Hey guys, it's a Ro today, I'm hanging out with my friend Cassie hello I love that you're here

I miss you this is making me so happy you guys if you aren't subscribed to Cassie's channel I'm gonna be putting her links down below so go subscribe go show her some love she makes awesome Fitness videos and you are getting super strong Ro Thank You girl real thing too much muscle We also made a video over on her channel, so go check it out I'll put a link down below So this is the game that I got for us I thought this might be really cute and fun Yeti in my spaghetti Oh, yeah and a yeti He's like a little what's it called

It's like a bomb a bomb and no snowman so to get into the spirit I got us these little earmuffs whoa your must Yeah, should we wear them? Yeah, can I still hear you okay? You look cute honest? Yeah Okay, I can't wait you pull it out pull it out Oh, we got some spaghetti What else you got oh? We got a bowl? Where's the snowman? How do you get him out? I think you gotta just force it out should I go crazy? Yeah? Just rip it get it out and whip it? oh see he's stuck he's stuck in there Sorry three up two Free Willy Goodness any man willing willing it out abominable snowman Abdominal I gotta be honest you guys I don't say that word very often above the grill and I'm four so this bugger DS How do you like your spaghetti? I'll take my spaghetti the same way I take my coffee anyway

I can carefully remove Noodles without being the one to let Yeti fall in the bowl, so I think we just put these spaghetti like this, okay And then we place him on top And then we each try to take one out and the person who makes him fall is the loser This makes me feel like we're on naked and afraid and we're building a fort should we make it really hard and like go crazy? yeah And it's gotta be sturdy enough for Willie to sit on top of you may have the honor of putting Willie on oh Okay, I'm up up right here Okay Here

We go a little snowman all right Rock Paper Scissors shoot Well choose your first spaghetti Cassie oh man oh man oh oh oh this is difficult I got way your take when I was little I used to say busts candy Obama No I'll try this one oh Nice alright Oh that was an easy one I want this one okay He's kind of like look at him He's but I Okay, okay That's nice Oh I see an easier one

I'm gonna take the easy ones from you That was easy which one's the support spaghetti oh no no We're good We're good We're good This structure is still intact okay three I really love other all different shape 200 go inside way got it nice

Will is hang it in there He's doing Whoa if I touch you you touch it you touch it you touched it You touched it You got to do it I touched it, and he started moving way too much, and I'm terrified I don't think he's gonna fall

I keep my tip I don't think he's gonna fall no, Willie, Oh Twist twist 20 G's gasping go go flat Oh my god really now I Don't think that was the necessary, but that was very blue I got a fan myself with spaghetti oh This is a shifter Oh Castle jiggling all right he's like this brass happy Alright, I think you have an easy one right there I'm gonna go for it go for it I think I can get it off the end I Think now now it's gonna get interesting I'm going right underneath the moon Oh Well good game rosianna good good name That was really fun, but let's do one more round okay But this time with a twist hot let's do a speed rule We gotta go ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting like the guy okay one two three Spaghetti a big thank you to my red caste

Thank you so much And playing this silly game with me I love it Let me know when the comments down below If there's any other games that you'd like to see me play and again I'll be putting on Cassie's links down below Go subscribe show her some love she is amazing you can stay fit and eat like oh Yeah, eat cookies on Rose Channel, and then go burn it off with me and go back and forth for the video bye bye your new names marshmallows as Willie oh yeah

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