Ro: Hey guys, it's Ro Today, I'm hanging out with my friend Donal Donal: hello Ro: You guys know Donal we baked together before Donal: We have, we've had lots of fun Ro: Yeah

He's a fellow foodie, I'm gonna be putting links down below, so if you haven't subscribed go subscribe to his channel show him some love he is amazing So today I got so many requests to play this game It's called Doggy Doo, and it looked really silly and I thought who better than Donal because he's got an adorable dog max over here Donal: Look, Max we're totally bribing them with doggy treats behind the box Ro: We've got little treats and then we got Cookie over here Donal: oh hey Cookie Ro: So let's show them off, Cookie's kinda short Donal: Look at the two of them (Ro: I know) they're like girlfriend a boyfriend Ro: I also like that this game kind of teaches good habits so apparently you win the game by picking up doggy poops Donal: That is true I feel like we should mention the fact that you've just mentioned good habits, and we both have our dogs (Ro: on the table) on the kitchen table Ro: Let's play this game I've never played it before Donal: You texted me a picture of this and I got super excited 'cause I mean look at the dog And if you look at the back can we look at the back? It's got a leash, and there is doggy Doo involved

I mean this can only end well Ro: Yeah Donal: I feel like this is the sort of thing (Ro: Oh here) I'd be really excited for Christmas Both: *gasp* Ro: yes Donal: look there's little spades Wow! Ro: Oh, look at our dog! Donal: *gasps* Wow Ro: Look at our little dog Donal: He's a sausage dog what is that? Ro: what is this? Donal: Where's that gonna go? Does that go in there? Ro: ha maybe if he's being bad, naughty, naughty Oh my gosh, I think it does go in the Donal: I think it does go in the bum Ro: yes Donal: uh, push the food all the way inside the doggy's mouth ah we were way off We don't go that end we go, oh, we go this, (Ro: this way) this end why do we both go to that end Ro: I know, right Donal: ooh look, it's like neon yellow Ro: This is like slime Donal: This is not what my doggy Doo looks like uh, one food bowl, where's the food bowl Ro: uh oh Donal: Is, this is hardly the food bowl This is like, thats not the, is that the food bowl Ro: It's gotta be because what else would it be, a hat? Donal: oh it is, no it is, feeding the dog, it is Ro: Fill up his little food bowl Donal: Yeah Ro: We didn't even name our dog Donal: That is true Oh, oh it's blubbery Ro: It is! Ok, he's got his little food Donal: hang on, we didn't, we need to name the dog Ro: *gasps* We need a dog name, I really love food names (Donal: good) for dogs

Donal: okay Ro: Pancakes, (Donal: Pancakes) Muffin, Potato Donal: Muffin! Ro: Ketchup Donal: What about Thunder Ro: Thunder? Donal: Thunder dog Ro: okay done Donal: Ok, no or, or Ro: oh oh oh Donal: Flash the dog (Ro: I love that) Well can we call him that? (Yeah, this is Flash) ok Flash Ro: This is like if you have a dog that needs to have medication, but it doesn't want to eat it You gotta just (Donal: jam it on in) go in there Donal: I don't know if that's correct medical doggie advice, but you know consult a medical professional before before you follow Ro's instructions ha Ro: oh my gosh, this is so weird Donal: I love that you just The game ends when a p layer has collected three pieces of the dog's doo, ha ha, on their shovel if your doggy's food is still stuck Using the cleaning tool to push it through remove the yellow bone, insert the cleaning tool into the doggy's mouth, starting with the circular end, hold the doggy down with one hand and use the other hand to push the cleaning tool all the way out through the tummy until the do falls out Ro: This is why I could not be a vet Donal: Ro, In no real situation does it a vet ever push something all the way through a dog When I leave, I'm taking, I'm not leaving this with you and cookie (Ro: *Laughs*) I worry what could happen Ro: Donal, you go first, roll that die, what do we got Donal: oh come to mum Two- oh it's so not gonna end up all the way through him in two goes (Ro: It's not?) well, unless I do it really fast, okay hang on Ro: Okay, go fast Donal: oh, oh! oh his little tail wagged! Did you see that? I actually wanna do this and listen to it (Ro: ok listen) hang on Ha, every time its this like *pff* okay flash, we've learned, farts quite consistently so (Ro: a lot) okay Ro: cuz we're beating him slow Donal: Well if we didn't feed him slime, he'd have nothing to eat Ro: Oh, switch, shovel Donal: Now hang on if we switched shovels, and we have nothing on them, what's the point in that? Ro: It's kind of pointless until there's doo on them, (Donal: true) but later in the game You could roll a switch shovels boom now We want big numbers big numbers Donal: It only goes up to three, Ro, but okay

