Hey guys, it's Ro today, I'm hanging out with my friend Justine you guys know Justine I'll be putting her links down below Go subscribe show her some love I had to have her over today for tea We're having some peppermint tea And trying a bunch of different candy if you haven't guessed so this is crazy I know it's really hard to believe but I have never seen a single Harry Potter movie I've seen part of one what I want to do was I want to have an entire marathon and watch them all just Back-to-back like a binge watch

Yes We need to do this I've been trying to talk her into this and it's so funny because I feel like you know a lot about Harry Potter lore just from how much I talk about it And how many activities they do yeah Justine has been to both Harry Potter worlds I have the one in in Florida and the one here I've been trying to gently influence her to get interested in Harry Potter And this is just another one of my ploys to have you eat a bunch of yummy little treat also I should note that some of these treats you can only get at hogs need at Harry Potter world so whether we go Yeah, I went to hogs mean to get these for you, Justine I hope you like them We're gonna start off with the classic chocolate frog so I'm gonna let you open it and look at this box It's so iconic Looks just like the movie I'm getting all the feels okay I'll let you open it

Okay Oh, he's wrapped Now you said it before we were talking about this is he hop out of the box or something yeah, he he's like moves He comes alive, and he hops out of the box, and he hops out the window I think okay good Oh look but Wait, so I just get past the Frog girl That's right

What's this? collectible trading cards like in the movie each little chocolate frog comes with a collectible like baseball cards But in The Wizard rule they have famous Wizards who do we get who'd we get? Gryffindor the founder of Gryffindor these are I need to get all of these and just do flashcards, okay, I could learn Okay, like I think it's just a hunk of chocolate I mean This is a very large frog It was a little smaller in the movie That's a pretty big That's a lot of chocolate That's solid milk chocolate

Let's cut into him Yeah, let's do it Let's Here put him down cut him open See if there's anything in there cut him this way I'll what kind of like a long way Let me move my tea you should probably move your whole body yeah You got it girl Oh, that's solid wow he is super solid

This is a frog you can share with friends This is a lot of chocolate This is a family-size frog the next candy is a little bit more rare now These are blood pops so you can find these at honeydukes Which is like a little sweet shop these were referenced in Prisoner of Azkaban And they were trying to cheer up Harry Harry was feeling down so Rowland and Hermione were at honeydukes and He was like what about get him blood pop, and she's like oh weird Oh, no I think those are like for vampires I'm okay with that, so I thought we'd give it a go I think we should is the strawberry flavored, so I don't think it's real blood Yeah, I think we're good Did you want me to cut it for you? I got maybe I got this one whoa I got it Oh no It's oh you

Have a wrap so I mean oh okay here I'll cut you okay, okay? Justine's good with a knife look at her go look at it does it smell like Strawberry it smells like plastic all right Let's taste 'em Tastes like a Jolly Rancher Yeah it tastes like a strawberry Maybe I am a vampire I like because I like these Next dessert we're gonna have another treat that Harry Potter got on the Hogwarts Express That's the train it's like a little cauldron cake it's so cute

Okay, so it's right there Yes, and the cauldron is not edible, but there's a cake inside kind of like a mug cake Oh, the little frosting it looks like fire It looks like there's little like fire coming out of our cauldron, okay This is really cool So this cauldron is reusable you guys you can rebake little cakes on here And there's a recipe at the bottom of the box I was about to cut through this thing okay You got a little fork Yes We've got to take a little bite

Oh look it's chocolate Oh, it's choc- Get in there It's chocolate Oh Put that back on there we go we got this okay, let's try Mm-hmm oh, that's a good chocolate cake hmm Oh, I like it a lot all right

Let's do another one I'm so excited the next treat is also a sweet that Harry got on the trolley on the Hogwarts Express They eat a lot of candy on this train right? It seems like it It's a long train ride and Ron lets them know that these beans taste like Everything literally everything it could be chocolate or peppermint or liver Or boogies We don't know this is basically like bean boozled, but like extreme Whoa we ain't got time Oh I'll just try this one Okay, okay well let me try one This was good oh This is terrible oh My god Oh, my what is it? Oh? My God look look at this what's right with spots on it? liver I Might have eaten an earthworm You might have it was gross it You know it tastes like dirt

