Rosanna Pansino Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions

Hey guys, it's Ro welcome back to my channel and today I am so excited because I am gonna be answering the web's most searched questions! A lot of my friends have done this video and you guys wanted to see me do it So that is exactly what we're doing today

I'm really excited because this is very different for me, I've never done something like this and a big thing you do my team They made me this board This looks so fancy and they even put it on a little easel It's adorable I don't know what these questions are they put a bunch of questions on here and cover them with tape and you just peel off and there's a question underneath and you Answer them and these are like the most searched questions about myself I am genuinely curious about what people are googling about me because I don't even Google myself So, I don't know What it's gonna be going on here if you like these kinds of videos Be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you'd like to show support Don't forget to subscribe and ding the bell to receive notifications Every time I post a new video like the new video that I'm making right now today Alright without further adieu Let's answer the first question I'm like really excited nervous

I don't know what's under here Alright, here It goes first question Does Rosanna Pansino have a kid? No, I do not have a kid, but I do have a dog I have a little French Bulldog Her name is cookie, and I am a dog mom, but I am NOT a mom Mom, not yet Anyway, next question

Let's see Does Rosanna Pansino Have a tattoo??? This is the second most searched question This is so random I'm sorry to disappoint you interwebs I know that maybe you were hoping for these things, but no, I have neither but if like next year I got a tattoo and a kid sounds like you guys might be pretty happy if I was gonna get a tattoo My sister and I have actually been talking about getting matching sister tattoos That's something that we've talked about for years and Whoa, my sister She does have a tattoo Ask her where Third question All right, here we go

That is Rosanna pansino died in Escape the Night whoa Spoiler if you haven't seen the series cover your ears earmuffs, honey, if you haven't seen this series, it's on my friend Joey Graceffa Channel, it's a part of the YouTube Originals, this is escape the night season three that they're referring to I had so much fun I don't want to spoil it but I died in Episode eight It was so sad you guys Another spoiler you find out at the end of the series that Joey might be able to bring some of us back So if you want Joey to bring me back go let him know go tweet him It's at Joey Graceffa We love you We love you key Please save ro this quest is Rosanna pansino Married? No, I am not married but I do have a boyfriend I am in Oh I am in a relationship and we've been together for a very long time So it feels like we're married Rosanna pansino is dating I'm not married I do not have a ring on that finger I have rings on other fingers, but just not that finger

My sister is married my younger I know I know my younger sister is married I have a baking show That's great as Rosie no, rich Oh My gosh is very personal I Also like that

It's so direct is Rosanna pansino Rich like it's not even like is Rosanna pansino financially successful No, it's is Rosanna pansino Rich to be very honest with you guys Things are going very well, but I am no duck diving into a pool of gold coined money You know what? I mean? I'm dog rich This is a joke that my sister and I do all the time We hold all the dogs it's just her dog and my dog and we just we hold them and we go we're dog rich cuz Doesn't have all the dogs That would be a yes What's your bank account number? No, yeah is Rosanna pansino in desert In my in desert, oh I think I know what the internet is meaning

So dessert is a treat a yummy thing We all enjoy but it is also a song written by my friend Darwin And yes, the answer is yes I am in that music video with him I had so much fun If you haven't seen this music video It's on YouTube I'll put a link down below

It's amazing this song desert went platinum not only in the US but also I believe in the Philippines and yonder music video is at 157 million Views right now That's so many views It goes like this What would be the wedding? No I'm just trying to make this board earthquake earthquake Okay, next question Rosanna Pansino In Beauty and the Beast the movie No, that's not me I wish I wasn't in the movie but I did go to the premiere to support some of my friends who were in the film And I just really really loved this movie That was Emma Watson you guys that wasn't me these mistakes happen all the time I'm just like walking around everywhere and people like I'm gonna make notes Miro until he's noticed I'm a tune is all this song is Rosanna pansino movie This is actually a great question And the answer is always probably yes in my lifetime

