Whats In My HUGE Shower?

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Today I am in my bathroom because, you all requested that I make a "What's in my shower," video I made a house tour video where I briefly showed the different like rooms in the house, and this was one of the rooms that you wanted to see more in depth So, that is exactly what we're doing today this shower is # ROdiculous, that's what i'm calling it It is just as big as my refrigerator downstairs I have do alarm off no I've never seen a shower this big

I think you could fit 20 of me in here I can run laps I can run laps One of the really cool features about the shower that I like, is that it has its own sound system, inside the shower And, then it has a separate sound system in the bathroom, so you can be listening to one song out here and, then you can open this door and listen to a different song in here

That's ROWdiculous! It also gets so echoey in here I'm really sorry But, you can really hear you yourself in here and it's awesome your jamming playing music is great *Singing Opera* *Still singing Opera* *Singing Opera* Enough of that Come on in I'm going to show you what's in my shower My shower shower heads and two spray nozzles it's really nice having two but they're so tall that I really can't even adjust them

I really love the spray nozzles though these I us, to give cooking a bath Sometimes I put her in the tub and sometimes she comes right here in the shower up on the bench and she gets a little bath So, the back of the shower has a big bench which I really love because you can sit or you can put your leg up like this If your shaving your legs it's really nice because it gives you some stability at my old place I just did the one legged balance This thing, I did this and I would like "okay

" Over here is a little built-in hook and I have a loofah another stick for exfoliating my skin and a long body brush and this is just again for exfoliation for like hard-to-reach places like your back It's also a really nice hairbrush Hmm For your shampoo and conditioner I use Paul Mitchell I get really large bottles because i use this shampoo and conditioner a lot this is like one of my weights this is actually not my shampoo this is my boyfriend shampoo and He's bleach blonde and it helps keep your hair blonde apparently it's like a toner it comes out purple so it helps keep the hair Blonde i don't use this so i don't know a lot about it but he loves it this is the last hair product and it is incredible i can't brag about this enough it is the best conditioner detangler i have My life and i don't think i'm gonna ever use anything else i go through these a lot but what's really nice about these is that a little bit goes a long way So after you've washed your hair you spray a little bit tici tici and let it sit for a few minutes And then do a light rinse and it is silky smooth i have naturally curly hair so my hair tends to tangle all over the place it gets really tingly and this is Amazing it's called miracle now on to skincare i use a couple different products one of them It smells so good i love tropical smells and this one is coconut body wash and it smells amazing it smells like tropical paradise heaven i love it i lather myself up with this and i smells so good all day this is one of my favorite scents it's by desert essence and it's the coconut body wash and it is a feel-good Product if you look on the back you'll see the little rabbit which means it is Cruelty free you know testing that animals so it is a product you can feel good about for bunny wash i also have a deep moisturizing wash by Dove the classic body wash it's simple my skin doesn't get irritated by it So i always keep it in the shower ooh this is a french lavender Scented shower gel that i like to use the brand is E

O Essential oils and they actually have this in a bubble bath as well it smells so good there's so many studies about lavender helping with relaxation i love this gel and again it is another brand you can feel good about because look on the back it is gluten-free Gmo free and look at there's a little bunny cruelty free another body wash that i like is a coconut oil no surprise coconut oil and pomegranate smells so good it's by a pure is 100% vegan and cruelty free there's the little bunny i really love the coconut oil and that's why i like using this product but the pomegranate is kind of an odd smell Well maybe not on it just smells like a margarita to me i don't know if i'm the only one that feels that way over here is my exfoliation station exfoliates really important for healthy skin it helps get off all of the dead skin cells and gunk and build up the one that I really like using is by the seaweed bath co and it's exfoliating detox scrub it's made with french clay and coffee extract this smell is awakened with rosemary and mint i really love this exfoliator i feel so fresh afterwards like maybe it's the mint, maybe it's the coffee i don't know but it's amazing the other Exfoliator that i like to use is the herbivore good it has a really light floral scent it smells like rose and i just dig my fingers in there look at those you can see my finger marks and then with these little gloves scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub plus you get a look super cool with your taking your shower notice that i don't really use the top shelf because i can't reach it and i may put something up there i i can't see it i'm probably gonna forget that explain everything like here down here Are things that i use of my face next to the body exfoliator is this really gentle facial exfoliator this is facial peeling dead sea minerals i don't remember where i first found this i'm pretty sure it is a referral from one of my girlfriends it's all put a link down below but it is amazing i really like this one because even though it's gentle it works really well french-girl lip polish which is basically a lip Exfoliator and i know what you're saying girl you've got a lot of exfoliators and that is right because i live in a desert california is a desert climate It gets very hot the day and it cools off at night and it's really dry here so you got a moisturize a lot and you guys yeah off those dead skin cells cuz they're gross technically this stuff is edible you could eat if it's sugar but you just take a little bit and you rub it on your lips it's taking off my lip gloss and i'm okay with that and you can eat it if you want Then for my daily face wash the brand's i'm using are always changing but the one that i'm currently using right now this one is It's almost empty this is my first time using this brand and i think my girlfriend gave this to me i didn't have any breakouts my skin wasn't irritated and it did a really good job of cleansing my face and it was very gentle Lastly i have a razor i really like the venus ones i love all the different whoa? But i have to be honest i lasered my underarms i did laser hair removal my underarms and it is incredible it absolutely worked i did like eight or ten sessions and i haven't shaved my Underarms in over a year and they are smooth as a baby's butt so i think that i'm actually going To laser my entire body like neck down for laser hair removal to work you have to do one session About every four weeks so i guess i will have a razor in my shower for the next Year but i think i'm gonna go for it and i think i'm gonna do laser hair removal neck down whole body so next year i may not even own a razor whoa Whoa whoa and i almost forgot down here on the bench this is for cookie this is where my dog cookie this is her shampoo my dog is a french bulldog she has very sensitive skin and this is the shampoo that was recommended and the brand is isle of dogs it's an ugly emotion Poo and it has a little bit of scent but the scent is very very slight a little bit of jasmine and vanilla all right that is everything in my shower i hope you guys enjoyed this video it was So much fun to make it was my very first what's it much shower video if you liked this video give it a thumbs up so that i know that you liked it and if you didn't like this video you should probably also give it a thumbs up and if you'd like To see any other videos you can click up here or up here? and if you want to be notified when a new video comes out be sure to be subscribed and click the bell And don't mind me i'm just gonna go sing in the shower again here we go

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