THE CUPID CHALLENGE! ft CaptainSparklez

Ro: Hey guys, it's Ro! Today, I'm hanging out with my friend Jordan Jordan: Hi there

Ro: You guys know Jordan We've baked together We play a bunch of games and today is no exception Valentine's Day is coming up So I invented a Valentine's Day game This is called the cupid challenge, Jordan: Oh boy Ro (cont'd): So Jordan is a great sport We are dressed up like Cupid We have wings, we have little hearts and we are gonna be shooting arrows

So this kind of reminds me of a fairgrounds game We are gonna be shooting arrows at the board popping balloons for points a lot of balloons fall in love with each other Yeah Red balloons worth 50 points pink balloons a hundred points, and there's one white balloon It is the true love balloon it is worth 250 points for anyone not familiar with Jordans channels, I'm gonna be posting the link down below so go check them out subscribe His birthday wish them Happy birthday I'm so excited Okay

Are you ready to go outside and let the Cupid training challenge begin? Do it we are now outside we have got our Cupid training game board set up? Over here Jordan is gonna be going first because he is the guest and he's the birthday boy six years old whoo And we each get five turns We're gonna alternate going back and forth and what do we got over here Jordan? We've got a line on the ground To toe behind the line, yep, also we agreed that if we pop more than one balloon below Also, we've agreed if we pop more than one balloon in one shot They both count Also if we do a 720 noscope Is like a thousand points so that's an unofficial written rule I just made up, but it's real now should I go for it? Yeah, go for it your first up okay

Oh boy I'm gonna win just a slight angle and Whoa I was so close, but a nice move you're gonna be a great cupid This is training Okay here we go Watch that toe it's going over the line Oh, sorry Jordan Sorry, okay, okay? I Got the one below he's a hundred wasn't it was it a pink one Yeah, okay, so Jordan look in each of the balloons

We put a little paper With the police a hundred So we both got very close very close you actually hit something though, and I didn't I'm taking this serious I want to be a really good Cupid, so do I okay? I'm also very competitive go Jordan Go you can do it come on Let's actually hit a balloon For that 20 and you're too strong, okay Jordan Super buff, and he just broke the game I didn't account for Jordan being so buff and so strong So I had to add some sandbags Over here only the finest equipment on this Cupid training course a lot of things to work on here I think you're a far better cupid than I yeah I Was so close I feel like on every one of our shots We have hit like at least grazed the white balloon wouldn't that be amazing if we hit like right in the center of the heart Please give me points Whoa, what did I get nice is that a pink or a red? So we now hold 50 pointer yeah, here's your 50 points here I'll let you pick it up I'm just excited for you I actually have a score on the board you're still double my score But it's something so now that we popped a couple balloons down by the 250 Yeah

It's uh it's kind of a high-risk high-reward Situation because you you have a greater chance and just hitting the plywood I just hope but I just hope I hit a balloon Careful of that line I'm just excited Whoo as a ready It's not justifiable to go five rounds and not hit the 250 someone has to do it I feel like it'll be a big weight off my shoulders If I hit it, then the next one you just go in the upper left-hand corner You know At least I got next at your love all right, I got my first hundred on the board, which means We're tied up, but you were we're still half way through around so you can you beat me? I'm trying about everything I love like puppies Uh-huh like little cookie, and I love breakfast what's your favorite food think about that breakfast oh? My gosh So now you're 250 yeah join Cupid Academy home Four points the finalists Oh Lord Yep, 250 still on the board This is actually I need the 250 if I want to guarantee my victory Really, so you're a hundred points ahead of me right now if I get the 250 then no matter what you can't catch up And if we both miss it it's gonna be the one that got away

Oh, please Come on No, I'm behind, and you can do nothing now, but further your lead I feel bad That's okay Love is full of heartbreak No tell me about it That's that insult to injury here get that – oh my gosh Good game Jordan you did a good job You were a great Cupid You still got a lot of points was it windy I don't know it a lot, but I got 150 compared to your 350 So together we're the team I think so yeah But I think we should do like a speed bonus round and try to get this true We have to we can't leave that

No maybe we're just too tense We're too serious about getting this balloon gotta loosen up Yeah loosen up Jordan get those shoulders I loosened Yep, I agree I have zero flexibility whatsoever so this is a good idea Hope you get that balloon Here we go Here we go true

Love yeah Maybe I needed this stretch before You don't have to give me that yeah, give me that Yuki sure okay, okay? Oh, wow it's on gold And I just wanna I just want to tell everyone that was a hundred percent one tank that was unscripted I went into the stretching and that did happen that was it was not for added drama That was real that shot was too good not to count So I'm gonna take one extra shot for a bonus rounds or a bonus shot if you score a fifty Uh-huh then we tie okay you got a score a hundred for the win This is a lot of interesting things Just got really dramatic I'm gonna Maybe outliers that didn't think they would find love today Oh right that does it for the cupid challenge We did a little cupid training big Thank you to Jordan You were a great sport this was so much fun now within the rules of the game are five rounds apiece I scored 350 Jordan got the 150, but then we did a bonus round and Jordan rocked it you got the true love Balloon golden ticket Yeah 50 so Congratulations to Jordan so again I'm gonna be putting all of his links down below to his YouTube channels you have a few now I do like three of them music gaming vlogs yeah, anything you could ever want in life Yeah, they're all down there, so go subscribe show him some love and wish him

Happy say all right Thanks again Jordan I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and you have a very happy Valentine's Day may you find true love

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