Valentine’s Card DIY Blindfold Challenge with Ro!

Hey Guys! How is it going? I am here with Ro (Ro: Hello) I'm actually at her house right now in her set-up So thank you so much For letting me steal this (Ro: I'm So excited that you're here) So we also filmed a really fun video on her channel, so I'll put links in the description and links to all things Ro you're just like my favorite like I love (Ro: Aww) filming videos with you cause there always so much fun (Ro: I know we have a blast (Ro: we even got themed today look behind us

I blew up some) (Ro: little heart balloons) Justine: Ooh, it's like (Ro: It's got helium in there) Oh, that's nice (Ro: Just floating around) In the theme of Valentine's Day I thought we could make ourselves Valentine's Day cards i'm going to make one for you and you can make one for me (Ro: Okay) like forcing people to make cards for me it's great (Ro: no I'd make you one anyways) (Ro: it's like a few days away this is a cool idea) But there is erm you know a little a twist we're gonna throw into it and we always do blindfold challenges on your channel I thought we need to do one today and we're going to blindfold ourselves (Ro: mhm) and here's all of our items everything that was on sale I was like always like put it into my basket (Ro: justine you got some goodies) (Ro: what is in this bag?) (Ro: okay what's going on here?) we've got markers we've got stickers we've got tape and of course were going to be blindfolded and with sissors we have to be very very very very very careful (Ro: oh ok so we're gonna we're gonna be) (Ro: blindfolded with making Valentines for) (Ro: each other) Yes! and are you left-handed or right-handed? (Ro: I'm right-handed) ok so anytime you write anything you have to write with your left hand (Ro & Justine: Ooh) and i'm left-handed so I Will write with my right hand (Ro: okay these are going to be made) (Ro: with a lot of love, but I'm predicting (Ro: that this is probably going to be a hot mess) You know I don't know There's also this glue so we need *Giggles* Look how pretty it is! (Ro: It's gorgeous!) It's Classic Glitter glue (Ro: and it's paint) It's beautiful (Ro: Prefect for Valentine's Day) Got some paper (Ro: oh ok) Look I got that for myself, because we can't see we we're just gonna have to kinda try and feel (Ro: Cause gotta try and make a big card for each other) We Do (Ro: Let's start off with this as a base) Yes (Ro: and we'll just add too it) Okay (Ro: Let's get all the goodies) (Ro: out here and see what we got) OH MY OH BOY! (Ro: We're working with a lot) (Ro: ooh, here we are! I gotta get in the right mindset) *Justine and Ro both breathe* I'm just taking an inventory of what we've got here (Ro: Okay) ah right and again be careful with the sissors (Ro: Okay, I just gotta think, it's Valentines (Ro: day I'm making a card for Justine, I gotta) (Ro: Make it beautiful) Okay so we've got our paper oh boy, (Ro: what do we start with first?) I'm going to fold mine, so it's like an actual card Oh, I don't want to tell you what I'm doing (Ro: ooh) It's supposed to be a surprise! (Ro: Well I'm making you a poster, so I'm not supposed to tell you that though) (Ro: Ok, This ones shiny (Ro: let me see if I can find one, that's not shiny) I just dont like the feeling of paper like it's dry I don't like it (Ro: There's some shiny stuff over here, it's smooth) Okay, let's see (Ro: This Feels dry) i'm hoping that this is the red heart paper, so i'm doing something Suuuuper crafty! (Ro: what are you doing?) *Ro & Justine Laughing* (Ro: I have to feel what you're doing) Well, I can't tell you (Ro: oh okay, I'm attempting to cut out a heart) That's what I'm doing!! (Ro: Are You?!!) Yes, I've folded it in half, I was gonna do it, you know like? (Ro: YES!) ME TOO! (Ro: That is what I am doing, ok so I'm folding this) (Ro: In half, see) That's what I'm doing! Look, Feel! That's what I'm doing too! (Ro: Let me see) I'm folding this in half, and then cutting the heart (Ro: Let me feel) (Ro: You learned this trick too) I did like in middle school (Ro: Yeah, so you fold the paper in half and then you (Ro: take your scissors and cut out half of (Ro: a heart and then it will be symmetrical) That's exactly what I was doing (Ro: so I've got my scissors, ok now I have to) (Ro: guess what a heart looks like) I'm so scared i'm going to cut my fingers because I can't see, this dangerous