I have moved a lot I think I've moved over 16 times in my life, but in all seriousness I am NOT currently moving I actually plan to stay here for a while I do love my new home I've been here for two years, but what's most important to me is being close to friends and family So right now this location is working for me, but who knows in the future speaking of moving Let's move on to the next question Is Rosanna Pansino vegan? Oh that's a very interesting question! I have been eating more vegan foods lately because my sister can't have dairy She's lactose intolerant We've actually been going to and checking out a bunch of vegan restaurants because then we know for sure That there's no dairy on the menu, and she doesn't have to worry in LA There are so many wonderful vegan restaurants and it is true that I don't eat red meat anymore A lot of the reasons are for health reasons, but there's also some emotional reasons, but I don't eat pork or beef anymore But I still eat poultry and fish

Next question is Rosanna pansino Mexican whose is actually a question I get a lot I have dark features and I lived in Southern, California And Mexico is basically California's neighbor and the answer is no I am four things I'm Italian and Croatian on my mom's side and then German and Irish on my dad's side So I am a quad Italian Croatian German and Irish but I was bored here in the US and my mom is a dual citizen in Italy how did Rosanna pansino Lose weight This is a great question I actually should make a video Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see me make A video about my health journey and about the changes I made because I would love to make a whole video on this This is hard for me to explain in just a few seconds The short answer is I did a lot of research I became more active I ate better portions and I started eating healthier things on a regular basis without Cutting out the things that I love cuz I have a huge sweet tooth and I could never give up desserts It's just not gonna happen for me and anytime that I would try to wean myself off of desserts I would end up just like holding out for a while and then eating a whole bunch of them So that wasn't really Healthy or balanced but I basically found a really good balance and consistency And it's worked so well so let me know if you want me to make a video about this because I would love to show you like fun before and after pictures and maybe I can show like some recipes that I do or like some workouts that I do and we know that's something You'd like next one

Oh a new one What is Rosanna pansino x' snapchat Way snapchat, she's Rosanna pansino guys Interwebs, I'm not gonna say that I'm kind of disappointed in you but my snapchat is my name Rosanna pansino Altogether Oh Interwebs, I'm glad this question is here Let's go over it All my social media handles are all the same So it's really easy and really simple they're all one word Where does Rosanna pansino work today, I Work at home

I work in this kitchen right behind us I make youtube videos full time, but I work at a bunch of creative projects off of the platform I have now written two cookbooks So I'm also an author I also got to create and design a baking line A lot of people may not know that I was actually really heavily involved in the designing of all of those products a few of the products in the line that you see Took three years to create and I was in their blood sweat and tears greeting these pieces I've also hosted an executive produced a few TV shows And then I get to act once in a while too, which makes me so happy I've got to guest star on some television shows and I'm working on a few Undisclosed projects in the future and as soon as I can share them with you I will let you know but to answer your question I'm always working on something new and it's always creative You want to come sit right here I'm sorry Sorry, that was a little dog break-in your mission If you haven't met cookie boot boy This is my little child She's splitting on me

Okay, there she goes What's it gonna be where is Rosanna pansino? From I live in sunny Los Angeles It is home Now I've been here for over 10 years I absolutely love it, but I am originally from Seattle, Washington Which I also love I have a lot of family that still lived there So Seattle is my hometown

All right last question I don't know if it's the least or not because I don't know what it says But here we go When is Rosanna pansino 's? Birthday, my birthday is June 8th I am a Gemini and Fun fact a lot of my friends say I don't act like a Gemini I don't know what that means They said maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was born at midnight So that's a fun story My mom said that when I was born I was born on exactly midnight So the doctor asked her if she wanted the birth certificate to say, June 7th or June 8th And she said June 8th because June 7th was a whole bunch of Labor and she didn't want to even be associated with it So June 8th was like whew, it's over we're a new beginning

All right, they deliver all the questions We know when that comes below if you have any other questions that did not get answered today This was so much fun I have never answered the web's most googled questions about myself So a big thing you do you guys for suggesting this type of video I did not know that this is what was being googled This is so funny I love it and if you enjoyed the video Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and click Subscribe and ding the bell To receive notifications every time I post a new video Alright

Bye Hey and everyone does any other videos you can click up here? Or up here Didn't think we needed a painting

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