Whats In My BIG Organized Pantry?!

Hey guys, it's Ro! I'm hanging out with Cookie today She's gonna help me film a video

We'll see how this goes I have been really excited and having a lot of fun with the new types of videos, you guys are requesting So we're doing still food videos and also some lifestyle videos I did a what's in my fridge tour for you foodies and a bedroom tour and, like, closet tour anyways, I'm having a blast and I got a lot of requests to do a what's in my pantry or a Pantry tour So for you foodies that is exactly what we're doing today If you are new to the channel welcome If you would like to show support hit subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications whenever I post a new video Also If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up so that I know that you liked it Cookie would give it a thumbs up but she doesn't have any thumbs She just has paws

Look what we – look what we're working with down here there's no thumbs Also if you think Cookie's cute, give her a thumbs up so that she knows All right now without further ado, let's start this pantry tour Here is the door Alright, come on Cookie Let's go in

Funny story, one time I thought I lost Cookie cuz the front door was open She was in the pantry The whole time

I ran around the neighborhood I was looking for her everywhere And then I think my sister found her, opened the door to the pantry, Cookie's there just like looking at her food like *makes noise* Ta da! So here we are inside my pantry I used a bunch of different baskets, bins, and jars I found most of them from the Container Store to organize everything in here Let's start at the bottom and work our way up and I'll show you what's going on On the bottom of the pantry I keep these bins and I keep reusable bags for grocery shopping and paper bags These labels are really neat They're metal They came in a stack and you can just write whatever little label you want to on a little piece of paper and Slide them in and they easily attach to the front of the basket I have found that labeling thing saves a lot of time

It keeps things really organized and If you have a lot of people coming over they can visually see where everything is And I found it really helpful This is Cookie's food And then this is actually my sister's dog's food His name's Henry He comes over almost every day So I keep his food right here in case he wants a snack

Lastly, down here is my commercial size KitchenAid I have a smaller stand mixer for when I'm just making a batch of cookies But when I am recipe developing, or it's the holidays, I take my baking game very serious and I bring out the very large KitchenAid stand mixer That is the commercial size and its bowls Now onto the second shelf Moving up one we have breakfast foods altogether

This is a bin for vitamins airborne and some protein powder The vitamins I like to use are they're gummy! I also have some Vitamin D

You would think that living in Southern, California I would get enough sunshine, but I guess I'm indoors a lot like going to meetings and filming and stuff This is my boyfriend's These are his vitamins He doesn't like to swallow pills He's actually really bad at it so I also got him gummy ones

I found these at Whole Foods It kind of tastes like an organic fruit juice So they're really yummy This next basket is for our cereal We've got Cheerios

Not only honey nut cheerios, which are my favorite, but the regular classic Cheerios yum yum I have a really funny story about Cheerios My mom actually taught me how to walk using Cheerios That's right I'm very food motivated She trained me like a little puppy like a little dog She would line them up – little Cheerios along the edge of our coffee table and I would stand up eat the cheerio And then I learned that it was faster to just kind of waddle over to the next cheerio and keep eating them all the way around

It was faster to do that than it was to sit back down again crawl over to the next one Oh, I think I actually have footage of this This is so funny So if I have that footage, I'm gonna insert it right here right now This is baby Ro learning how to walk using Cheerios Ready set go! Here, Rosanna Look it! Cheerios Okay Some other cereals I have in here I really like the brand Cascade Farm and my two favorite that they make are their cinnamon crunch Cascade farm is a really great company and I love their brand

They are all Fairtrade organic non-gmo And I absolutely love this This is my new cinnamon toast crunch yum yum yum Another one of my favorites are the Fruitful-O's I really like the taste and they aren't artificially flavored or colored they're naturally this way and they're really really good The last cereal that I keep in my pantry that I absolutely love is by Kashi go lean I love this one

It has a really high protein and fiber It really fills you up, but I have to be honest The taste is very It tastes – it tastes kind of like cardboard so it's good to use I use a vanilla soymilk, a little bit of honey Maybe a raw honey and sprinkle it with some fresh berries and just those little additions really bring out the flavor a little sweetness, and it fills me up I feel so good afterwards

So I absolutely love this cereal Last breakfast bin is filled with steel-cut oatmeal, regular oatmeal, I have an instant pancake mix for the days that I'm feeling a little lazy and I don't want to make them from scratch I have one grab and go and Granola! In the corner of the pantry I keep lazy susans so I can spin around and keep a bunch of stuff on there These are all my cooking oils I use a bunch of different oils when they bake and cook So I keep coconut oil, olive oil We've got some balsamic vinegar, distilled water, vegetable oil Some sprays – coconut and olive and grape seed oil

In these bins I've got grains and pastas I love these bins cuz they're see-through And so you can see what's in them The first bin has some couscous yum! Quinoa and brown rice and *laughs* I think it's like instant jambalaya I love jambalaya