Oh God tastes like dirt I got an earthworm I want to try earthworm This is probably it right Oh, that looks like it Okay, it's real earthy It's gross

Oh, I think this is not oh Oh God That is that's it It tastes like dirt What's these ones okay? So I've never seen a gray jelly bean with black on it Let's try it What are these? This just tastes like pepper what's another one? I'm trying to find sausage Let's this looks like sausage Yeah, let's try a sausage Okay, oh That tastes like meat I Just lost it

It felt it felt it fell on my body That's not good No That's not good No I love these so I'm gonna put them in a little candy bowl All right little that will be perfect, and I'll tell people that they're Harry Potter beans And you don't never never know what you're gonna get fizzing whizz bees Oh Fizzing whiz bees now that is interesting Ron references these because he loves sweets But also fun fact Albus Dumbledore

This is his password to his office in order of the Phoenix I don't know if anyone had tried these in the stories I really can't remember It's been a long time since I've read so let's try it Apparently when you eat these you hover like you float a little bit off the ground I don't think that'll happened to us because we're not wizards Maybe we are Just be of sherbert balls so maybe it will taste a little bit like sherbert let's see oh They have little crunchies in there no, I like this a lot mmm Oh these are yummy I'm floating! We're definitely getting a sugar high, but it is not the kind that lifts you off the ground But in your head, it does ooo next treat jelly slugs This is a very popular Treat in the Wizarding World They are sold both on the Hogwarts Express on the little trolley and honeydukes it Harry Potter Overhears that they're sold out is he sad I'm very lucky totally happens cuz these are very popular all right Are they shaped like slugs? I think so ooh? I wonder what flavor They are -I hope they're not slug flavored Are you ready? I I've never had one of these

I'm getting really excited Do you want to do the honors? I do, but I okay? I'm really excited about this Okay, oh That looks so gross these are really gross they look like little banana slug they do and I'm Like my dad when we were younger like we used to go out and help him in the garden And we like this they look exactly like that I wonder if there's different flavors It feels like I'm eating a real bug Very chewy, and the sweet is is subtle Yeah, I would have expected more like a like a starburst or something yeah Very subtle okay, yeah, I'll have to say I'm surprised I thought these were gonna be my favorite next to the chocolate frog they're not all right So these are Ron loves these no no surprise there He loves sweets, and when you eat them smoke comes out of your nose and like your ears well Let's see what happens Okay cool You know this Ron guy, I'm just not so sure about it I think he likes all the sweets, so I'm not really sure like what's a bad sweet And then oh wait there supposed to be cinnamon flavored hard candy like super cinnamon No smell that yeah, oh That smells that smells like the holiday it does I really think I'm gonna like these okay, let's try well we got stuck up mmm It's good I don't know what a imp is What's an imp? I M P It's a small mischievous devil or spirit so right it's a sprite not spirit mm-hmm These are kind of bad boy

These are exploding bonbons These are not allowed at Hogwarts They're not allowed at school because they have Exploding cocoa and coconut dynamite here I'll get there all right oh Well, you can just have that one Okay? I'm just gonna cut it Just so we can get a nice Inside look to see it's white chocolate Oh, I am excited about that You look orange and pineapple flavor Ah yes, I'm very into this Let's see It's grapefruit This has just moved ahead of Lord of the Flies whoa Do we like them cuz they're really good cuz they are or do we like them cuz like you can't have them at school? Maybe like a little about cuz like they're like a little forbidden Oh Justine um here's my new here's my new animal I just adopted his name's Hedwig Ah, it's so great You know cuz they can spin their heads all the way around There we go there

