools when I was growing up to… Ro: No, you had to do it manually Ro: Ahhhhh! Mo: This is going too slow, I need to go back to this mama-jamma! Ro: Uh-oh this is an uphill battle! Ro: What does a bat look like? I can’t remember! Ro: 30 seconds! 30 Seconds Mo, let’s do this! Ro: Oh man I gotta pop this out Ro: Get outta there! Get,,, Ro: Pop out the design! Hoo! Mo: Oh he’s looking fine! Pretty him up, pretty him up! Ro: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Mo: Ahhh

Ro: Boom! Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are our finished Jack-O-Lanterns, 5 minutes is definitely not enough Ro: time to carve a good looking pumpkin Mo: I don’t know about that, I think these are looking pretty fly! Ro: Mmmm, Mmmhmm! Mo: I think you can definitely set them out on the front porch Ro: Mo, tell me about your pumpkin Mo: This eye over here was the electric Mo: carver side Ro: Ah the little one, the little, the winky one

Mo: The winky one! Yeah he’s a little saucy pumpkin And uh, then just gave him Mo: a great big smile, he loves Halloween! Ro: Over here, I wanted to make a spooky bat, and because I didn’t Ro: fully gut it, it’s a hairy bat Ro: Mo, who do you think won? Mo: Um, I can’t really tell, to be honest Ro: Me neither! I was gonna say that too! Ro: I think that this is the first time in the history of these challenges Ro: that we’ve ever had a draw Because they both look so weird, I feel like Ro: theres… I mean, so great, so great! Mo: So great! Ro: So you guys tell us in the comments down below who you think won

Ro: But, just to have a winner, do you want to rock, paper, scissors me? Mo: Let’s go Ro: OK, because these are both winners Both: Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot! Mo: Pffft! Ro: Every time! She’s good, she’s good! Ro: Bbbb-bbb-bbb, bbbb-bbbb-bbb-bbb-bbbbb! Ro: Congratulations to Mo, our victor of the Pumpkin Challenge Ro: Well played Molly! Mo: Yeah, I used my excellent carving skills to… Ro: Uh-huh… Mo: really take it home with this winky pumpkin Mo: I feel like I won just seeing you with Pumpkin goop all over you

Ro: It’s everywhere! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting the pumpkin challenge, we had Ro: so much fun This game was super messy, but it reminded me of being Ro: a little kid again Just like getting in there Mo: Getting messy gutting the pumpkin Ro: Getting all gross

Mo: Pulling all the guts out Ro: Getting all the stuffs out Ro: If you guys have any other ideas for other challenges or games you’d Ro: like to see us play, please leave us a comment down below and let us know Ro: Also, if you’d like to check out any of our previous challenges Ro: you can click up here Mo: Or up here

Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys Mo: Happy Halloween! Ro: Bye-bye!

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