It is so good This may not be the healthiest thing out there But I don't care Some things you just need to have a food for the soul And this is one of those things This bin has a bunch of rice papers I use these whenever I'm making spring rolls I like to make fresh veggie spring rolls Sometimes I put tofu in them sometimes chicken, but they are delicious

Dip it in a peanut sauce YUM, then over here I have a bunch of box pastas I made a video of my favorite vegan snacks and this was one of them because my sister is very sensitive to dairy So I like to keep a few of these at the house So she has something to grab and *gasps* I was at Whole Foods and they came out with a new one So a new vegan creamy pasta by Annie's this is a brand that I absolutely love Another pasta brand that I love is Ancient Harvest They make pasta out of corn and quinoa, all of them are organic, non-gmo, gluten-free and Kosher and get this you guys ready this two ingredients Here we go Here we go Where is it? Every box is different It's a fun game

Oh, there it is You guys organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour Two ingredients Also throwing this out there that this video is not sponsored by anything that I'm talking about today But if you would like to sponsor me, let me know Just reach out

I also keep some beverages stocked in my pantry These are always changing but right now I have some water I got a lot of questions about the beverages I had in my fridge tour You were asking if they were in plastic bottles or glass bottles and they are all glass I also have some bubbly water I love bubbly water I do keep these stocked in my fridge and in the pantry We have backups because I love Pellegrino

And lastly I have some pink lemonade In my freezer, I have freshly squeezed lemon juice to make lemonade, but I don't have anything for pink lemonade So I actually keep some stocked On the third shelf, this snack area is really popping We have some pop chips and some popcorn That chips that I absolutely love and I always keep stocked because I have a lot of friends and family coming over all the time We've got two flavors here It's really loud Two flavors of pop chips, I absolutely love barbecue and sea salt vinegar I also like to keep tortilla chips So I've got tortilla chips

And these are blue chips like love chips and salsa And I love to have them on hand if friends come over It's a really good snack And this is a brand that is a feel-good brand Sometimes when I'm shopping at the store and I see that a brand has partnered with a charity organization like World Wildlife Foundation It makes me really happy and it makes me want to support them because they're doing good in the world So why not support companies who are also doing good and they're like Fritos, but it's a – it's a Bear-ito *giggles* Then for tortilla chips, I like a very classic corn tortilla chip that goes good with salsa *crinkle of bags* Okay, it's really loud Get over! Get back in there! Girl nights are the best nights They're just – you get your girl friends together, you hang out and have a bunch of snacks and the girls love popcorn I think when we got together last weekend, we had a bunch of Skinny Pop But the girls also love these so I keep them stocked The two flavors that I love are the kettle corn It's like a light kettle corn flavor I can devour these

Probably, like, I can eat like three bags of these, they're so good And the sea salt Cookie! and she's like "Salty snacks you rang?" She's like "whatever mom do I get a popcorn or not?" I've shown these before but they have new packaging It's a lightly salted pea crisp It's a really good alternative to a potato chip and they're really really good You've also seen these before, you know that I love my gently dried apples They're by Peeled They're non-gmo, organic, and delicious and I just – you guys ready for the new new? Ready for this? I was flying back from Hawaii in the airport and I just saw that Peeled released mango They have gently dried mangoes

And this is new to my pantry, new to my life And I love them they are so good So if you love mangoes a great snack YUM you Continuing on! *laughs* I have a bunch of nuts I really like to snack on nuts because they provide protein, the good fat, lots of energy We've got cashews, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts – so good to sprinkle on a salad or take a handful of or to make some pesto Almonds, sliced almonds – I like to sprinkle these on a salad Pecans, pistachios, and walnuts I have a bunch of these flip-top glass jars I like to fill them with some of the baking ingredients that I use a lot

We have flour, organic sugar, some cocoa powder Mm-hmm The jars are also next to another lazy susan This is the second lazy susan and it's got a variety of all the things This is almost empty I need to buy another one But this is organic raw honey So good! I love adding this to Greek yogurt with a little bit of granola and berries in the morning I make a bunch of things with this

Or that Kashi cereal, just a scoop of that, or if you're making a healthy Smoothie in the morning, you can add a spoonful of honey For jams these are my two favorite I love strawberry jam This is one of my favorite brands Then this second one is one that my sister got me So thank you Molly

This is so sweet of you She knows that I love huckleberry jam I'm from the northwest in Seattle And there's tons of huckleberries They're very similar to blueberries, but better We've got huckleberry everything here

Thank you, Molly Huckleberry syrup Huckleberry topping you just drizzle this on top of a freshly baked scone I am in brunch heaven On the lazy susan, there are also some pasta sauces I like to keep a couple jars of pasta sauce on the ready for all times because pasta is like the perfect dinner This is one of my favorite marinara sauces

