WE PLAYED FARTY FRANNY! ft Alex Wassabi & Josh Elkin

Hey Guys! It's Ro, welcome to another video I have two special guests today, I'm actually hanging out at Alex's house, so thank you for having me

I really appreciate it and guys we just did a video together over on Alex's channel, so I'll put a link down below, go check it out If you would like to show some support, hit subscribe, and ding the bell, so that you'll get notifications when new videos come out You guys, I realized that we had never done like a challenge or even a video together, which was unacceptable Alex – Yeah, I don't think we have even ever been this close, you smell great Ro – Thank you, I'm always told that I smell like coffee breath so I appreciate it

(Laughing) I brought you guys a gift since you were so sweet and you had me over so I got you these They're little cow headbands I know you guys would love them And today, I got the game, Farty Franny to play, it's a farty cow and I thought what is better than friendship and bonding and fun than farting Josh – Nothing

Alex – is this a good time to show them my talent? Alex – (arm fartttttt) Josh – those are good ones Ro- Those are really good Josh – I don't do arm farts but I can make a really authentic sounding fart with my mouth Alex- ok Ro – ok let's hear! Josh – but you have to look that way Josh – (fart) (Laughing) Alex- can you do like waw waw Josh – (waw waw) (LAUGHING) Ro – oh oH OH OH OH ! I know one wait give me your arm

I do this on my dog's belly 🙂 (lauGHING) ok wait wait I can't laugh one two three (waWWWW) ((LAUGHING)) Ro – it is a funny action packed board game filled with gross sounds, flies, moos and poos Alex-whAT? moos annd poos? Ro – we are going to alternate spinning the wheel and based on whatever it spins on there's an action And the clothespin keeps you safe It is like an invisibility cloak to flies, you can't get any flies if you have the clothespin Josh – to block your nose

So rock paper scissors, who spins first, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS SHOOOT! Ohhhhh Ro – oh I'm out, you guys go, you guys go Ro – to see who goes first (laughing) Rock paper scissors SHOOT gasping awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, close, close close ok, ready go! Alex – pooop Ro – you must immediately take a fly Josh is off to a stinky start 🙂 Alex-3,2, hiyah Ro – spin, spin, spin Alex-poop

Ro – (fart) Josh – (wawww) (laughing) Alex – perFUME Ro – perfume?! What does this mean? Any player that lands on perfume can get rid of a fly Alex – orr you can give your fly to another player all – ooohhhh Ro – shady shady strategery going on here alex – oooohhHHHHH Alex – weak sauce Ro – you got the clothespin! Alex – gosh darn it Ro – that's the best one So basically, can't touch this, da na na na na na na na na na, can't touch this Alex – clothespin you're mine! Ro – clothespin clothespin? Alex – poop

Ro – awww poop Alex – PeRfUmE You don't even have the flies Ro – I keep getting the perfume! Josh – K you ready? Alex and Ro – yeah Ro – perfume! Josh – sweet Josh – I will give you my fly Ro & Alex – ohhh Ro – my first fly Ro – you shouldn't have Alex-anddddd, BOOM Alex & Ro – perfume Alex – aww here you go Ro – now i have 2, they're best friends Josh – ooh what's that Any player that lands on the tail must lift up Franny's tail and see what she does If she moos, the player is safe from flies

But, if Franny farts, the player must take a fly Ro – this is a chance a game of 50-50 will she moo or poo Josh – you ready? Franny – mOOOO Ro – you lucky lucky man

Alex – you got the clothespin, you got the moo Alex – moving on Ro – the luck of the spin Alex – COW Any player that lands on the cow, can challenge another player the opposing player must lift Franny's tail to see what she does So I can just give it to somebody