DONT TRY THIS AT HOME! (Ro: Oh yeah, we've gotta use this) (Ro: this is gonna look nice ) Ooh this feels like a heart, this feels like a heart (Ro This is good, this is good) So I need some glue, *Justine Chuckles* (Ro: Yeah, Oh that's a good one) (Ro: I need glue too) There's 3 glue sticks somewhere (Ro: This is a marker, I need to find a glue) (Ro: Let me know if you find one) Okay! Erm (Ro: Whats This?!) (Ro: This is different) What is this? Are we holding the same thing? (Ro: What are you holding?) I don't What are you holding? Oh wait I just took the lid off Oh wait, what are you holding? (Ro: oh that's not glue) What are you holding? (Ro: This) Wait, I'm holding the same thing*Ro & Justine both laugh* Yeah! I don't know (Ro: I just touched it) (Ro: It's not sticky, it's just wet I think it's like a pen) I'm still looking for the glue (Ro: Where that big glue?) That's not a glue Oh I found the big glue I kinda want the glue stick (Ro: Okay, I don't know what's in my hand I like keep reaching over, like you can see me (Ro: I think this is an animal) (Ro: Don't look, Don't Look Justine! It's a birdie) No, I know what it is, cause I remember buying it (Ro: Okay) Okay, I'm taping on my heart hopefully this works (Ro: I'm putting some glue on here) (Ro: Okay) I want to write your name on it to Ro (Ro: I needa write you a note) (Ro: Glue) This is, do you want big glue or (Ro: What you got?) I've got the big glue (Ro: oh wow) wow (Ro: Wow) I wonder what color this is? (Ro: nope not open, gotta open it up) Oh I gotta, I gotta write with my opposite hand

Oh this is gonna be good (Ro: here we go, here we go) Tooo, I don't wanta go off and write on your table (Ro: you can write on my table) I know you love this table (Ro: I hate this table) *Laughter* Toooo *Justine Whispers – Rosanna* (Ro: Is this still on the heart?) Oh I forgot I don't know, I don't remember (Ro: It's R-) -O) I remember how to spell it but I don't remember what I've wrote already (Ro: We could just do Ro) Well, We've got some things (Ro: Where's the glue, oh there it is, I've gotta hold on to this glue) (Ro: Put this) It's gonna be great (Ro: On here) It's like will you be my Valentine, or nah? *Both Laughing* After you see this card your gonna probably be like NO (Ro: One of my best) (Ro: Valentines Day memories, was after a long work day, I got a Chinese take out and I watched) (Ro: binge-watched like the whole series of) (Ro: Merlin) I don't know what Merlin is (Ro: WHAT?!!) WHAT!! WHAT!! WHAT!! (Ro: JUSTINE!!) Hello! (Ro: MERLIN!) (Ro: It's a geeky fantasy show) Ahhh, Do you think I'd like it? (Ro: YESS!) What's It about?! (Ro: Well first of) (Ro: the actors are gorgeous, hot guys) (Ro: You know the King Arthur and Merlin) (Ro: The act or who plays Merlin, I think he's like Irish) Oh! (Ro: oh he's really cute) (Ro: It's really good) Is it on on Netflix? (Ro: I don't know where it is right now) (Ro: I think I watched it on hulu or Netflix) (Ro: But I think it's on there still) Okay, I will maybe this Valentines Day (Ro: It maybe on both) (Ro: Okay) I'm writing you a note now (Ro: I can't believe you haven't seen Merlin) I'm Sorry! (Ro: One year you know what i thought was) (Ro: gonna be, OH MY GOSH there's glue everywhere) (Ro: One Year What I thought) (Ro: would be so funny is to rent all of the scary) (Ro: Valentine's Day movies) Ooh!! (Ro: Like the horror, suspenseful thrillers) (Ro: That would be like BE my valentine or whatever) (Ro: So I rented all these movies and I watched) (Ro: It with my girlfriends and I had nightmares!) oh my gosh that's probably not a good thing I mean I think I'm gonna have nightmares after I you after I look at my card and and see what it looks like (Ro: Did you just say after you saw my card?) NO! I meant my card! *Both Burst out laughing* (Ro: OMG, I'm gonna have nightmares after I see your card!) No I meant mine, I swear! (Ro: Okay, Justine) I promise! (Ro: Okay) I'm gonna write you a note! I just don't wanna write on your table with this marker, so I'm gonna hold this up Cause I know this is a Sharpie (Ro: I'm gonna try and write around all these decorations, I've created) (Ro: I'm gonna write you a poem) Okay (Ro: I can't tell you want the poem is) (Ro: wow this is a pretty basic poem I'm writing) (Ro: uh-oh! I misspelled something) It's okay i think i think I misspelled your name because I forgot where I left off (Err, I'm guessing) I'm so excited! (Ro: I cannot wait for you too see this!) *Justine Laughing* (Ro: okay wait look, Wow I'm trying to put this cap back on) (Ro: I can't!) Oh God! (Ro: Oh No!!) This is gonna be good, we should start, we should start a card company! (Ro: Oh Yeah, people are gonna want these) (Ro: Okay wait oh oh oh oh oh oh, I found some stickers) Oh, I forgot I did have stickers! (Ro: These are self-adhesive so you don't gotta find) (Ro: the tape) *Ro teases Justine, They both laugh loudly* OH GOSH!! TICKLED!! (Ro: What is this? Like a little duster?) I don't know! (Ro: I'm gonna use it to dust off my space) (Ro: Cause I feel like I need it) (Ro: Oh We've got some bare spots, can't have that) Oh that feels wet, oh that feels wet (Ro: It's the glue) Oh No! (Ro: If it's liquidy, its the glue) No it's the marker, or something I think Ok I'll try really hard to write this Ro, (Ro: I won't distract you) I wrote with the wrong hand (Ro: Oops I got on the table) Oh Gosh!! (Ro: Ok, I think, Uh-oh I keep getting glue) you are soooo sweet (Ro: you can't tell me what the poem is yet) Oh Sorry Sorry Ok