We go around their heads around what I think may I go back the other way I don't think you just keep turning okay Here Justine We've got a chocolate cauldron filled with fire whiskey I'm gonna have you cut it open, and this is something that was given to Harry Potter had a little love potion in there, but Ron ate it Oh, No Ron Backfired the love the fire whiskey backfired We know what's gonna be in here for it

This is pretty neat I Am so disappointed It's empty there's nothing in it It's hollow There's no whiskey There's no magical toads There's no love potion There's no Ron

There's no fire whiskey Let's just take a bite of it Yeah, I'm gonna taste it Oh yeah Ha ha I wanna get a marshmallow Crunchy

Yeah there's little sprinkles on there not bad I But I was hoping for more Ooh these are sold at honeydukes and in the story, they are Ron's pets Scabbers Favorite snack what's his pet? It's a rat Oh, I don't know if rats can eat chocolate, but it seems like Ron loves sweets, and then all of it Even is animals love sweet It's clearly not a true story, okay In a magical world so in this world like rats could eat chocolate They're shaped like flies so like I mean look a little old They're little flies Is this a vintage chocolate? It's just solid chocolate Yeah, and it's more fudgy, er you were really soft? Oh, he's not into it He's a full belly He probably wants to eat Scabbers Let's try some more chocolate We just had the flies so let's do the little peppermint toads I saw these when I was there and I almost bought that so I'm going to tell me that yes But I had just had butter beer and I was like oh I don't need to have peppermint toads to go with the butter beer now is this from the movie – or is this just Yes So on the first day of the holiday Harry Potter sees Ron and Ron have just had these these kinda like rubbing his belly So I don't know if they're like jumping around in his belly or maybe he had too many cause you know Ron? He's got that sweet tooth

You know I don't know Ron at all, but you guys know him But are you starting to feel like you know him I do I do He's got a little bit These look like a darker chocolate whereas the Flies are like a softer kind of like a fudge I love dark chocolate oh This is good so good It was like lightly pepperment and dark chocolate This is good Yeah

We'll save those I love these I think I like Ron mm-hmm He grows on you Okay, you got to pick whatever one you want though These are the dark mark lolly pop Which one you want to try I can do this one in the dark mark? You don't know this I don't know this but the bad guys They got a mark like on their arm like a tattoo like this like if I roll up my sleeve And I had the dark mark oh I've got pink mark from the previous So they make a lolly pop version of it, and if you eat it you get sick That's so entrepreneurial Oh, you can find these at Weasleys Wizard wheezes that's their own little candy store

I'm impressed mm-hmm all Right let's open these up This should be my first tattoo I haven't even seen the film Oh if you got that I would get a matching one It would just be a joke because anybody would be like mine smells of, oh mines green Let's taste Definitely green apple Oh yeah

I don't know the dark mark and gets a thumbs up yummy Oh, I try to put do a thumbs up and I don't actually know what these are I just found these at Hogg's Mead, so I just have they're really cute We could try let's do it So these are caramel cobwebs a little way oh It smells like caramel Let's do a bite okay? Mmm These are good I like how thin they aren't you just a look just a little bit You know it's good our last treat our chocolate wands, and these are sold at honeydukes in this story And they're just chocolate wands all right We got this makes me feel like I'm opening my wand dee doo dee Dee dee dee I feel like if ones were to choose us It would definitely be a chocolate one is yours They're different

You got dark chocolate I got milk chocolate they're different Let's try both of them Okay You ready Yeah, okay? Well let me teach you a spell first yes expecto patronum a spectin patronum expecto patronum aspecto Nice job my wands melting in my fingers All right, let's say goodbye it oh I thought it was going to be hollow My fingers are chocolatey you try mine Mm

Oh this won't matter I like the dark choc The wrong one me we're chosen hit or miss chosen yeah Alright, that does it for all of the Harry Potter candy that I had to try today a big Thank you to just Steve Thank you for hanging out with me and eating all this sugar Let me put your links down below, so go subscribe go show her some love And if you want to see any other funny videos you can click up here Oh, that's right I forgot you got you got a or up here yeah nice I think they expect us click as nice to me yes

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