Rosanna Pansino’s 2018 BEDROOM TOUR!!

Hey, guys! It's Ro, and this is my dog, Cookie She is hanging out with me today

If you are new to my channel, welcome, and don't forget to hit subscribe and the bell so you get notifications when I post new videos I am so excited today because we are filming a bedroom tour A few months ago, I posted a new house tour, and I briefly showed different rooms of the house, and I got so many requests from you guys to do a specific bedroom tour You wanted to see: Where did I get my throw pillows? Which sheets do I use? What's in my nightstand? all of these things And i thought, Okay! Also I have never done a bedroom tour video before

This is my very first one Alright let's get started Overall I like to keep my room nice and simple Very minimal because i have a very busy lifestyle I'm always traveling, I'm on the, go I'm taking meetings, I'm filming so keeping things super simple it's very calming for me it's very relaxing and i wanted my bedroom to just be a relaxation zone So i don't have a ton of stuff in my room

i don't have a lot of clutter, but the things that i have are Things that i love and are super functional Starting with my bed at the end of the bed you can see i have a bench and i absolutely Love it because it makes it easier for cookie to jump up onto the bed she's got short little legs she's a french bulldog And this bench makes it easy for her to get up and Down and as you can see she doesn't like taking naps on the bed at all The sheets that I have on the bed underneath The duvet cover are light pink They're made out of organic cotton, they're super breathable Which is amazing because in California it gets really hot here so it's important to have a breathable fabric these ones are by under the canopy but the duvet cover that i have on the bed she's still sleeping she is passed out she's adorable i can't i can't even I'm dead okay the gray duvet cover and Matching pillows are from restoration hardware they are a compromise item by compromise i mean they are 50% cotton 50% cashmere Because my boyfriend runs hot he likes cotton linens that breathe, which these do and i love flannel sheets even though it gets really warm in California i get cold at night it gets really, chilly here at night, my feet are always cold, so these linens were the perfect Compromise half cotton so it's really breathable and light and then half Cashmere so it's super soft and cozy last thing on the bed is this chunky throw Pillow and the matching blanket i also got these at restoration, and the summer time i do take Them off the bed it gets a little warm but in the wintertime i'm like Oh surround, me and i'll just curl them a, little chunky throw Burrito, and watch netflix all night Yes that's it for the bed let's move on i got both of my night stands from restoration hardware as Well i really love the height of these and the three storage drawers on top of my nightstand i keep things pretty minimal i have a little picture of cookie, oh my little nugget then i have a diffuser humidifier these are so cool, this one's by sage, my friend joey, turned me on to these he had one of these and i fell in love with it you fill them with water and Natural essential oils and it disperses it into the air