(Ro: Oh my gosh ok here's empty spot) (Ro: Imma put it all the way up here) The Lid (Ro: Oh there it is) Ooh we even have some construction paper but I think I ran out of space on my beautiful (Ro: You have construction paper?) Yeah would you like some? (Ro: Yeah, where?) Oh here, Oh sorry (Ro: There we go) There's alot (Ro: oh wow) Too bad you can't see the colors (Ro: I don't know what the colors are) (Ro: I'm gonna do another heart, but this ones gonna be a little one) O that's, that's attached (Ro: ok don't get my fingers) (Ro: Maybe I gotta do a big heart for safety) mhm, you should (Ro: This just feels like some warped hot dog or somethin') (Ro: This does not feel like a heart) (Ro: Does it?) It feels like a, It feels like Florida (Ro: Really?) (Ro: So it doesn't feel like) (Ro: let me try it again) You should try a gain you can we've got lots of paper (Ro: here we go) (Ro: here we go, let me try another heart) (Ro: oh ok here we go) What's this? (Ro: Round and Round we go) (Ro: And then just a little on the top) Oh No! The lid was already off! *Ro Shocked* *Justine Laughs* (Ro: Noooo) Did you need the glue? Cause I found the glue (Ro: Where where?) (Ro: Ok ok, oh yeah I needed this, I needed this) I mean I don't wanta say my cards done, but I think my card is done (Ro: ok) (Ro: my card is definitely) It feels really heavy, it's quite substantial (Ro: I'm tryna find a corner here ) (Ro: oh yeah, this is great i'm feeling this) Oh man! I know I've written on myself many times (Ro: Stickers how do I stick the) I think I keep touching your bird (Ro: well she's taped, stickered down!) I know (Ro: So you can't move her, because I put so many stickers) (Ro: On her) I can feel, I feel the artistic creativity just flowing from my body Wait are you holding something? (Ro: Yeah) (Ro: Yeah I'm taking these) But are you giving me something (Ro: No) Okay *Both Laugh* Erm, well I think my cards done (Ro: Ok) Is yours done? (Ro: Oh yeah, Oh yeah) Ok cause I think I have run out of space, like I feel like it's very substantial card (Ro: This card) (Ro: Is going to be a surprise for you and me) okay, me too, I think they are ok here's the big reveal i'm going to give you my card you gave me your card and (Ro: okay) okay (Ro: Yours is here I got it, oooh) It's very heavy (Ro: It is) It's very heavy (Ro: This is very heavy) 1,2,3 (Ro: Awwwww, this is so cute!) Ohhhh wow!! It's nice!! (Ro: It's so cute) (Ro: Okay, Justine's is so cute) (Ro: And mine looks like a two year old made it) *Justine In tears, Laughing* Look at the bird How did you get him to stay on there? (Ro: Well I tried to glue him but he wouldn't stay, so then) (Ro: I just put stickers) Oh my goodness! (Ro: On the middle part) It's so, what does this say? (Ro: It say's roses are red) (Ro: violets are blue I love you) Oh that's so cute! (Ro: I ran out of room) Oh my goodness, it's very very beaut, oh tweet me! Oh that's nice (Ro: I thought like this looked like a better heart in my head) (Ro: This looked like an amazing heart and so did this) I mean it's not bad (Ro: He looks like erm) (Ro: a jellybean) Where was Florida? Did you end up putting Florida on the there? (Ro: I don't know where Florida went, I feel like I didn't use it) It's it's really good, I mean, like take a look at this (Ro: Where did it go?) (Ro: Where did it, where did the heart go? I don't even know where it went) This is good (Ro: I can't even find it) Like this is something I'm going to get framed and I mean it's great (Ro: it was made with a lot of love) Lotta love (Ro: Look at this you guys, justine's actually) (Ro: looks like a cute little card) Look, I forgot where I left off on your name (Ro: That's Ok) So about right there and I didn't get an "A" (Ro: This is amazing) Wait That was supposed to be my heart (Ro: This was a heart?) Yeah *Ro Bursts out Laughing* It looks like an egg (Ro: I just thought it was like a centre piece) NOO! (Ro: Like a circle) No (Ro: oh yeah that didn't turn out like a heart) Nope (Ro: But I get it, look at this it's even a card) (Ro: You Guys) (Ro: wow I mean this is a lotta love) (Ro: Look at this) (Ro: Let's read, what do we have here? Ro you are) (Ro: Sweet, like a treat) (Ro: let's go eat meat) *Both Laugh* I mean it's quite an enticing invitation (Ro: I love this) (Ro: Oh do you want to be, is it on the back?) (Ro: Oh where's the valentine?) (Ro: Oh here it is, it's over here) Oh No is smudged