So I would like to give Franny's tail toJosh Ro – he has that clothespin Josh – oh yeah aren't I invisible if she poos? Alex – and it goes to Rosanna Josh – great decison Ro – oh no here we go, please moo! Franny – moOOOOOO Alex – awwww, come on Ro – here we go here we go, spin! Josh – pooooo Alex – woww, how the mighty have fallen Ro – I know, now I have 3 flies Josh – ready? Ro – yeah Alex – oh my, tail Ro – its more on the tail

Josh – k, i'll i'll i'll buy it Franny – fart Josh – oh wait, i have the clothespin Ro – overpowered item in this game Josh – it is Alex – hhhhmmm Ro – yes Josh – one of you guys have to land on it Alex- I got it right here

BOOM Ro – wowwww Alex – gimme dat clothespin boiiiiii! Ro – it just happened Josh – yup Ro – uh oh uh oh, ok, im in danger Ok, that's a poop

That's a poop I feel like that's a poop Alex – you're a poopoo Ro – can i have a fly? Alex – bzzzzzzzwooooozzzozozozozo Ro – this is a fly family now Josh – these are biig flies Ro – they're huge

Alex- ohhh, ohhh, it's that clothespin Josh – just saying, its more on clothespin Alex – Alex At da papri Alex – here you gooo Ro – I'm the only one who can take the flies Josh – you got all the flies

Alex – you doing great Josh – cow Ro – (gasp) Alex So Alex because you're the only one that could get a fly Alex – ok

Alex – good thing I'm about to get a moo Franny – fartttttttt Ro – (clapping) you got a fartt!!!! I like that this is like 6 and up and I still am confused Josh – can't do poo cause I got a clothespin Alex – what is it? poop C'monnnnn Josh has played this game before He practiced

Josh – ooooooohhhh Ro- you're the only one Alex – good thing I'm about to get a moo Franny- (laugh) Josh – what was that Alex – or

a laugh? Ro – that is not in the rulebook It's either a moo or a poo There's no laugh

Josh – you need to explain that somehow what like what just happened Alex – well she has a ticklish uhhh Ro – tickle spot Josh – perfume I got nothing to give

Alex – watch this watch this, ready, ready? Ro – what is, what is? Josh – perfume? Alex – poop Josh – it's poop again Ro – poop Alex – there's only 3 more flies, once they're all with us, that's game Ro – yeah Alex – oh your turn Ro – this is getting really close and I'm losing real fast Alex – we gotta form an alliance Ro – ok,ok

We gotta get that clothespin, he is like cheating He keeps geting the clothespin Alex – here if you think clothespin really hard I'll get it Ro – ok,ok Alex – go, harder! harDER Ro – I'm visualizing it

Alex – HIYAH AWWWWWWWWW Ro – is it it? Alex – i got the poop C'mon we're about to give him all of ours, AND get the clothespin back Ro – here it goes, here it goes, gimme that clothespin Alex – tail

Alex – please be a moo a moo Ro – here we go here we go Franny – (fart) (laughing) Ro – there's only one fly left Alex – there's onlyoneflyleft Josh – here we go Alex – tail Franny – (farts) Josh – does'nt matter i got the clothespin Alex – ahhhh

gimme dat clothespin Alex – NO! Ro – poop Dun dun dun Josh – winNER Ro – game is officially over and i have to say that i love this game

how many flies did you get alex? Alex – I got 1,2,3,4,5 flies Ro – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Alex – how many you got Josh? Josh – zero Ro – Josh is really good so congratulations to Josh He's the super winner i'm the super loser Josh – we're all winners, c'mon, it's a fun game

Ro – and a big thank you to you guys for playing this game with me this was so fun again, we made a video over on Alex's channel, link down below Go check it out, go click the link down below go check it out, we had so much fun

Josh guided us through a delicious and yummy treat that i think you guys would like Again, thanks for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed the video If you want to watch any other fun videos, You can click, And then *alex point up and say you can click up here!* Alex – you can click up here! And then Josh you say, *or up here!* Josh – or up here! Alright thanks again, bye guys! Alex – we did it!

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