i got a few different sets of natural oils this collection is Relaxation and it has unwind Spa spirit Tranquility and stress release, their second set is the happiness collection: refresh Liquid, sunshine Me! Cloud9 also me and citrus dream It's getting going, oh, we can see it we can see it look it love it this is where i charge My, phone right, by my bed i use this as my alarm clock as well whatever nightstand i'm using i always Stick one of those little cable drop minis they're super affordable so easy to use you just peel off the back stick them onto Any surface, and they will make sure that your cord doesn't fall through i using so much there's literally only One left i've a bunch of things in my top drawer cuz, it's easy to get to it's pretty miscellaneous in here i have Oh first and foremost the tv remote over on this there's a big fireplace and a tv so Sometimes after a long week i like to binge watch a bunch of tv shows and my reading glasses do i look like my dad Also have a, little sleep, mask, this actually Was in my road trip Essentials video i've, had this for a while and i absolutely loved it i take it whenever i'm traveling i really like This, little lip it has this pillow in the back cuz, when you place it over your eyes It doesn't press down on your eyeball that's not flat so it gives you A little space i've got some face cream this is my favorite brand it's water-based So you can put it on your face and hands Just during the night if you're, feeling dry put a little moisture on i don't know About you guys but i always, keep snacks in my nightstand i don't know, why i'm a little embarrassed to show You, this but i just have some little gingin candies events and little apple, chips i Basically eat these every night so i just always am bringing a, few snacks all the time Back there and oh, oh, yes i just put this into My, nightstand thank you donnell and sophie this is so sweet i've actually given these As gifts because i thought they were so cool but this Is the first time that i received one myself and i'm using it for myself and it's amazing it's basically a binge watching Beauty kit it has all the things that you need to pamper yourself and relax for a movie or a television show Marathon on netflix there's a bunch of face wipes breath mints and oh? Look, at these little cozy, socks to keep, my feet warm and Adorable this cute coin, go to bed or? one more you can, flip it and see do i watch one where do i go to bed i Also, keep flashlights in the top drawer the power went out once in the winter time in this house and i was totally spooked? and i did not have a flashlight and i couldn't see anything but now i got a little one hey what's going on My, dad got me this, huge flash of it i can Basically see miles away with this thing so thank you pop ibiza i forgot to mention And i have one more smelly good thing it's like an aromatherapy lavender Little pouch and oh? It smells so good it smells like, fresh lavender and these actually go in your pillows, underneath the pink pillowcase you can, buy these covers to go, over your pillow, and they have, these, little liners where you just unzip them and you stick in one of these a little aromatherapy bags Moving on down the second drawer in my nightstand a bunch of cables and electronics this Is that drawer in my house most people have that drawer or that box Where you just keep a ton of cords and chargers and this, is that door for me i keep my laptop here my nintendo switch my, apple watch is in here as, well and a bunch of different cords chargers anything you could think of extension cords Extra headphones a selfie stick Never knew when you'll need one of these then the third drawer is pretty, boring it just has a little Blanket for cookie this is actually a, baby blanket and whenever i travel and i take? Her with me this is her blanket that comes as Well so we've got cookies blanket i have an extra candle this candle one smells delicious it smells like a fresh Mimosa at brunch it smells so good The brand is evil queen i'm gonna have to censor the neighbors Yes i'm just, gonna call the name of this candle Ladies who brunch? Last but not least in my nightstand is a heat pack it's not very glamorous But i just ordered this one off of amazon because it's super easy to use this Is what it looks like? And you can just pop it into the microwave if it gets really really warm and then my mom Actually made me this little cover for it and suprise surprise it is fleece nice and soft and it's plaid you can Take the girl out of the northwest but You can't take the flannel fleece plaid out of loving out of the girl over here i have a cozy, couch i really Want to put more seating in this room because like i said before a bunch of my Girlfriend's friends and family come over and we all end up hanging out up here like watching movies or just hanging out on our computers i know it's kind of funny but i needed more seating so i found this little couch and it is Amazing i love that it has one cushion so you can, also just lay out There's no center cushion so things don't fall in there and they don't separate and the throw Pillows that i have on here these, three are from west elm and i don't know what kind of pillow This, is but i just love it? Look, how fluffy it is i? Hung a, big piece of art here you may Have seen it before this is for my very first place i liked it because it was really simple and it feels very Relaxing it's a cream color and it's a grey blue i, also have, some side tables so if people have drinks or snacks They can place them over here or their computer when they're getting up it's just really Handy then on this wall i have a full four Floral of light man over on this side of the room i have a large Floor, mirror this mirror is actually from my Very first place it used to be downstairs in the living room but i moved it upstairs to the bedroom so i could Check, my outfits take oot days if need be and just make sure i don't know That you don't have your pants on backwards Me in the corner i have some luggages left out just ignore that i've been traveling a lot lately And i'm actually need to pack tonight for another trip so i just have that out whenever i travel i bring a Backpack and a carry on then this larger hard case is for checked Luggage, why, did i get my luggage in the color black Which is the most common color of luggage so it's easily confused with everybody Else's luggage i have no idea i just thought it looked really sleek and i really dig it i kind of feel like i dont know like a Jet setter or something anyways moving on like i said before i get cold A lot and one of the things that i love about this room is it has a fireplace now this is an oversized fireplace I don't need, something that is large this is actually massive as you can see i can stand in front of it There's room, like i can, fit in my fireplace Basically but i also love that it has this little bench seat because i can Sit here and put on my shoes or cuddle with cookie it's adorable and i also love that it looks like a Natural fire i thought that that was a really cool, feature and you just hit this little switch Give it a bit it doesn't that do that and yeah it's coming There we go in the last corner of my room is a reading chair got a little poof To, prop your feet on cozy blanket another pillow, i think it's from west elm and there's a, door to a Patio i have a small little private patio cookie loves to go out there cookie really likes to do i call it sunbathing Outside she likes to find sun spots and just lay out in the sun, and warm up it's so adorable cookie i'm so Sorry, your sunspots are all gone it's all shaded right now There's only one little sunspot left all right that does it for my bedroom tour i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did enjoy It give this video a thumbs up so that i know that you liked it and if you have any other ideas of other rooms That you'd like to see tours of in the house, let, me know in the comments below If you'd like to watch any previous videos you can, click up here or up here And if you, want to be notified when i upload a, new, video don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell thanks Again, for watching BuhBye!

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