(Ro: My Valentine) (Ro: of course) Well you gotta circle it on the back (Ro: Oh I gotta circle it?) Yeah give you a couple marker options in case *Justine Giggles* (Ro: This is like, so well thought out) (Ro: and interactive, like the check yes and no) There you go (Ro: Perfect, yes or no) (Ro: do I circle it in) (Ro: Yeah, on the back) I ran out of space (Ro: On the back) (Ro: It say's yes or no) (Ro: Interactive, cool) (Ro: Ok so we're gonna do yes) YESSS!!! (Ro: Boom!!) Oh I'm so excited! (Ro: Now you guys have seen, the best) (Ro: valentine's day cards while blindfolded and) (Ro: Writing with our opposite hands) yeah it's good it's incredible I' m extremely proud of what we came up with I was really afraid, I was going to cut my finger off (Ro: That was only w-) (Ro: Yeah, we should -) Cutting blindfold is terrifying (Ro: It's really scary, you have too feel where the) (Ro: are and then move your thumb back) Yeah (Ro: And you just cut around it) (Ro: and you pretend like a big space around it) (Ro: and that's why one of mine looked like a jellybean') This is what I was looking for, this is what I wanted my heart to be (Ro: OOOH) (Ro: The red one, that's a good one) Woow, it's self stick paper! (Ro: No) Yess, look at this, just dig in there (Ro: I didn't incorporate this one) (Ro: It was my duster, to get all these little) (Ro: things out of my way) Like look at that (Ro: That's cool) (Ro: Oh I'm so sad, I didn't know it was there) I mean I wouldn't have even known this was stick paper to begin with (Ro: No) Here, let me help that rose (Ro: Ya, stay on there) (Ro: Give it some extra support) (Ro: I've added to it by accident) It's you know added value yeah well I think that's it! Well thank you guys so much for watching, we hope you have a wonderful valentines day, and let us know what you think in the comments below about our beautiful cards I think there incredible (Ro: This one) Oh Boy *Ro Giggles* Check out our fun video that I did on Ro's Channel! (Ro: hmm) it's gonna be great! (Ro: Yes) Your gonna love it, we tried all kinds of valentine's day candy! Oh right well Thank you guys so much for watching! I'll see you later! Bye! *PLAYBACK OF JUSTINES PREVIOUS VIDEO*

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