Oh? Ro: one Donal: one Donal: Should we have the shovels in place just in case? Ro: oh you should yea Donal: okay okay, hang on Oh, little wag of the tail no fart this time Ro: happy, but no fart Donal: no fart Oh, one, ok Ro: *gasps* I get to do it, I get to do it Donal: quick and firm, quick and firm Ro: one, two, three Donal: Oh, ha ha Yours is more like you were blowing up a balloon Both: One Donal: Let's make a deal, let's double the numbers that are on the dice Ro: Deal Donal: Okay, lets go Ro: Okay, double the numbers Both: Three Both: One, two, three, four, five, six Donal: It's not coming, Ro Flash come on, you can do this Ro: Maybe I didn't put it in there- it has not moved Donal: and then look at this end Ro: yea it is not- Donal: I think we need more food Ro: They specifically tell you not to do this Donal: Well they are wrong Ro Ro: but we are going to do it cuz we know when our baby boy here is hungry, and he's hungry Donal: don't know if he's that hungry for this stuff but he's gonna get it anyway Flash we told you you needed to do a little poo and we're gonna shove a little piece and get it in there Ro: come on, come on, come on We've got a full deal in there and let's triple these numbers Donal: okay Ro: Alright so it's two, so I'm doing time three – one, two, three, four, five, six Donal: oho, it sounds like there's- something's comin'! Ro: Okay you got this

Donal: Ah! Ohhh no, oh no Ro: ohhhhhhh Donal: cuz I could hear, he is close, Flash is close Ro: hanging on by a thread Ro: Three Donal: Oh you're so gonna Okay fine, okay, I'll hold just in case it comes Ro: One, two, three, four, five Donal: Oh! Here it comes, here it comes! Yay! Ro: First poo Donal: First poo- I kinda wanna- oh ah oh Donal: Would you like a little bit of food Ro: yes Donal: Would you like your dinner? Okay Oh you eat that food Let's roll the dice, here we go, here we go Ro: All right, let's see Donal: Three three, okay, we're gonna double it ready boy Ro: Three? Times two Donal: Do I double it? okay Ro: Okay we're gonna double it Ready? One, two- Donal: aw! I think like the noise is the best part of this, this is brilliant Oh, he's close Ro: could happen any second Donal: He is ready to blow Ro: Oh I missed a turn (Donal: Oh you miss a turn!) I have a feeling this may happen for you Donal: oh my god, I'm so excited, here we go One Ro: So times two Donal: Okay Ro: Oh this is gonna happen Both: Oh! Donal: Yes! Ro: Wow, it just shot right out Donal: That was a solid poo Oh good boy, you're a good boy Ro: Good boy, alright Tie game Donal: Boom We got one doo to one doo Donal: Doo-de-doo time Ro: Roll the dice (Donal: Two!) two, we times tow so that is four pumps here we go One Donal: *laughs* every time Ro: Two Three Four Donal: It sounds like a night after some really bad take out food Ro: You got this, go Donal (Donal: Two) two, so four for you One Two Three Four Donal: Oh no Ro: Ohhhhh Donal: He's close though, he's close Ro: What is it? Donal: Aw you missed a turn, you don't doo on this turn Ro: rah rah rah rah rah Both: oh oh Donal: three! one two three four five six Both: Ohhhh Ro: All right, let's roll the dice Donal: Mhm Ro: A three! *gasps* Donal: three, oh oh oh Ro: oooh Donal: Got your shovel, get your shovel ready for this one Ro: I'm gonna take this dog on a walk for some little doo doos, here we go Donal: I kind of want to watch Ro: One, two- can you see it- three Donal: I can hear it Ro: Four, five Six Donal: I don't want to be too close Was that six? Ro: That was six Donal: I can see it Ro: if you own a dog, you gotta get used to it cuz every dog poos Donal: Mhm and if your dog doesn't poo you should bring him to the vet

Ro: Oh right away Yep Donal: Ah change- Ro: oooh Donal: Oh no, this is where the game gets interesting (Ro: Switch) so I got the switcharoo Ro: Don't mind if I doo Donal: I just don't know what to say anymore Ro: Is this gonna win the game? Donal: yes Two, oh you are so gonna win I knew you would because you just love poop Ro: Right here One Donal: oh Ro: two Donal: ah Ro: Three Donal: ee Ro: Four Did it come out? Donal: You won! You won, hurray! Ro: three little doos wins the game and I have to say that the switching shovels Donal: That was the- I was- Really changes it up Donal: I was so on my way to win And then you got my three poos Ro: Alright that does it for the game Doggy Doo A big thank you to Donal for playing this game with me Donal: Thank you for having me I know it's one of the funniest games that I've ever had you play cuz when we did board game night they were- Donal: This was more fun Ro: This was not- Donal: We did serious games this- we are cracking this egg (Ro: yeah) for the next board game night Ro: This is silly I think it would be really really fun And I will be putting all oh his links down below go subscribe, show him some love, he is amazing and phenomenal and makes delicious videos Donal: no poops, though (Ro: no poops) I don't do poops Ro: and I want to suggest a double amount of food Donal: Yes, because otherwise you don't get enough in there Ro: It just doesn't create enough suction to have it shoot out the back and make the funny noises I hope that that's helpful Donal: For ultimate doggy farts Ro: I don't know if I'm really proud that I won Doggy Doo because Donal was on a fast track to winning Donal: mm-hmm and then you just swooped on in there Ro: But then phew oh, (Donal: Swircharoo) tables turned And if you want to see any other fun videos you can click up here Donal: Oh and up here also, click it (Ro: yeah) go click How are we gonna get it back into the bag Ro: Donal, I kinda wish it was brown

Donal: It should be brown Ro: I kind of wish it was brown Donal: Maybe they thought when they were making the game that that would be too much Ro: Too gross Donal: Too graphic, too gross Ro: yea

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