Whats On My iPhone X?!

Hey guys! It's Ro I was reading through your comments and I saw that you wanted me to make a new "What's On My Phone" video

The last one I made was so long ago If you were following me on social media like Instagram and Snapchat, you know that when I was in Hawaii I finally upgraded my phone I went from a iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone X So today I'm gonna be making a "What's On My iPhone X" video and talk about all the new apps and things that I have on there If you like these new kinds of videos that I'm making, please give this video a thumbs up so that I know that you like them Cookie would also like it She would really appreciate it as well

If you would like to show support, Hit the subscribe button and click the bell to receive notifications whenever I post a new video All right Now, without further ado, let me show you what's on my new iPhone X To start off this video, I got the iPhone X in black and I got the 256 gigabytes of storage which was the most amount of storage that they could offer I thought that would come in handy because I take a lot of pictures, I snap a lot of videos, and let's be honest: half of my phone is filled with pictures of Cookie, who is right now snoozing

Also, if you hear snoring (whispers) It's my dog This case I found at the store where I got my phone and it's by Kate Spade

I got it because it has flowers on it and it's springtime, it's almost summer It has a little bit of bling *bling bling bling* I also have a black PopSocket at the bottom And, a lot of you notice that I position my pop socket a lot lower on the phone than most and that's because I have a small hands So when I'm holding it to take pictures, it just fits really comfortably right here So I like to put it a little lower

These are the apps that I have on my phone, and these are the ones that I keep on my main homepage First, calendar I keep this on my home page It's right in the upper left hand corner because I'm so busy and I honestly forget what day it is I'm busy doing meetings, and working, and traveling every day of the week

So I honestly forget what day it is It's kind of embarrassing, so I like to keep the date right there

Then you have your basic Settings, Clock, and Camera App Store, and iTunes I use Play Music which is like Google Play and I use that because it's linked to my Sonos Right underneath is my Sonos app, and every room of my house, including the backyard, is hooked to a Sonos system If you aren't familiar with Sonos, Sonos is a home sound system and every room of this house has its own sound system I use my Sonos system with Google Play everyday

Then I have my driving apps I use Google Maps and Uber I love it, I use it all the time in California and when I'm traveling in New York I also have Notes on my home page because I like to keep notes and little to-do lists of things that I have to do that day The rest of the home page is filled with a bunch of my social medias

I have YouTube creator studio the YouTube app Jiffy Oh you guys Big news I just got verified on jiffy Ro Why are you so excited because I love gifs

They're so cute Let me open it up I'm gonna put a link down below if you want to go check out my jiffy we've got gifs there There's a bunch of them and you can download them and tweet them or send them to your friends I've literally uploaded hundreds of gifs to my jiffy So if you go check it out send me your favorite one I have a few favorites of my own But let me know if you have any she's trying to eat a little kibble off the table, but she can't quite get it I've also got Facebook creator Twitter Instagram snapchat twitch Pinterest and Marco Polo, my girlfriend's just told me about Marco Polo It's kind of like if we want to group text, but it's like group video and we can send each other Individual videos then on the next page I've got a bunch of utilities and default apps I just keep them all in there I don't use them very much and I just put those into folders so that they're organized and they're all there and when I need Them I got them then I have my Apple watch and the activity bar I really like these apps Especially when I go hiking cuz I can track how many steps I've taken and I just find it really fascinating I also turn it on every time I go to Disneyland because I like to see After I've walked around all day in the park how many steps I've taken and how many miles I've walked then I have an app That maybe I use a little too often that app is called postmates and they bring food to you on nights that I'm just really busy or I've had like a 16-hour day and it's like I don't feel like cooking and maybe you wouldn't want to eat my cooking after a 16 or 18 hour day

I also like to keep my calculator app open because it's handy and the Find My iPhone app This is come in handy so many times I don't know why I always misplace my phone It's usually in my car Also, there's audible I listen to books on tape and I have Google Drive, which also comes in handy the Starbucks app Which you just click it and you can find the nearest Starbucks to you at any time I basically run on coffee So if I'm ever feeling low or I need a pick-me-up or I would just love a delicious cup of coffee I can find the closest one at any moment in any state in any country Boom And after you get a coffee You can go on a great hike I've been hiking more and more on the weekends My girlfriend told me about this app I downloaded it