Monte Bene mm-mm-mmh! Some vanilla extract and almond extract because these are the most common ingredients, extracts, that I use while I'm baking and I know you're saying, "Ro what are you doing with a whole tub of molasses?" I keep this on the ready because I can make a gingerbread cookie at a moment's notice at any time of day I am armed and ready This is the brand of salt and pepper that I use These jars refill the salt and pepper grinders that I have in my kitchen Last but not least the best peanut butter I know a lot of you are busy you don't have time to take 40 minutes to go to the store and find the Absolute best peanut butter out there Best for your body and best for the environment, so don't worry guys I went out there and I did it for you And here it is

It is CB's Nuts It has one ingredient Peanuts That's it Who would have thought? Last thing on this shelf are the spices I like to organize them on this wood shelf So I can see them very easily and these are all the spices that I use the most so I keep them Refilled and ready to go at any time

Especially the cinnamon and what pumpkin spice? Justine Look what I have A full bottle of pumpkin spice, girl, I am ready for fall Above the spices is the best bin in this entire pantry This is the treat bin It's the yummy yummy yummy in my tummy These are so good, but macadamia nuts are really high in calories So I just take a small handful and I enjoy every bite of them They are so good They come in different flavors, like sour cream and onion, but my favorite are the barbecue Mmm, the treat then also has some chewy fruits

These are like organic Starbursts They're very similar and they're yummy they come in different flavors like orange and lemon and cherry They are organic They have no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, they are not artificially flavored There's no artificial colors There's also no wheat or dairy So they're sweets But they're clean sweets A bunch of these are cleaner sweets cuz I'm, you know, trying to be healthier But still indulge in my sweet tooth I think the only thing that isn't a clean sweet is Takis

But Takis gets a pass So good! I just had my first Taki like a couple weeks ago Thank you my friend Bethany Mota We had a girls night at her place and she introduced me to Takis for the very first time They are so good So

YUM So I have two chocolate fixes They're both dark chocolate This is dark chocolate covered goji berries, and it tastes very similar to chocolate-covered raisins, which I love And again, this is a feel-good brand It is something that I like supporting And then over here is by the same company But these are dark chocolate chia seeds and they are delicious

I can sprinkle them into a smoothie So you don't even know that they're there or you can soak them in a liquid overnight like coconut milk Or coconut water and in the morning they kind of are jelly and a porridge and you can put Granola or berries on top of them and have a chia seed porridge Chia seeds do so many wonderful things for the body and one of the things – they help hair growth Hey! *music plays* The last yummy that I have in here are a bunch of these little all-natural licorice I love licorice one of my favorite are Red Vine So I was trying to find a more healthier, like a clean sweet replacement, and I found these It's called Panda and these are so good I absolutely love them Next to the sweets I have a basket of energy ball ingredients These are a bunch of ingredients that I use to make these homemade energy balls This recipe is so easy actually made it on television

I made it on Kelly and Ryan They are gluten free, dairy free, all organic, and each little ball has five grams of protein So if I'm running out the door I usually just grab a few of them and put them in a little baggie and I have little snacks wherever I'm going The brand I use is Bob's Red Mill Organic chia seeds, peanut butter, or almond butter Whichever one you prefer Organic maple syrup I use vegan protein powder so that my sister can have these energy balls too because she can't have dairy

And whatever dried fruit you'd like I really like cranberries with this recipe, but I've seen some people use raisins Sometimes they sprinkle in chocolate chips as well And if any of you are interested in making these energy balls They are delicious and I will put the recipe in the description The last things I have in here They're so tall! They're all the way up there! All of these white baskets are filled with a bunch of baking goodies Frostings, sugar, sprinkles everything that I used to decorate

Oh like in here, this is all extracts pineapple extract Pina Colada extract Black cherry, pomegranate, Pistachio I have basically every extract that you can think of in here and I love it I kind of feel like a witch, like their little potions That's kind of why I like baking

Now, we have arrived to the pantry's penthouse Up here I have some cake stands, a bunch of vases I really like mason jars and clear basic vases Candy jars, and then over here These are like little beverage dispensers Whenever I'm having a get-together or a party at the house I do like iced spa waters in these A bunch of water infused with lemon and mint or a cucumber Whatever you fancy

I love it up here I feel like I'm a cheerleader again Yeah All right that does it for the pantry tour I hope you guys enjoyed it I absolutely love making these kinds of videos I could probably moonlight as a home organizer Anyways, if you enjoyed the video as much as I did Please give it a thumbs up so that I know that you liked it and if you would like to show some support – Oh Cookie's over it She wants lunch right now

She's hungry So I better go feed her Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell to get notifications whenever I post a new video and if you'd like to watch some other fun videos, you can click up here or here Also, let me know what other types of fun videos you'd like to see because I would love to make them Alright, bye guys

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