Hey guys, it's ro welcome to another nerdy nummies and today I have a very special guest

Its Patrick Starrr! Im so excited you are here We're baking today I'm used to baking my face I'm here to bake with you, and I'm ready to eat Learn for anyone who's not familiar with Patrick makeup artist beauty guru I'll put links down below to anything that we're talking about that you can find, and you made a baking powder So this is this is for your face Yes, not not to eat, right? What is the baking powder like for me who doesn't know a lot about makeup like what it is It's similar So uh whenever you put on foundation Consealer but you want to last all day You will set it and forget it and bake it at 350 on your face with a sponge

I'm just kiddingomgfjkbghjn You'll just put the powder underneath your eyes, and it will really just lock in all the liquids liquid ingredients per se so I developed a very special Universal powder for all skin tones and skin types that looks great everyone and i have one for you I'm so excited Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought we should make a delicious Easy-mode cupcakes so today we're gonna be making some mocha cupcakes and We're decorating them with little 8-bit hearts, so I thought it would be a cute name like I love you to bits cupcake perfect Let's get started Patrick I'm gonna have you introduce most all of the ingredients because your nails are gorgeous and most of times I'm pointing to things and I have short little boring nails I'm gonna let you guys enjoy them because they're so pretty now to decorate you can use anything you'd like but because we're making love you to bits, and they're 8-bit we're gonna be using these little 8-bit heart sprinkles these are from the baking line, and there's also 8-bit icing decorations And then for the cupcake recipe 1 and 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of flour 3/4 cup of brown sugar half a cup of cocoa powder my favorite 1/2 a cup of cold coffee my favorite Half a cup of buttermilk, a quarter cup of oil, half a teaspoon of vanilla, one whole egg 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of baking powder, oh who put that there Oops not that kind 1 tablespoon of edible baking powder, 1 tablespoon of instant espresso powder, and 3/4 cup sugar And now let's put it all together First up to making our cupcakes is whisking together our dry ingredients in a large bowl all right so Patrick I'm gonna hand these over to you flour just dump it all in cocoa powder, brown sugar, baking soda, and baking powder Whisk together tell well combined and next we're gonna set it off to the side oh You went this way There we go so we set our dry ingredients to the side, and now we are going to mix in our liquid ingredients glamour shot Beautiful beautiful now the buttermilk a little oil and Patrick while you are doing that I'll be back here And you'll see hearts in the background add the vanilla and then the whole egg All right well Sorta, that's how they do it in Cinderella one of the fairies actually makes it like that oh you want me to crack the egg Yes you gotta crack the egg We're really making love today Yes crack let the whole thing in there Yes Can I add the espresso powder because this is my favorite I want all the espresso powder in there Boom Then you're gonna whisk together throw this on the stove, and we're gonna have coffee scrambled eggs Just kidding whisk together break the yolk up put it in the mixture so next We have our wet and we're gonna mix them into our dry ingredients I really love this recipe because it is super easy mode and you can just pour all that wet into the dry And whisk together one more time Patrick, I'm putting you to work cause you're the guest oh I'm down And just keep whisking together and until no more dry ingredients Is showing all right you guys so now our batter is all done

We're gonna put it into these fancy glorious red cupcake liners and you're gonna fill each one about two-thirds full this recipe makes a dozen So hopefully we fill these perfectly and if it gets a little messy Don't worry about it at all I make a mess all the time These are looking so good you're gonna bake these at 350 for 18 minutes Yes, that's gonna be 18 long minutes We're gonna have to smell this delicious chocolate mocha smell coming out of the oven But we can't eat them yet but we can get all of our decorations ready Oh cool so as soon as they come out we decorate them and gonna eat them all right guys and gals our cupcakes are now cool to the Touch, and they are ready to decorate This is my favorite part I like to decorate a lot for icing that we have some vanilla buttercream icing that I just put into some Piping bags with one a tips at the end, which is just a very large circle, and then we have our royal icing 16 bit hearts our 8 bit heart sprinkles and some pink and white jimmies all right So I can swirl or you can do a dome Whatever, you'd like I'll show you how to do both ways so the dome method is instead of touching the cupcake you're gonna Hover right above it and you just apply even pressure and keep it above above above above above and stop And then the swirl is just when you start on the outside and you work your way in So perfect like that Boo yes okay, Oh I mean Professional that's what we call blending that was Amazing ah look at this you guys that was a perfect swirl You can put a few of these on *kissing noises* I love you I love you No i love you more No i love you more

I love you to the moon and back *gasps* And then for the other options sprinkle on a few of these And pink sprinkle and a few 8-bit hearts, and then just keep doing this to the rest of your cupcakes and tada Here are the I love you to bit cupcakes that we made today in honor of Valentine's Day because it is coming up so soon A huge thank you to Patrick Thank you For coming over and baking with me this was so much fun I love it No pun intended I loved it so much I'm so honored to be here you guys like dream come true and just a reminder Everyone for Valentine's Day you can make these cupcakes for friends family or your significant other if you have little babe you have a boo you have a What else do you call a sweet somebody? Oh a neighbor a boo thing Oh a Bugaboo I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting the recipe on Rosanna pansino dot com Instagram Facebook and Twitter you can check it out there, and if you guys make these cupcakes Please take a picture and send it to me

I love seeing your baking creations It just makes me happy It makes my day, and if you guys have any other Nerdy Nummies ideas please leave them down in the comments below Yes, and I will do my best to make it happen alright Thanks again You guys I hope you have a good Valentine's Day Bye Bye

Bye okay now gets to have one all right Cheers The only thing that makes a chocolate cupcake better is coffee Oh my gosh is this so good This is the best Valentine's day ever Mmhmm I Love you I love you What do you think you did you like them? So good Bye Bye Bye

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