I used it I absolutely love it And basically it's an app that will find all the trails that are near you so you can pick any kind of trail to go Hiking on the weekends You also see out of a five-star rating people have rated the trail They've left comments about it then for photo editing I have a face tune and face tune to this phone has a great camera and I really love What it does with like the lens effects with like portrait mode It's absolutely beautiful But the only thing I have problems with is when there isn't enough Light if I'm ever taking a picture where there isn't enough daylight it has a hard time adjusting so I really love using face tune and face tune to to brighten those colors to get a little bit more vibrant or Natural daylight sky guide is an app that I still have on my phone and it was on my last what's on my phone video It's a really cool app You can hold it up to the sky and see all the different star constellations It's really really neat if you want to check out that video I'll put a link down below so you can see a video of it in action

It's pretty cool then my net Oh, this next app is something that I'm really excited about and maybe it's my inner Martha Stewart I don't know plant snap That's right It's an app Where you snap Plants and then it identifies them for you So we're outside in my backyard

Let's snap some plants And look at that it correctly identified it as lavender Let's see if I can get another one Oh Look at that it did it again it correctly identified it This is a rosemary plant Oh my gosh, three for three cabbage rose Yep I originally got intrigued by this app because I have a lot of plants in my backyard and One day cookie found this berry on the ground and she was trying to eat it And I got nervous because I didn't know what kind of plant that was So I took the berry out of her mouth right away And I took the plant to a local nursery and the nursery told me that that tree and those berries Were toxic and fatal to dogs and humans it taught me a really good lesson to always be vigilant Especially when you're in an environment, that's new That's right When I moved into this house and get familiar with the different plants around you especially if you have pets I've the SoundCloud app I use it to listen to podcasts and music and I actually have one song on here

It is of me singing opera So you would ever like to check that out I am singing o mio babbino Caro I'll put a link down below to this beautiful The next apps huh cookie are the ones that we love the most If I get any free time One of my favorite things to do is watch movies and TV shows the streaming apps that I use are YouTube TV Netflix Hulu the Amazon Prime video HBO now and Hallmark personally, I haven't had cable in a really long time and through these five streaming services I watch exactly what I want when I want and I like them for different reasons So like YouTube TV, I love it because it has sports like ESPN and CNN and the Real Housewives of everything so my mom and my dad can watch all of their shows that they're used to Netflix for a bunch of New series and originals and movies, especially stand-up comedians I love their stand-up shows Hulu a bunch of the TV series that I love are there same with Amazon Prime video She is ready for a movie night right now, so I'm gonna promise her one HBO for everything everything that they put on there is amazing Westworld Game of Thrones Veep I love it all the comeback season to one of the only things that I was really missing from cable were those Family feel-good movies that the Hallmark Channel made so I found the Hallmark Streaming app so I can enjoy all of my hallmark movies over the holidays and for Christmas Also a hallmark movie series that I really enjoy is called murder She baked it is about a baker who owns her own cookie shop who also solves murder mysteries the last three apps that I have on here are Google Chrome the game fortnight It's a very stressful game for me But I also really enjoy it the last and definitely not least app is the NASA app I absolutely love space and science and I like to stay up to date with everything that they're doing So I downloaded and I keep the NASA app right there Alright, that is everything that's on my new iPhone X I hope you guys really enjoy the video

I'm gonna end the video right here because cookie is ready to cuddle She wants to curl up and watch a movie So that is exactly what I'm gonna do Let me know in the comments below if there are any apps that you think that I would love that I didn't talk about today And I don't have on my phone because I would love to check them out I always love to check out and try new things if you like the new videos that I'm making give the video a thumbs up so that I know that you liked it and so Does cookie also don't forget to subscribe and click the bells so you get notifications when I make new videos random fact I keep all of my movies my movie library on Google Play and it is linked to my TV Let the movie night begin This is my library and all of my movies on Google Play and I just Downloaded oh, there's murder She baked I have everyone the peach cobbler mystery all of it I just downloaded red Sparrow with my girl Jay Lodge, Jennifer Lewis I cannot wait

I hope you guy enjoyed this video if you want to watch any other videos, you can click up here or up here

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